People Are Sailing: Domineering on the Top Declares the Whole World

Chapter 432

Everyone suddenly felt that their balance was completely lost, and they all suspended in the air.

Everyone in the Marine Headquarters, Marlene Fodo, felt that the sky and the ground were tilting, and those with insufficient strength could not stand at all.

All the seas visible to the naked eye within dozens of kilometers outside the Marine Headquarters of the Navy,

The ups and downs are hundreds of meters high, and some even tilt at an angle of nearly 90 degrees and the sea flows backwards.

Most people also hold on to what they can hold on to.

It can be said that White Beard brought unimaginable damage to the Marine Headquarters of the Navy at one time, and the houses that could not bear it collapsed one after another.

Whitebeard had already used this once before to deal a devastating blow to the Marine Headquarters of Marin Vandor.

And Whitebeard, who used this trick again, simply made the building of Marine Vandor, the Navy headquarters, even worse.

Otherwise, the Marine Headquarters of the Navy is strong enough, and it may be just a few hits.

The entire naval headquarters, Marine Vandor, will sink to the bottom of the sea.

This time Whitebeard used more force than last time.

Warring States also stopped attacking White Beard and stabilized his body temporarily.

“Whitebeard, you bastard, you are too reckless.” Seeing this scene, Zhan Guo wanted to kill Whitebeard immediately.


The golden lion not far away laughed loudly and said, “Hahaha!”

“White Beard, you’ve done a good job, that’s what you want. These navies don’t have to be too polite to them.”

The corner of Golden Lion’s mouth was bleeding, but he couldn’t stop his excitement at this moment!

Whitebeard turned the Navy headquarters upside down, Marlin Fandor.

The golden lion is very happy to see it, if it is not for bringing a few more islands.

The Golden Lion himself will use countless islands to smash into the Marine Headquarters of the Navy.

Because this is the best way for Golden Lion to discover his devil fruit ability.

And this time, the earth-shaking caused by Whitebeard, and the huge tsunami around it, have been continuously spreading out.

At this moment, the Chambord Islands are constantly sounding alarms!

It is the warning that a tsunami is coming, so everyone should pay attention to safety.

At this moment, the white beard who is said to have the power to destroy the world is vividly reflected.

And the reason why Whitebeard is said to have the power to destroy the world.

That is because of the effect of the shaking fruit ability.

Whether it is the four seas or the great route, the most feared thing is the tsunami.

Because a huge tsunami can easily destroy an island, this is the power brought by the tsunami.

And the white beard is the man who holds the power of the tsunami.

That’s why the Warring States Period was very cautious about White Beard, because as long as White Beard wanted to.

Marine Vanduo, the headquarters of the Navy, may not be able to keep it.


And Whitebeard’s statement that he would let Marine Vandor, the headquarters of the Navy, sink into the bottom of the sea is not alarmist.

It’s the fact that Whitebeard has such power that the Navy Headquarters Marin Fando sank to the bottom of the sea.

The white beard who let go of his hands and feet now is just so scary.

It’s not how terrible the combat power is, but how terrible the destructive power is.

For now, the sea quake caused by Whitebeard this time has begun to spread to the Chambord Islands.

Think about what concept this is? ? So, Whitebeard can destroy an island from afar.

That’s it.

But at this moment in the Chambord Islands, people are already dumbfounded.

“How is this possible? The shock caused by Whitebeard in the Navy Headquarters? It has even spread to the Chambord Islands??”

“There are monsters here! This is simply a demon!”

“Damn it, what the **** is going on! Why did the war far away in the Navy Headquarters spread to the Chambord Islands??”

Many people are starting to panic more and more, they can’t even dream of it.

Will the turmoil caused by Whitebeard, who is fighting at the Navy Headquarters, spread to the Chambord Islands so quickly? ?

Does it mean that it can be understood as long as White Beard thinks? ?

Is it possible to launch an attack at the headquarters of the navy and destroy the Chambord Islands here? ?

Isn’t this impossible? And the possibility is still very high.

At this time, on the shore of the Chambord Islands, waves have been hitting up continuously.

This scene has actually happened.


This made them very restless, and now many people have begun to hear the sound of the waves.

One can imagine, how could the sea be safe now?

“I really hope the war ends soon!”

“Navy, you must work hard! Get rid of Whitebeard.”

“Otherwise we wouldn’t be able to live in peace.”

Scared, scared, many people are really starting to feel scared at this moment.

Because they don’t know when danger will befall them.

Now they can only pray that the Navy can completely defeat the Whitebeard Pirates.

At the same time, eliminate Whitebeard! This is where they feel most at ease.

Otherwise, he didn’t even sleep soundly.

“The direction of the war is becoming more and more unpredictable.”

“I don’t know, what will the Navy do in the end??”

“The whole world is in chaos, and there is a new era of great pirates, Luo Chen.”

“Is there really a way for the navy to deal with these powerful people?”

At the same time, many people are worried. Judging from the current situation, can the navy cope with the current situation in the sea? It’s hard to say.

Because the navy is not omnipotent and invincible!

Naval Headquarters will also fail, and that’s what they saw with their own eyes last time.

Also at the naval headquarters, Marin Fando, lost to the Luo Chen Pirates.

Now they are worried, will the Navy lose again? ?

Just hope.


【298】Red dog successfully attacked dad’s chest was pierced


As Whitebeard caused the sea to tremble, it became more and more calm.

The people on the Marine Vanduo Square of the Navy Headquarters can also stand steadily.

After all, basically everyone couldn’t stand up just now, and they were all stumbling around.

When the shock subsided, Sengoku looked at Whitebeard fiercely.

Whitebeard’s devil fruit ability is really too messy.

If there is no way to stop it as soon as possible, what if Whitebeard continues to use his devil fruit ability? ?

So what is certain is that the building of Marine Vanduo, the headquarters of the Navy, is difficult to bear.

The Warring States roared: “White Beard, please give me enough time!~”

To be honest, Warring States was very scared, and Whitebeard continued to use the devil fruit-fruit ability to mess around.

Now most of the buildings in the Navy Headquarters have collapsed.

If it continues, the naval headquarters may have to be scrapped by then.

There is no way to continue to use it.

“Hula la la~”

“Warring States, if you have a way, you can continue to stop it!”

Whitebeard doesn’t care about Sengoku’s roar, since Sengoku dares to attack the Whitebeard Pirates.

Then you must be prepared to suffer the consequences, Whitebeard will not stop there!

Just when Whitebeard was about to launch a second shock attack, a dangerous aura rushed towards his face.

A piece of land under Whitebeard’s feet instantly turned into magma.

The red dog flew out instantly: “White Beard, let the old man die!”


“Devil Dog.” This time, Akainu launched an attack recklessly, with the purpose of killing Whitebeard with one blow.

White Beard was also a little surprised by this sudden scene.

If Whitebeard was still at his peak that year, he would have been able to react quickly to this.

But Whitebeard found himself, as if he had become a bit unable to cope with this sudden shock.

It was too late to react, and my body was not as good as before.

This is one of the issues that most affects Whitebeard’s combat effectiveness.

Akainu’s entire magma fist pierced Whitebeard’s chest.

When Akainu’s entire magma fist hit Whitebeard’s chest, he didn’t let it go.

It is still continuously penetrating the energy of the magma fruit into Whitebeard’s chest.

Akainu wants to fight for a move to completely wipe out Whitebeard.

Whitebeard was caught off guard by the sudden red dog.

Whitebeard held back a mouthful of blood and almost spat out, and Akainu’s attack hit Whitebeard too hard.

Akainu pulled the magma fist out of Whitebeard’s chest.

He gasped and said, “White Beard, you can finally die this time!”

“You old times should have gone to **** long ago.”

This blow successfully hit Whitebeard, and Akainu believed that even Whitebeard hadn’t died directly.

But it is basically certain that Whitebeard will not survive today.

In this world, no one can withstand his giant magma fist head-on.

Is it okay?


Akainu has unparalleled confidence in his own attack power.

The pirates of the Whitebeard Pirates panicked because they saw a big hole in Dad’s chest by the red dog.

Their father had never been injured so seriously before.

For the first time so far, they were all terrified.

“Father, you **** red dog, you actually injured your father like that!”

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