People Are Sailing: Domineering on the Top Declares the Whole World

Chapter 47

That’s right! This person is His Majesty Shichibukai Hawkeye Mihawk.

The strongest swordsman in the world.

And his purpose of coming to the first half of the great route now is to find the Luo Chen Pirates.

I plan to try this young swordsman with my own hands, to see what level of swordsmanship this young swordsman has reached.

As for whether it will have a negative impact! Or bring a passive state of affairs to the world government?

These eagle-eyed Mihawks basically don’t care-.

The strongest swordsman who has always been independent, even the generals or the four emperors will be afraid of one or two.

But now Hawkeye Mihawk’s goal is to find Luo Chen.

After a period of sailing, the Luochen Pirates have arrived at Gaya Island.

Namei asked curiously: “Luo Chen, does Sky Island really exist?”

“Didn’t everyone say that Sky Island is a legend??”

“Is it impossible to exist at all?”

Luo Chen had explained before that this stop was going to Sky Island.

Now that it was approaching, Nami still couldn’t help but feel worried, not sure if Sky Island existed or not.


Robin next to him lowered his head in deep thought, then raised his head and said, “I think Sky Island really exists.”

“Because this is recorded in history.”

“Including Luo Chen said so, we should choose to believe.”

Nami smiled and said, “Robin, I was just not sure just now!”

“I didn’t deny what Luo Chen said, and I’m also looking forward to what Sky Island will look like.”

“Because it’s too unreal.”

Baccarat: “What are you afraid of? With Luo Chen around, all monsters and ghosts have to take a detour.”

“Even if there is no Luo Chen, there is still yarn weaving!”

“Saori’s strength can compete with the alternate admiral of the Navy Headquarters!”

Saori rolled her eyes, and the chat had to pull her in.

Looking at Saori’s appearance, Bakara covered her mouth with her hands and smiled faintly.

Now they are all very good sisters, and they usually make a little joke, which is harmless.

Robin’s words were full of expectation: “I can’t wait to get to Sky Island as soon as possible!”

“There is the historical text I want to know.”

Only since seeing the historical text for the first time in the Kingdom of Alabasta.

Robin’s whole mind is now on the main text of history.


Van Oka kept looking at the sky.

The ultra-far-reaching telescope in one eye keeps observing the sky scene!

Suddenly said: “The clouds in the sky are moving!”

“If there is nothing wrong, then there is an empty island above.”

Even at an altitude of tens of thousands of meters, Fan Oka can use his special telescope to observe the situation!

Luo looked over curiously and asked, “Fan Oka, have you seen Sky Island?”

When Luo asked this question, other people also looked over curiously.

Capembecki, Lafitte, Arkin, Hawkins, Crowe, Bashas and others all gathered around.

Crowe: “Can you see clearly?”

After all, whether you have seen it clearly, this point really needs to be confirmed.

After all, there are so many clouds in the sky, if you can’t accurately judge which cloud is an empty island.

So what you did earlier is useless.

Capembecki: “What Crowe said is, Fan Oka, you are watching carefully.”

Everyone is a person who has never been to Sky Island, and now they are about to go up to Sky Island.

It is inevitable that there will be more worries! It is also inevitable.

If you make a mistake, you will be like a headless chicken in the air.


A Jin glanced at everyone and said: “Since we can’t make up our minds.”

“Then ask Captain Luo Chen for instructions!”

“The captain must have known.”

In Ajin’s opinion, since the captain first proposed Sky Island, he is now asking the captain for instructions.

And it should be.

Hawkins closed his eyes and looked at the captain’s special training ground.

He said lightly: “The captain is still training hard, it’s not appropriate for us to disturb you like this!”

“It should be better to let Miss Saori go.”

Bashas came over and patted Hawkins on the shoulder and said, “Weihahaha!”

“You boring gourd, it’s rare to talk!”

“But what you said makes sense.”

“It’s true that Miss Saori should ask the captain.”

“If we ask the captain for instructions, in case the captain is disturbed.”

“Maybe we won’t see the sun tomorrow.”

The sudden cowardly expression of Bashas immediately caused everyone to burst into laughter.

In fact, Bashas is a big image!

Now such a big image, cowardly! The contrast is too great.

Only then will it cause roars of laughter.

Bashas scolded angrily: “What are you laughing at?”

“That’s the captain, how can it be compared?”

“In front of the captain, you must be cowardly!”

“Not cowardly? I want to live a few more years.”

At this moment, Bashas was not afraid of losing face anymore, anyway, he was cowardly in front of the captain.

Isn’t it cowardly elsewhere? That’s why Bashas is not afraid!


Carmen pushed Saori with her arm and asked, “What do you think?”

Shazhi shook her head and responded: “Don’t worry about it, Luo Chen will come out at a critical moment.”

“Don’t worry about us here.”

“Luo Chen will always calculate things in his mind in advance.”

Saori knows Luo Chen too well, since Luo Chen proposed to go to the empty island before.

Then it will definitely come out.

If it doesn’t come out now, it means it’s not the time yet!

Just when everyone thought that Luo Chen didn’t come out so soon…

And Luo Chen came out of the training room at this moment.

“The captain is out.”

“The captain is out.”

“Is it going to go up to Sky Island soon?”

However, just when everyone thought that Luo Chen came out to convey that he was going to Sky Island immediately.

Luo Chen said, “Nami, organize the sailors to bring the boat to the shore!”

“Prepare for a powerful enemy to attack.”

Enemy? I am very puzzled, how could a strong enemy suddenly attack?

It is still the strong enemy that Captain Luo Chen said, so the strength of the enemy must be of a very strong type.


The team captains immediately became serious.

The person who can make Captain Luo Chen say that he is a strong enemy must be very powerful.

If it is not done well, it may be that the general of the Navy Headquarters is attacking.

Lafitte showed fierce eyes and said, “Could it be the Admiral of the Navy Headquarters?”

Lafitte’s guess is also the guess of others, if it is really the Admiral of the Navy.

This is just entering the great route, and we are about to face the sniper attack from the admiral of the navy headquarters!

The degree of difficulty can be imagined.

But their confidence is very sufficient, because of the strength of their captain.

Definitely stronger than the Admiral of the Navy Headquarters.

This was the confidence that Luo Chen gave them.

Robin’s complexion suddenly became uneasy, because Aokiji, one of the admirals of the Navy headquarters.

It’s someone she really doesn’t want to meet.

At the same time, Robin also wanted it, maybe it was because she joined the Luo Chen Pirates.

That’s why the green pheasant came to kill.

Although it is not sure whether the person who came is Aokiji.

But Robin had already guessed in his heart that it might be Aokiji.

After all, she just joined the Luo Chen Pirates.

Then the navy headquarters sent a general over? ? ?

Now in the first half of the great route, someone who can make Luo Chen a strong enemy.

Except for the admiral of the Navy headquarters, I can’t think of anyone else.


Nami is by Robin’s side, so she can see that something is wrong with Robin.

“Robin, what’s wrong with you?”

“Are you worried about the Admiral of the Navy Headquarters?”

“Don’t worry!”

“Not only can Saori be able to handle it, but Luo Chen is more than enough.”

Although I don’t know how strong the general of the navy headquarters is, Luo Chen is really strong.

Even that king Shichibukai Crocodile can kill him in one move.

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