People Are Sailing: Domineering on the Top Declares the Whole World

Chapter 428

But relatively speaking, the blow to the Golden Lion last time was too great.

This former legend, being hanged and beaten is simply a shame and a great humiliation.

With a change of mentality, relatively speaking, a part of strength can be recovered.

Of course, Luo Chen could also see that the current Golden Lion hadn’t fully recovered its full strength at all.

But relatively speaking, it is already very good. What if the Golden Lion at that time is equivalent to going to the Navy headquarters now?


It is estimated that it will not take ten rounds, all “:,water\’;small”\”;7:;;6:3\’,4\”:?80.;9?6::water;small?6:8: 0\’?;1.?;5.;;7\’Prepare; use .\”, in:\’turn,?group\’?:8;;5\’0,2;:9:\’ \”6,.5\”.0\’;1 will be killed by Karp.

But it’s different now, and it’s not a problem to be able to have a good time with Karp.

At least it won’t be defeated anytime soon!

Anyway, now he has recovered to nearly have the combat power of general level.

Strictly speaking, it can be regarded as the level of the quasi-general and the level of the top emperor’s lieutenant.

This is the current strength of the Golden Lion.

But if the Golden Lion guy can use two-handed swordsmanship!

Anyway, the great swordsman who was once the number one swordsman in the world.

It is still possible to display the combat effectiveness of the general level.

It’s just that the Golden Lion, a guy without a head, still uses two-footed swordsmanship? ?

Even Luo Chen was speechless, maybe the Golden Lion had a rudder stuck in his head.

That’s why my brain has become dull!

This has to be doubted! Generally, anyone with a little brain can know how to use two-handed swordsmanship.

Can exert more powerful strength.

The Golden Lion is one of the legends at any rate.

Don’t even understand this truth? This makes people very speechless.

But as for what the golden lion thought, Luo Chen didn’t care.

The reason why Luo Chen didn’t show up was because he wanted to see how this scene, which was different from the original scene, would develop in the end.

This scene is also very rare.

How could Luo Chen let go of such an interesting thing?

It was very interesting for Luo Chen to watch the hottest war on the top of the original screen in this way.


The screen returns to Marine Vanduo Square, the headquarters of the Navy.

Indigo, the subordinate of the Golden Lion, is also dispatched by the beast that started the secret research.

Order them to attack the navy soldiers.

Hundreds of beasts rushed towards the navy soldiers!

“What is that! Could it be that they are all beasts? Why are the men of the Golden Lion all beasts!”

“Asshole, does he care if he is some kind of beast?”

“Justice shall prevail.”

“Shoot, shoot.”

“Bombardment, shelling.”

All kinds of weapons and shells were aimed at the hundreds of beasts.

Because if these beasts are allowed to rush into the circle of naval soldiers.

It will definitely cause huge casualties to naval soldiers, and the consequences are simply unimaginable.




But there’s no way all the bullets and shells can do harm to these beasts? ?

This moved the navy soldiers very much, because they couldn’t believe it!

The defensive power of these beasts is so strong that even bullets and shells have no effect? ?

This is simply exaggerated enough.

Doflamingo in the distance laughed loudly: “Hey hey~”

“That’s so funny, aren’t these beasts pretty much the same as naval pacifists?”

“Quite interesting!”

“That’s it, let’s fight as much as we want! It’s best to destroy everything!”

“To be able to completely destroy this world is the best.”

Doflamingo’s words are full of madness!


As if wishing that the whole world would be destroyed.

This is what Doflamingo pursued.

In Doflamingo’s eyes, the destruction of the whole world is the most interesting.

Like the navy shouting that justice will prevail all day long? ?

Doflamingo really wanted to laugh when he heard that!

It’s nonsense, of course justice must prevail! Because the winner is justice!

And Boya Hancock frowned, she felt that Doflamingo was quite dangerous.

After all, what Doflamingo said just now is very dangerous.

So Boa Hancock felt that he should stay away from Doflamingo.

So as not to be infected by Doflamingo.

Boa Hancock didn’t want to be infected by Doflamingo.

Doflamingo had absolutely no idea what Boa Hancock thought.

Now Doflamingo is only in his own mind, fantasizing about destroying the world.

In addition, Hawkeye Mihawk wanted to test the Golden Lion before…

But look at the current situation! It is completely unnecessary.

Because of the current strength of the Golden Lion, there is no need for Hawkeye Mihawk to test it at all.

In Hawkeye Mihawk’s view, someone who can make him test.

Either it is comparable to his strength, or it is capable of surpassing him.

Hawkeye Mihawk felt that it was necessary to test or fight with these.

As long as Hawkeye Mihawk sees those who are weaker than him, there is no need to test them.


And now from the current point of view, there is no need to stay in this war.

In fact, there is another point that Hawkeye Mihawk didn’t say, that is, he is also looking forward to Luo Chen’s appearance.

Because Hawkeye Mihawk really wanted to confirm with Luo Chen again how much the gap between them was.

However, Hawkeye Mihawk did not choose to leave, because he wanted to be able to take a look at the top battle over there.

Even now Hawkeye Mihawk’s strength is very strong.

But these scenes are also very rare.

After Garp defeated the Golden Lion’s flying slash, he immediately chased and killed the Golden Lion.

The golden lion also fought back unwillingly to be outdone.

In the eyes of the Golden Lion, he has never been so cowardly.

“Come on! Garp, let’s fight to the death.”

Anyway, when the Golden Lion came to the Navy headquarters this time, Marin Fando, he didn’t think that he would be able to get out alive.

It is to turn the Navy Headquarters upside down, or else it will not stop.

This is the purpose of the Golden Lion coming here this time to fight to the death.

Golden Lion can also understand the current situation of White Beard, and White Beard also thinks similarly to him.

This time, it is going to be in the Marine Headquarters of the Navy, and the world will be turned upside down.

The Golden Lion Fetal Supervisor cut the dead wood with a big sharp knife towards Karp.

After Garp raised his hand to block the dead wood of the Golden Lion, he raised his other hand and punched directly.

The golden lion hastily raised its hand, armed with domineering colors and hardened its arms to defend.

In an instant, a huge force was transmitted to the golden lion.


The golden lion couldn’t hold back a mouthful of blood for an instant, and the whole person flew backwards directly.

It hit **** the ground a hundred meters away.

After Golden Lion 1.8 fell to the ground, he quickly stood up, gasping for breath!

The golden lion laughed and said, “Hahaha!”

“Karp, you bastard, your fist is still as hard!”

The more the golden lion said, the more gloomy his face became, because he found Garp as a bastard.

Compared with the strength of the year, it has not declined at all!

On the contrary, his strength has indeed declined, if he has the strength of that year.

Now it’s not like they were blown away by that **** Garp just after the fight.

For the Golden Lion, it is simply a shame and a great humiliation! This is just a head-to-head move!

Just being suppressed by the **** Garp, the golden lion’s face turned pale.

Golden Lion stood up again and looked at Karp with a smile.

But how can you show weakness on the surface?

This is not the style of his golden lion!

“Golden Lion, you really can’t do it!”

“This time, old man, I thought I could have a good fight!”

“Unexpectedly, Golden Lion, you have become so careless??”

“I am so disappointed, old man.”

“But that’s good too. Get rid of you earlier, and save some trouble.”

Karp pressed his finger, snap, snap! The sound of bones sounded.

At the same time, Garp twisted his neck, and it would save trouble if he cleaned up the golden lion earlier.


【295】The power of the lion king in the old era is slowly returning


Faced with Karp’s arrogance, Golden Lion’s entire face was particularly gloomy!

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