People Are Sailing: Domineering on the Top Declares the Whole World

Chapter 457

It wasn’t really to fight Luo Chen, so Hawkeye Mihawk made a plea in it.

Eagle-eyed Mihawk pulled out the supreme sword Heidaoya from his back.

The Supreme Sword Heidao Ye shines with black light. This is the saber that accompanied Hawkeye Mihawk to the once world’s number one swordsman.


It can be said that this knife is not only made by Hawkeye Mihawk, but also made by Hawkeye Mihawk.

It can be said that they are all complementary to each other.

Hawkeye Mihawk clenched the Supreme Sword Black Sword Night with both hands.

“The eagle pierces the sky.”

It was so violent that it swung a huge cyan flying slash.

Daomang went straight to Luo Chen.

Luo Chen also pulled out his big sharp knife, Shuang Shi.

Slowly closing his eyes, he opened them abruptly.

“One knife style, the ultimate mystery.”

When Luo Chen swung this slash, the whole space shook instantly.

Cut through the space, rub against the air, and form a colorless slash.

But they can see the colorless slash clearly, cutting through the ripples in space.

When the two flying slashes collided.

It seems that the two flying slashes are about the same size, but there is a huge difference in power.

Hawkeye Mihawk also really felt at this time what is the swordsmanship of a real great swordsman who has improved to a higher level.

That invincible force, the impact that can even affect space.

Eagle-eyed Mihawk really understood at this moment, that’s what the swordsmanship that has improved to a higher level looks like that.

Although Hawkeye Mihawk can’t understand what kind of realm that is.

But at least he has personally experienced this time, at least it will be helpful to him in the future.

When the two flying slashes collided for less than two seconds, the strongest slash of Hawkeye Mihawk was destroyed by Luo Chen.

Colorless Slash still rushed towards Hawkeye Mihawk unstoppably.


Hawkeye Mihawk didn’t panic at all, and it was enough to understand this time.

Even if he was seriously injured or died, if he really died under Luo Chen’s slash.

It also shows that the defensive power of his eagle-eyed Mihawk is nothing more than that!

Of course, Hawkeye Mihawk is not really stupid, he doesn’t do any defense.

Immediately in his hands, covered with armed domineering color.

At the same time, Hawkeye Mihawk protected his body.

Because if you don’t do any defense, you might die.

Besides, covering the domineering defense with armed colors is not something to be ashamed of.


The colorless slash hit Hawkeye Mihawk instantly.

Eagle-eyed Mihawk said in shock: “Didn’t you think that the power is so terrifying??”

“Sure enough, it is worthy of a higher level of swordsmanship. It is really taught.”

While Hawkeye Mihawk was shocked, he also felt particularly relieved.

In the past, his structure was really small, and he thought that the pinnacle of swordsmanship was the realm of great swordsmen!

Now Hawkeye Mihawk thinks otherwise.

This man, Luo Chen, is a super genius who is rarely seen in a thousand years.

Eagle-eyed Mihawk was sent flying by Luo Chen’s invisible slash, and at the same time couldn’t help but spit out a mouthful of blood.

Even Heidaoye, the supreme sword in his hand, almost couldn’t grasp it and was about to fall out.

Hawkeye Mihawk was also continuously knocked back hundreds of meters.

In the end, Hawkeye Mihawk still held the Supreme Sword Black Sword Yato with one hand and stuck it on the ground.

Only then was he able to stabilize his body, but Hawkeye Mihawk himself didn’t feel it at all.


Hawkeye Mihawk barely stopped after being pushed back several hundred meters, but he was already out of breath.

The hand that resisted Luo Chen’s sword energy was now trembling and **** at the same time.

Hawkeye Mihawk doesn’t mind his injured arm.

He has been reviewing the power of Luo Chen’s sword qi just now, and that feeling is the first time Hawkeye Mihawk has experienced so far.

Hawkeye Mihawk took a deep breath and stood up slowly.

Said: “Teachable, see you later!”

Eagle-eyed Mihawk retracted the supreme sword, Hei Daoya, into the blade behind him.

Turn around and prepare to leave the Navy headquarters.

Continuing to stay in the Navy headquarters has no effect.

Because this trip to the Marine Headquarters of Marine Vandor is enough for Hawkeye Mihawk.

As for the red-haired Shanks, this occasion is not suitable for reminiscing about the past.

If the red-haired Shanks can be in the next battle with Luo Chen.

If he survived, Hawkeye Mihawk would be more gratified.

But as a pirate, you have to bear the consequences of your own decisions.

What would the red-haired Shanks do, and the eagle-eyed Mihawk would not ask too much.

It’s the same even if they are good friends in private.

Because their paths are different, Hawkeye Mihawk has basically been pursuing the highest peak of swordsmanship throughout his life.

He also only cares about swordsmanship tempering, and Hawkeye Mihawk will not let go of anyone who can improve himself.

And the departure of Hawkeye Mihawk.


On the side of the Navy Headquarters, there was no one to stop it.

How dare they speak! If you want to speak, only generals or marshals can speak!

But one of the hawks, Lieutenant General Dauberman, said, “Hawkeye Mihawk, did you just leave like this?”

“Think clearly, you are the Qiwuhai under the king, and the war on the navy’s side is not over yet.”

“If you insist on leaving, the best thing to do is to think clearly about whether you will be evacuated from the position of Qi Wuhai under the king.”

Dauberman also asked in a serious tone, because now the navy needs the combat power of these kings Shichibukai too much.

Especially this King Shichibukai Hawkeye Mihawk, he is a person who can fight shoulder to shoulder with the general.

So it becomes even more important.

Therefore, Dauberman is very reluctant to let Hawkeye Mihawk leave the Navy headquarters like this.

Hawkeye Mihawk looked at Dauberman with eagle-like eyes.

Said: “I can understand that, are you planning to order me?”

Although King Shichibukai is sometimes very convenient for Hawkeye Mihawk.

But Hawkeye Mihawk is not particularly interested in the position of Qibuhai under the king.


Because strictly speaking, this sea can threaten him.

There are only a few people!

And want to beat him? There are not many people who belong to the same level.

No one can beat anyone without going through days and nights of fighting.

But there was one exception, and that was Luo Chen.

Luo Chen’s combat power, Hawkeye Mihawk admitted, really completely surpassed the ceiling’s combat power.


Dauberman was also taken aback by Hawkeye Mihawk.

He forgot that the man in front of him, Hawkeye Mihawk, was once the world’s number one swordsman.

In terms of strength, it is far stronger than him.

So Dauberman just chose to shut up.

In order not to provoke an unnecessary enemy to the navy later, the gain will outweigh the loss.

So Hawkeye Mihawk is leaving, let him go!

Anyway, the generals and the Marshal of the Warring States Period have not spoken yet.

He didn’t want to be this early bird, so he chose to shut up obediently.

Hawkeye Mihawk withdrew his gaze, and continued to leave the Navy headquarters without looking back.


Doflamingo laughed, “Hey hey!”

“Interesting, it seems that someone has set an example for our king Shichibukai first!”

“Does it mean that as long as our king Qi Wuhai wants to leave, we can leave?”

Doflamingo was still in a wait-and-see state before, but now he sees that Hawkeye Mihawk is leaving the Navy headquarters.

Doflamingo knew that Hawkeye Mihawk was the first to do it.

Then it will be much easier for these other kings Qiwuhai next.

At that time, they will also leave. What can the navy say?

If the navy dares to say something, it can start to fight back immediately.

Doflamingo turned his attention to the other kings Shichibukai.

It turns out that only Bartholomew is still chasing and killing pirates.

As for Boya Hancock, it seems that he belongs to that kind of completely absent state.


But what about the clown Bucky?

Doflamingo didn’t pay attention to it just now, but now he looked around.

It seems that the figure of Bucky the Clown has long disappeared? ?

What the **** is this? Doesn’t it mean that Bucky the Clown is not noticed by everyone? ?

Bucky has already secretly left the Navy headquarters? ?

Doflamingo really wants to curse, this clown Bucky? ?

Enough chicken thief! The bastard.

And Doflamingo thought that even he didn’t notice, it seems that this clown Bucky has something? ?

However, leaving the Navy headquarters should be somewhat unlikely.

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