People Are Sailing: Domineering on the Top Declares the Whole World

Chapter 421

This is also something that Whitebeard has to consider.

These two old guys belong to the extremely difficult type.

But he was able to watch his sons, and finally evacuated the Navy headquarters smoothly.

White Beard can be satisfied, to be honest, he has lived for such a long time.

It was enough, and his sons also accompanied him on a long journey.

Along the way, there are also various experiences, and these are the best gifts for him.

Whitebeard is very grateful to his sons!

But now is not the time to relax, because his sons are still being hunted by the navy.

So White Beard knew that he had to withstand the pressure.

Only in this way can the sons have the greatest hope and can trust him as the father.

Has always been the backbone of the sons, at least this last trip.

I also have to **** my sons to the end!


On the other hand, the navy soldiers were all crying like ghosts and howling like wolves.

“General Akainu, this is not true, is it?”

“Akainu General was beaten to death by White Beard?”

“Why is Admiral Akainu lying on the ground, motionless??”

“Who can tell us, is there an accident with Admiral Akainu??”

At this moment, many naval soldiers were very panicked, because they saw Admiral Akainu fall with their own eyes.

And after falling down, the kind that lay completely motionless on the ground.

That kind of feeling, as if their general red dog was beaten to death.

Seeing this scene, they won’t panic!

It was with great difficulty just now that they saw the blood-boiling scene.

Because their Warring States Marshal finally succeeded in injuring Whitebeard.

After much difficulty, they thought they could defeat the Whitebeard Pirates this time.

The result is now that their general Akainu was beaten to the ground by Whitebeard? ?

This is simply a big joke with them!


As if to tell them that their Navy Headquarters wants to defeat the Whitebeard Pirates.

Still very difficult.

“It’s terrible, Whitebeard is a monster!”

“Obviously, I saw that the other party was ill just now.”

“It turns out that he still has such a terrifying combat power, this is a normal person!”

“It’s terrifying to fight these monsters.”

At this moment, many soldiers of the Navy headquarters were severely shocked.


Because it is difficult for them to see whether the navy can finally win? ?

To be honest, they also understand that what really determines the direction of the war is.

The top-level confrontation between the two sides, not ordinary naval soldiers like them.

At this moment, many of them began to feel confused.

Because they really started to hate war.

In the last war with the Luochen Pirates, their navy was beaten to the point where they could not find the east, west, north and south.

Now fighting against the Whitebeard Pirates, although not as serious as last time.

But it has been a long time since the battle!

Many people have died.

Different from the soldiers of the Navy Headquarters, the pirates of the Whitebeard Pirates.


Because now they are all cheering enthusiastically, just now they saw that their father was injured by the Navy Warring States.

It can be said that they were taken aback, afraid that their father would have an accident in the next moment? ?

Fortunately, their father did not have any accidents.

He also beat Admiral Akainu so that he couldn’t move.

This gave them great hope that their Whitebeard Pirates should be able to defeat the Navy Headquarters.

Who said Navy Headquarters was invincible? ?

Didn’t the Luochen Pirates still defeat the Navy Headquarters before? ?

How come they can’t do it here with the Whitebeard Pirates? ?

At this moment, the blood in their hearts was all on fire.

Ace was killed by that **** general Akainu.

So I have to avenge Ace!


The pirates of the Whitebeard Pirates are all saying loudly:

“Come on! Dad killed Akainu, this **** general Akainu is the murderer who killed Ace.”

“I can’t let this **** red dog go, I must avenge Ace.”

“Dad killed Akainu to avenge Ace.”

The pirates of the Whitebeard Pirates especially hope that Dad will act immediately.

Kill the red dog completely.

I also believe that their father has such power.

Otherwise, how can we beat the red dog to the ground? ?

Because this is the strength of the old man! It’s that powerful.

For the cheers of his sons, Whitebeard remained indifferent.

Knowing that Akainu is the murderer who killed Ace just now, and White Beard will not let Akainu go.

So after landing, he clenched the supreme sharp knife Cong Yunqie and walked towards the red dog.

Since the overlord color entanglement just now didn’t completely kill the magma imp.

Then let’s do it again, don’t you believe that this magma kid’s skin is so hard? ?

And this action of Whitebeard also attracted the attention of Sengoku and Karp.

There are also two people, Qingzhi and Huangyuan, and the same is true.

How could they watch Akainu being killed by Whitebeard with their own eyes!

What if that happened?

This is something that has never happened before!

The Admiral of the Navy Headquarters was killed? Just think about how exaggerated this is? ?

Absolutely can’t let such a thing happen? Their navy can’t afford it now.


[289] Akainu was beaten immobile


Whitebeard kept approaching the fallen Akainu.

This scene frightened all the navy soldiers, because they were afraid that they would see Admiral Akainu killed in battle in the next moment.

If that is the case, it will undoubtedly deal a huge blow to their navy headquarters.

It’s not just them, the navy soldiers, who can’t bear it.

Even the senior officials of the navy couldn’t bear it, because there has never been a report of the death of the admiral of the navy headquarters!

What if this happens?

The consequences are simply unimaginable, and no one can imagine what it will turn into in the end.

So at this time, even Qingzhi and Huangyuan were moved.

Especially the yellow monkey, no matter how much he fishes in troubled waters, but at this time, he dare not let the red dog be beaten to death by the white beard like this!

Otherwise, when the time comes to the world, people will think that the admiral of the navy headquarters can be killed.

At that time, I don’t know how many ghosts and monsters will jump out? ?

Therefore, the two generals including the yellow monkey, including the green pheasant, did not allow the white beard to kill the red dog.

I really dare not bear such serious consequences!

I can’t bear the pressure at all!

At this time, Sengoku roared loudly: “White Beard, how dare you? If you dare to kill Akainu.”

“Then none of you Whitebeard Pirates will leave the Navy Headquarters today.”

Warring States was also terrified by Whitebeard’s next move.

Because Whitebeard is going to kill Akainu in the past? What are you kidding?


He, the admiral of the Navy headquarters, is still there! How could pirates, even Whitebeard, be allowed to run amok in the Navy headquarters?

White Beard ignored Sengoku’s roar, now it was in White Beard’s eyes.

This magma kid finally killed Ace using various despicable and shameless means.

Therefore, in terms of emotion and reason, Whitebeard will not let go of the lava kid.

If the red dog is not slaughtered, wouldn’t anyone dare to step on his sons?

Therefore, Whitebeard clenched the supreme sharp knife Cong Yunqie, and kept approaching Akainu.

And Akainu, who was lying on the ground, watched Whitebeard keep approaching him.

I wanted to get up and resist, but found that I couldn’t exert any strength at all.

At this time, Akainu also became a little panicked, because Akainu himself is also very afraid of death!

Because his goal is to become the admiral of the Navy headquarters!

This goal has not yet been achieved! How could he die in the hands of Whitebeard right now? ?

What are you kidding? Therefore, the red dog is constantly mobilizing the strength of the whole body.

The purpose is to be able to make a strong counterattack when the white beard is approaching.

It’s too early to kill his red dog!

Even if it was that **** Luo Chen, he wouldn’t even think about killing him, Akainu.

In the future, Akainu is destined to lead the entire navy to destroy all pirates in the sea.

No matter what method is used, the pirates must be wiped out.

I would rather kill a hundred by mistake than let one go. This is the principle of Akainu’s work.

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