People Are Sailing: Domineering on the Top Declares the Whole World

Chapter 473

But this kind of fighting opportunity cannot be said to appear immediately.

At least in Garp’s view, it was worth it to be able to fight Luo Chen vividly.

Warring States sighed, it was a kind of recognition for Karp.

It is true that what Karp said makes sense, he can fight against a strong man like Luo Chen.

It is a rare opportunity, and it is worthwhile to enjoy it once.

Of course, this is another way of saying it, but it is not very friendly to the navy.

At this time, Qingzhi struggled to get up.

Wiping the blood from the corner of his mouth and looking at the blood on his hand, Aokiji fell silent.

Qingzhi finally understood that with Luo Chen’s strength, it was basically impossible to defeat him normally.

It is necessary to use a special method to defeat Luo Chen.

Qingzhi went to the battlefield, and at this critical moment, he had to resist no matter what.


Aokiji was able to stand up like this because he used the armed color domineering defense just now.

In addition, the yellow ape did not carry out an armed domineering defense, and the injury was worse than that of the green pheasant.

But now even if Aokiji is armed and domineering, he is still injured.

This is because Luo Chen’s attack power is too strong.

Even if the green pheasant used armed domineering defenses, it was penetrated by Luo Chen’s power.

Aokiji said: “What a terrifying power!”

“It seems that in the future, you will have to use the armed color domineering defense at any time!”

“Otherwise, there may be danger at any time!”

Aokiji still has lingering fears, and even launched an armed domineering defense.

Still get hurt, this is what shocked Aokiji the most.

Luo Chen fought alone with Sengoku and Garp, including the red-haired pirates.

Luo Chen grasped the rhythm of the battle vividly and played it to the extreme.

And Huang Yuan, who was knocked to the ground by Luo Chen, hasn’t gotten up yet.

When he turned into a streamer to dodge just now, he was hit by Luo Chen again. At that time, Huang Yuan didn’t even use his armed domineering defense.

So Huang Yuan was also hit by Luo Chen, causing him to be seriously injured now.

Qingzhi breathed a sigh of relief, and rushed directly towards the battlefield.

No matter what the situation is now, the attack on Luo Chen cannot be lowered.

You must find a way to take down Luo Chen as quickly as possible.

As for what happened to the yellow ape now, Aokiji had no time to worry about it.


From Aokiji’s point of view, it was impossible for the yellow ape to die so easily.

If only the yellow ape died so easily! He is not worthy of being an admiral of the Navy.

In other words, Huang Yuan also has ceiling-level combat effectiveness.

In the face of Luo Chen, he was hit without defense, and at most he was seriously injured.

Because the green pheasant was also attacked by Luo Chen just now, and it was combining the strength of the yellow ape.

It was impossible for Luo Chen’s blow just now to kill the yellow ape directly.

That’s why Qingzhi didn’t care about Huang Yuan’s health, but directly chose to join the team besieging Luo Chen.

After Luo Chen blocked the red-haired Shanks’ attack, a chill came from his back.

Luo Chen didn’t even look back, and directly swept behind while holding the big sharp knife Shuang with his backhand.

The ultimate flying slash swept towards the green pheasant rushing towards him.

The green pheasant looked at the flying slash and came straight!

Aokiji: “It’s really troublesome.”! “

“Baby mouth.”

When directly using his frozen fruit skills, a huge ice bird rushed to Luo Chen’s flying slash.

And when Qingzhi thought that his freezing skills could barely block Luo Chen’s attack!

Seeing what happened next, I was dumbfounded.

Because Luo Chen’s attack pierced through his freezing skill Ice Bird? ?

Just when Qingzhi was shocked, Luo Chen’s flying slash was already in front of Qingzhi’s eyes.

This startled Qingzhi severely, he didn’t understand how even the flying slash could penetrate his attack? ?


But Qingzhi didn’t panic all of a sudden, but was thinking about how to deal with Luo Chen’s flying slash.

Qingzhi knew that Luo Chen’s strength was extraordinary, so he would not choose to face Luo Chen’s attack head-on.

That is undoubtedly asking for death.

It was useless for Qingzhi to think about the next step, and immediately entered the state of elementalization by himself.

Then let yourself into the ground again.

The purpose of doing this is to avoid Luo Chen’s attack as much as possible.

Because no matter what you do, you will be hit by Luo Chen’s attack.

Then the most effective way is to avoid Luo Chen’s attack.

However, Aokiji’s strategy is correct! This is also the most effective way to avoid Luo Chen’s attack!

But Qingzhi couldn’t figure out the number of Luo Chen’s attacks.

As the performer, Luo Chen would not let him escape so easily.

It was when the Flying Slash swept Aokiji’s head directly above the sky.


The flying slashes exploded in mid-air, when all the flying slashes exploded!

Countless small blades shot vertically to the ground.

And the location is exactly where the green pheasant is avoiding.

Originally, when Aokiji was about to breathe a sigh of relief, he was dumbfounded.

He didn’t even know that Luo Chen had such an attack.

This is simply impossible to guard against!

But Aokiji couldn’t ignore these attacks that were about to fall.

Qingzhi hurriedly condensed his upper body and stretched out a hand: “Ice wall.”

An extremely thick ice wall instantly blocked Aokiji’s face.


It’s just to resist Luo Chen’s transformed attacks, and it’s impossible not to resist these attacks!

Who knows why Luo Chen’s attack is so strange!

If he doesn’t defend himself, it’s not impossible that he might be overshadowed by Luo Chen.




Countless tiny flying blades smashed towards the ice wall.

Seeing that he finally got under Luo Chen’s attack, Qingzhi breathed a sigh of relief!

After all, being able to resist it is the best result.

But Qingzhi still didn’t expect that Luo Chen’s attack was not that simple.

Aokiji just defended the sky, but did not defend the surroundings. This is where Aokiji made a mistake!

And Luo Chen’s current use of devil fruit ability has been able to change his attack in various ways.

There are also four split attacks, coming from all directions of Aokiji!

When Aokiji reacted, was he dumbfounded? ?

The more you fight Luo Chen, the more surprised you are basically!

Qingzhi knew this very well, mainly because Luo Chen had taught him too much.

Now the green pheasant has no choice but to carry out elementalization and armed domineering defense.

The air blades coming from all directions cut the green pheasant into four pieces!

Then the green pheasant fell to the ground.

Qingzhi was just about to rush up, but was instantly defeated by Luo Chen to the ground!

“General Aokiji.”

“General Aokiji.”

“Damn it, is the enemy really invincible?”

“Why is Luo Chen so powerful? Damn it, where should our navy go?”


Many naval soldiers are not only confused, but now they are completely blank.

It seems that the navy will cease to exist in the next moment.

Sengoku looked at Aokiji with pain, and he couldn’t say that Aokiji was reckless!

Qingzhi wanted to come over to help, who knew Luo Chen was too unreasonable to play his cards.

I don’t understand what fighting routine Luo Chen used? Why are there so many strange things?

What made Zhan Guo particularly puzzled was that Luo Chen’s attacks were too varied.

It’s the kind that makes people hard to guard against!

No matter how much he pays attention, Luo Chen will seize the opportunity, and then he will be killed with one blow.

Even now, so many of them besieged Luo Chen.

Also beware of Luo Chen’s surprise attack all the time, because once Luo Chen wants to make a surprise attack.

Basically, it is difficult for people to defend themselves!

It feels like Luo Chen can successfully hit the enemy every time he takes the initiative to attack!

So Warring States is also very passive now.

Now the red-haired Shanks is still fighting Luo Chen with a sword, and Luo Chen counterattacked just now under the situation of a sword fight.

That alone is enough to say a lot.

That is, Luo Chen has never used his full strength. If he used his full strength, would the red-haired Shanks be able to hold it?

It’s all a problem.

In fact, the red-haired Shanks is not much better now.

He looked at Luo Chen and knew that the other party didn’t use real power to fight him at all.


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