People Are Sailing: Domineering on the Top Declares the Whole World

Chapter 407

Faced with Marco’s ridicule, Akainu snorted coldly.

Akainu went back directly and said: “Marco, since you’re here too, it just happened to clean up together.”

“In case the old man has to hunt down you and the Whitebeard Pirates.”

Akainu will not be the slightest bit cowardly, in his opinion, all the pirates in the world will be killed.

Akainu continued: “Even if you, Marco, come, so what?”

“Do you think you and White Beard can survive under the old man’s hands?”

Although the green pheasant and yellow monkey on their navy side, and the three of them in the Warring States period also besieged together.

But in Akainu’s view, it should be him who came to kill these people with his own hands.

“Hmph! Akainu, are you blind!”

“I can’t see that there is a large group of people in our Whitebeard Pirates here!”

“Or, are you really blind, Akainu.”

Marco heard that there is no one in the Whitebeard Pirates? Isn’t this funny?

Marco wondered if this red dog was blind! Can’t see the pirates of the Whitebeard Pirates behind them!

I don’t know who was almost beaten to death by the father just now, and is still so arrogant now?

He really doesn’t know how to live or die, do you think he’s a general? Really invincible? ?

Marco also kept yelling at Akainu unceremoniously.

“Stupid son.” White Beard looked at his son Marco helplessly, and White Beard also knew that it was Marco who was thinking of him.

Only then will they return, just like that, maybe the entire Whitebeard Pirates will be in danger in the end.


“Father, we are back to help you. We must not let this group of navy underestimate our Whitebeard Pirates.”

Several captains of the Whitebeard Pirates returned.

Of course not everyone came back, but most of the Whitebeard Pirates were still retreating.

The ones who came back were the captain of the third division, Diamond Jozi, and the captain of the fifth division, Foil Bikita.

The captain of the sixth division, the captain of the seventh division, and the remaining captains of the other divisions continued to lead the Whitebeard 153 Pirates to retreat.

They can’t completely disobey their father’s orders!

To be honest, they really wanted to stay, but Marco didn’t agree just now.

After all, their Whitebeard Pirates will eventually return to the New World.

You can’t really choose to fight to the end with the Navy Headquarters.

Because that’s simply not realistic.

In case the World Government waits to send additional personnel directly, then their Whitebeard Pirates will really be passive.

So Marco asked the four to follow along to help Dad.

It was too dangerous for Dad to face the Admiral and the three admirals alone.

Not only is Marco worried, but the rest of the Whitebeard Pirates are also worried.

In their view, if they want to leave, they should at least leave together.

They really couldn’t do it after leaving Dad alone.

Especially seeing Dad alone being besieged by the four top naval forces.

They couldn’t stand it even more.


At this time, the captain of the third division, Diamond Qiaozi, the captain of the fifth division, Foil Bikita, and the captain of the sixth division, the captain of the seventh division, rushed over.

Diamond Joz said: “Father, we’re here, we can’t let these navies get too arrogant.”

Diamond Joz turned half of his body into diamonds, staring at the Admiral and the three admirals.

The siege of these people almost surprised my father just now.

In fact, they all know very well, no matter how powerful the old man is.

Once they are besieged by these few together, they will definitely die in battle in the end.

Although Dad fought all his life, he never backed down.

But this time is different! Their Whitebeard Pirates were calculated by the Navy Headquarters.

If there was a real battle, the Whitebeard Pirates would not be afraid (aibi) at all.

As a result, this time the Navy Headquarters has never started the war or since the war.

Use various insidious means.

It was simply unbearable.

Warring States also felt a little headache at this time, because if they all besieged Whitebeard together.

Then it would be easy to kill Whitebeard in the end.

Just now, Whitebeard has already started to appear at a disadvantage.

Otherwise, with Marco’s help, Whitebeard would have been injured 100% just now.

The Warring States has seen this very clearly.

Whitebeard faced his attack alone just now, as well as Akainu’s attack.

It has been very difficult to resist, and the attack of Aokiji is added.

Then it is 100% certain that Whitebeard will be injured.


The advantage of their navy was gone all of a sudden, and now several captains of the Whitebeard Pirates came.

Especially among them are Diamond Joe and Foil Bikita.

Although the strength of these two people is not at the level of generals, they are also very difficult people.

Even if the general took action himself, if he wanted to take down these two people, he would not be able to do it quickly for a while.

In this way, there will be many uncertainties.

Mainly now their navy’s high-end and top combat power is to dispatch four people.

As for the Whitebeard Pirates, there are already five people including Whitebeard.

Then there are a total of six people together.

So their navy has lost their advantage all of a sudden.

But in terms of overall strength, their navy headquarters is even better.

Now is to consider how to grow white beard.

If the Whitebeard Pirates want to retreat!

Their Navy Headquarters had to try their best to intercept it.

Damn it, the whole situation has become so passive now.

Warring States really thought of this, and Li felt a headache.

“It’s scary! The Whitebeard Pirates.”

“This is going back and forth! I don’t know if the war can be ended within today!”

“I haven’t even had afternoon tea today!”

Huang Yuan said obscenely from the side, meaning that the war is not over yet.

It has been procrastinating like this, even taking up his usual afternoon tea time.


If it ends earlier, at least there will be time to drink afternoon tea.

At that time, even if the Navy Headquarters is in dire shape, it doesn’t need him to deal with it!

It feels like I’ve been working beyond the standard!

The last war with the Luo Chen Pirates didn’t take so long.

As a result, this war with the Whitebeard Pirates took so long.

It’s really helpless! Huang Yuan thinks so.

Now Fire Fist Ace has been successfully executed, which means that their navy headquarters has won.

The purpose of the original minimum standard has been achieved.

Killing Whitebeard is nothing more than to further enhance the navy’s reputation in the world!

Huang Yuan has already complained a bit, just let him catch the little pirate.

Of course, Huang Yuan didn’t say these complaints, but Huang Yuan still knew what to do on the surface.

Fighting with these big pirates all day is really exhausting!

There is another point that Huang Yuan didn’t say.

That is, what if the entire Whitebeard Pirates, including Whitebeard, return to the new world? ?

Now Luo Chen intends to unify the entire New World, so White Beard returns to the New World.

Sooner or later, he will definitely fight Luo Chen.

Huang Yuan didn’t believe that the old White Beard could defeat Luo Chen.

Luo Chen even defeated two of the Four Emperors, Beast Kaido and Big Mom Charlotte Lingling.

And what about Whitebeard? It is estimated that they are similar to these four emperors who were defeated by Luo Chen.

If this is the case, there is no need for their navy to deal with Whitebeard in person.


Their main force should be thinking about how to deal with Luo Chen with all their strength.

If you don’t try your best to think about how to deal with Luo Chen.

Maybe in the end, their navy headquarters must be wiped out by Luo Chen sooner or later.

Luo Chen’s overall power is constantly improving.

The remnants of the Beasts Pirates, and the remnants of the Bigmom Pirates.

The remnants of the two Four Emperor Pirates joined the Luochen Pirates.

Doesn’t this mean that the overall power of the Luo Chen Pirates has been increasing?

And now their navy is still here to fight against the Whitebeard Pirates.

Even if you successfully defeat the Whitebeard Pirates.

The Whitebeard Pirates are gone, so isn’t Whitebeard’s territory in the new world equal to Luo Chen’s?

It is equivalent to consuming the power of their navy.

Luo Chen is sitting back and enjoying his success.

Take all the Whitebeard Pirates territory without breaking a sweat.

But Huang Yuan was able to think of these, and it was just thinking in his heart!

I don’t bother to say it, if I say it, it will be adopted once it is really in the Warring States Period.

Then in the end it may be him who will contribute.

Huang Yuan is too lazy to do this kind of thing.

Anyway, no matter how to fight, the yellow ape will not be afraid at all.

Because he is a person with the ability of Shining Fruit!

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