People Are Sailing: Domineering on the Top Declares the Whole World

Chapter 439


Huang Yuan said wretchedly: “It’s so scary! White Beard.”

“It’s such a terrible willpower that I didn’t even fall down after receiving such serious injuries!”

“It really deserves to be the king of the old era, White Beard!”

“I really admire this old man! I just don’t know how long you can last? White Beard?”

Huang Yuan was also very puzzled. A normal person would have already died from such a serious injury.

But the guy with the white beard is still standing upright, which has to be admired.

Look at Akainu, who was hammered by Whitebeard three times in a row before, and now he is lying on the ground, still unable to move.

And this guy with white beard is simply a monster!

To be honest, if Huang Yuan had been injured as seriously as Whitebeard himself, he would have been unable to bear it for a long time.

It will still be like Whitebeard, still fighting.

Of course, these will make the yellow ape very admired!

But Huang Yuan would not allow himself to take risks, because it was impossible!

Even now he and Marshal Warring States are joining forces to deal with Whitebeard.

He always let the Marshal of the Warring States Period act as the main force, and he just wanted to carry out sneak attacks by the side.

It’s that simple, there’s no need to take the risk yourself, it’s so dangerous!

And what Huang Yuan said, the Warring States next to him could also hear it.

So the Warring States responded: “Yellow Ape, don’t underestimate White Beard.”

“This man is not an ordinary person, this is the man who stands at the top of all pirates!”


“Although Luo Chen has surpassed him now, that’s right!”

“But it used to be at the apex all year round.”

Warring States never, thought Whitebeard would be an easy character.

What if Whitebeard was a simple character? It is impossible to stand at the top of all pirates all the year round.

So even if it is surpassed by Luo Chen now, it is the same.

Because Whitebeard is still Whitebeard, and this guy is not dead, just old!

“Hula la la~”

“Warring States, and the yellow ape kid, I don’t need the sympathy of the enemy.”

“Come on! No matter what the trick is, the old man will take it all.”

White Beard is now dripping with blood, but he still exudes a domineering aura.

He didn’t lose any momentum because of his serious injury.

“White Beard, you bastard.” Zhan Guo gritted his teeth.

No matter what, Whitebeard needs to be taken down today, and Whitebeard must be killed in front of the whole world.

Come and tell the world their Navy can stand up for justice.

No evil force can stop the Navy’s footsteps.

It is also necessary to let more people believe in their Navy Headquarters.

Although Warring States himself is about to abdicate, he is still in the position of admiral of the navy headquarters.

Then do what should be done.

As for how the next Admiral of the Navy will perform, that is the matter of the next Marshal of the Navy.

But now, he is still in the position of admiral of the Navy headquarters in the Warring States Period, so it is different.


Then justice must be carried out to the end.

Whitebeard already knew that he was about to reach his limit, with countless wounds and serious illnesses on his body.

It has paralyzed Whitebeard’s entire nerves a long time ago, but now his sons.

It was almost time to leave the Navy headquarters.

Anyway! In the end, you have to persevere.

But these cannot be said, that will only get the ridicule of the enemy.

In this kind of battlefield, it is necessary to move forward without hesitation.

White Beard is now relying on willpower to support his body’s actions.

Otherwise, the body would not even be able to move.

White Beard didn’t know when he would finally be unable to hold on.

But as long as his sons did not leave the Navy headquarters completely and safely, Whitebeard would not allow himself to fall down.

This is what Whitebeard now believes in.

At this time, someone in the navy who was chasing the Whitebeard Pirates suddenly found another ship coming from the sea? ?

Quickly took out the binoculars to see what was going on? ?

After all, now is a sensitive period, and any and all movements need to be paid attention to and cannot be let go.

When he saw who the person was, he was taken aback immediately.

“This, this, this, why did the red-haired pirates, one of the Four Emperors of the New World, also come to the Navy headquarters!”

“My God! Is this going to completely destroy the Navy Headquarters?”

And the loud scream of this navy soldier also instantly attracted everyone’s attention.

Because what he just said was too sensitive.


The Red Hair Pirates, one of the Four Emperors of the New World, are no ordinary pirates!

This is a pirate at the same level as the Whitebeard Pirates!

Now their Navy Headquarters is almost exhausted from fighting the Whitebeard Pirates.

What if there is a red-haired pirate group who is one of the four emperors with full blood? ?

Maybe, their navy headquarters may all be wiped out in the end.

It’s not impossible!

“What, the red-haired pirates, one of the Four Emperors of the New World, are here?”

The navy soldiers were all frightened, and stopped their movements one after another.

Looking into the distance, if you don’t know, you will be shocked.

Because it is really the red-haired pirate group, one of the four emperors of the new world, who came here.

The red-haired pirates are getting closer and closer, even without binoculars, they can see it.

At this moment, the soldiers of the Navy Headquarters felt chills down their backs.

I don’t know what the Navy Headquarters will look like in the end.

At this moment they are really too scared.

The pirates of the Whitebeard Pirates were also puzzled.


Some pirates wondered: “Why did the red-haired pirates, one of the four emperors of the new world, come here??”

“Are they here to fight, or what are they going to do?”

And the doubts of this pirate are also the doubts of many people, because they don’t know what the red-haired pirates, one of the four emperors, are going to do here at this time? ?

Because it is impossible to come to Marine Vandor in the Navy headquarters for no reason! ?

There must be some special reason.


Aokiji, who was fighting with Marco, also stopped moving.

After all, Marco can’t be dealt with for a while, why not stop and see what the red-haired pirates are going to do?

It’s not too late until we figure out the situation.

Marco also breathed a sigh of relief, after all, he was really tired just now.

Aokiji’s physical strength is much better than him, and Marco consumed too much physical strength before.

Now fighting with the green pheasant is starting to look powerless.

Of course, Marco is also curious now, why did the red-haired Shanks come over suddenly? ?

But the Red Hair Pirates definitely didn’t come to fight with the Whitebeard Pirates.

Marco didn’t need to think about it, he knew it all.


Then there are two possibilities left, one is that they will come to attack the Navy Headquarters like the Golden Lion.

The other is to come to stop the war, which is not impossible.

Because Marco knows that the red-haired Shanks is not the kind of person who likes to fight everywhere.

It should be said that people who don’t make trouble everywhere.

But at this time, it would be good if the red-haired Shanks came over, at least he could put pressure on the Navy Headquarters.

In this way, their Whitebeard Pirates can relax a lot.

There won’t be so much pressure anymore, which is better.

But there is one person who is very upset, and that is Akainu who has recovered some of his state.

Akainu scolded angrily: “Red-haired Shanks, bastard, what are you doing here now?”

“These damned pirates, one day this old man will wipe you all out.”


Now Akainu has another group of pirates appearing, and they are directly angry.

These **** pirates, now dare to come to the Navy headquarters one after another to be arrogant? ?

They are all waiting, as long as he is given the opportunity by his red dog.

He will not let anyone go.

All the ones left will be wiped out!

Garp and the Golden Lion also stopped again.

The golden lion was panting heavily, indicating that his condition is very bad now.

Garp, this guy, can’t think of him being so old.

The fighting power is still so strong, which makes the Golden Lion particularly unhappy.

The golden lion glanced at the approaching pirate ship.

Said: “It turns out that a kid from Roger’s boat came over!”

“It’s really interesting, I can’t find a kid on Roger’s boat, and now he has become one of the overlords of the sea.”

The Golden Lion thought of himself, as if he didn’t have any successors!

But Roger, the inheritor of the bastard, is doing very well now.

They are all one of the four emperors in Shanghai, which shows that their strength is still very good.

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