People Are Sailing: Domineering on the Top Declares the Whole World

Chapter 408

The world is so big and there is where he can’t go? ?

At the same time, it also has the top combat effectiveness in the entire world.

Of course, except for Luo Chen’s pervert, Luo Chen is not a normal person at all.


The various thoughts in Huang Yuan’s heart were not discovered by others.

Even Huang Yuan’s colleagues didn’t realize how much Huang Yuan was thinking just now.

Huang Yuan is still good at doing superficial skills, at least it can make people unable to see what he is thinking.

However, as Huang Yuan’s superior, Warring States, although he didn’t find out what Huang Yuan was thinking in his heart.

But after hearing what Huang Yuan said, he still reminded: “Huang Yuan, it is still in the war stage.”

“Concentrate, don’t think about what you have and what you don’t have, it’s unrealistic.”

After all, it’s better to wake up the yellow ape as soon as possible, otherwise if the yellow ape fights later, what if he is distracted? ?

That would be embarrassing.

So the Warring States had to remind Huang Yuan quickly, anyway, we won the war first.

For the captain of the Whitebeard Pirates, he came to increase the number of members.

The generals of the Navy headquarters are not really turning a blind eye.

Several lieutenant generals also led the major generals to rush over to support.

How can they look down upon no one in their majestic Navy Headquarters? ?

They want to tell the world that there are still a lot of people in their navy headquarters.

After the flying squirrel and others came over.

The flying squirrel said: “Marshal of the Warring States Period, we are here to support.”

“The people of the Whitebeard Pirates must not be too arrogant.”

“The Whitebeard Pirates must be completely wiped out.”

“Come to restore the majesty of our Navy Headquarters.”

These lieutenant generals and major generals were all shouting in unison.


[278] Have the face to say old


The Straw Hat Pirates and others who were fleeing with Straw Hat Luffy all looked back.

Usopp said, “What an exaggeration!”

“Unexpectedly, the members of the Whitebeard Pirates returned again.”

“I don’t know, how will they and the navy fight in the end??”

“I hope that the Whitebeard Pirates will not lose in the end.”

In this regard, Usopp still does not want the Whitebeard Pirates to lose, at least he still hopes that the Whitebeard Pirates can defeat the Navy Headquarters.

After all, they are both pirates, and they must also think about the Whitebeard Pirates, who are also pirates.

Even if Usopp doesn’t have much fighting power, at least he needs to provide language support~!

This is exactly what Usopp thought in his own mind.

At this time, Sanji shook his head and said: “It’s hard to say-ah!”

“By this time, it is unlikely that the Whitebeard Pirates will defeat the Navy Headquarters.”

“Whitebeard made all his own pirates retreat just now.”

“Marco and the others returned to help Whitebeard.”

“I probably had a brief observation of the previous battle.”

“The Captain of the Whitebeard Pirates is no better than the Admiral of the Navy Headquarters.”

“There are only a few who can compete with the Admiral of the Navy Headquarters!”

“In the entire Whitebeard Pirates, the one who has the ability to defeat the Admiral is Whitebeard.”

Sanji expressed his most subjective opinion without any distortion or exaggeration.


It’s all true.

This is Sauron also said: “The Whitebeard Pirates should also want to retreat.”

“They were worried that White Beard would have an accident in the end, so they returned.”

“This is also understandable. The captain is in danger. As the captain, of course you have to stand up!”

“Otherwise, this pirate group can basically be said to have broken up.”

Sauron used to be a bounty hunter for many years, so he knows what the core of a pirate group is.

The core of the entire pirate group is the captain alone.

The captain of a pirate group is the most important thing.

It doesn’t mean that other people are not important, they all complement each other.

The Straw Hat Pirates also put forward their own opinions.

Of course, the most important thing for them now is to escape from the Marine Headquarters, Marin Fando as soon as possible.

It’s not that they don’t want to help the Whitebeard Pirates.

But if you really have more than enough heart but not enough energy, if you really go to help.

In the end, maybe their entire Straw Hat Pirates will be involved.

First of all, their current strength is not strong enough.

Even the ability to protect itself is a problem, how can it be said to help the Whitebeard Pirates? ?

If they are strong enough now, then there is no problem at all to help the Whitebeard Pirates in the past.

Another point is more important, that is their captain Luffy now.

The whole person has fainted, they have to consider for the safety of Luffy.

Do not act blindly.


If something unexpected happened, it would be too late to regret.

As for the escape of the Straw Hat Pirates, the Whitebeard Pirates did not say anything.

Straw Hat Luffy rescued Ace with his own hands.

At the same time, Straw Hat Luffy is also Ace’s younger brother, so strictly speaking, Straw Hat Luffy has a lot to do with their Whitebeard Pirates.

After all, the entire Whitebeard Pirates are also running away.

There are only a few people left! And how many members are there in the Straw Hat Pirates?

If they stay, it means that all members of the Straw Hat Pirates have joined the battle again.

Now the whole scene is quiet.

Of course, it was Whitebeard and the battlefield on the Warring States side that quieted down.

Now both of them are staring at each other, neither of them making a move first.

They are still in a wait-and-see state.

To be honest, this time White Beard really didn’t intend to live.

But since Marco waited for several sons, they all came to help.

While gratifying, it is also a kind of worry.

If he is gone, Marco alone will lead.

It is difficult for the entire Whitebeard Pirates to survive.

Whitebeard can already think of this, it’s not that the Whitebeard Pirates as a whole are not strong enough.

And the captain who takes the lead must be strong enough.

In terms of pirates, it all depends on the strength of the opposing captain.

Only the strong with super strength can form their own pirate group.

Only in this way can he be qualified to become one of the overlords of the sea.


Marco’s strength is good, but not enough to reach the level of maritime hegemony.

At the same time, adding that Luo Chen has risen extremely quickly.

The situation in the entire new world has gradually become clearer.

The beasts Kaido and Charlotte Lingling were both taken care of by Luo Chen.

Now the new world can be worthy of the sea overlord, only the red-haired Shanks and himself are left.

To be honest, White Beard didn’t have the confidence to stop Luo Chen’s footsteps.

As for the red-haired kid, it goes without saying that he couldn’t stop Luo Chen’s footsteps at all.

White Beard can also guess now that what Luo Chen wants now is to control the entire new world.

Then his Whitebeard Pirates occupy a large territory in the New World.

It will definitely become the top priority in Luo Chen’s eyes.

In fact, Whitebeard has another idea, that is, if he can finally return to the new world alive.

Then Whitebeard planned to retire.

Including taking his sons to retire together.

Of course, White Beard will not force his sons to retire.

Whitebeard will also respect the opinions of his sons.

At the same time, Luo Chen will be given all the territory of the Whitebeard Pirates.

After this war with the Navy Headquarters!

Whitebeard really didn’t want to let his sons sacrifice anymore.

It’s not worth it at all, it’s better to live well, to be honest, it’s the same as this time.

The guys in the Navy just want to wipe out the entire Whitebeard Pirates.


They are natural opposites!

But many things are hard to say, so Whitebeard has been sailing the sea for so many years.

Already bearish on many things and everything.

The most important thing is to live well and peacefully.

As for many other things, even when you get old, or die in the end.

It’s something you can’t take away, so you don’t need to care about it at all.

Whitebeard unknowingly looked at the sky far away, lost in thought.

Everyone present also noticed the strangeness of White Beard? ?

Warring States asked, “White Beard, what are you thinking about?”

“Or, do you really think you can lead your sons back to the new world?”

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