People Are Sailing: Domineering on the Top Declares the Whole World

Chapter 405

And the captain of the stronger team of the Whitebeard Pirates has no time to take care of Bartholomew.


It can only be taken care of by other team captains, or the captain of the pirate group under his banner.

They all take turns against Bartholomew, and none of them are opponents of Bartholomew.

Although there was no case of being killed by Bartholomi Bear.

But the ordinary pirates of the Whitebeard Pirates were wiped out by Bartholomew.

Many situations are relatively unfavorable for the Whitebeard Pirates.

Warring States began to use the devil fruit ability Buddha form.

The whole body continues to expand, becoming bigger and bigger and turning into the shape of a big Buddha.

Warring States will not be polite to White Beard, knowing that it is not so easy to kill White Beard.

So it is the best way to use all your strength directly from the beginning.

Warring States jumped up and used a unique trick.

“Big Buddha Shockwave.”

The Warring States period took advantage of the situation and hit the shock wave of the Buddha to Whitebeard, and a strong sense of oppression spread straight away.

Facing the attack of the Warring States Period, White Beard remained very calm.

This level of attack is nothing more than that!

Whitebeard clenched his fist, and the energy of the shaking fruit gathered on his fist.

He punched it hard.


The violent vibration shock wave also went straight to the Great Buddha shock wave of the Warring States Period.

Two powerful forces collided instantly.

Whether it’s Whitebeard or Sengoku, both of them are constantly trying to increase their strength.

Because they all know that the other party is not someone who can be defeated so easily.

So to start a fight is to put all your strength into it without leaving any spare energy.


Especially the Great Buddha form of the Warring States Period can greatly enhance the defense power of the Warring States Period.

The shape of the Great Buddha in the Warring States Period is like the indestructible body of King Kong, if it does not have a particularly strong attack power.

It is very difficult to break through the defensive form of the Great Buddha in the Warring States Period.

White Beard knew this very well, so White Beard didn’t hold anything back when he shot.

Although the attack power of the shock wave is greater than that of the Buddha shock wave.

But if you want to press it quickly, you need to continue to explode.

But might the Navy give Whitebeard time? No extra time will be given to Whitebeard.

Just when White Beard and Warring States were fighting halfway through.

Half of Aokiji’s body turned into an ice cube, and stretched out an arm that turned into an ice cube.

“Baozhizui.” A huge ice bird was launched directly from Aokiji’s arm.

The huge ice bird attacked Whitebeard without slowing down.

The white beard who was fighting against the Warring States also frowned.

It is now in the stage of exerting all its strength, but it is impossible to think of a way to catch Qingzhi’s move.

White Beard’s other hand clenched the supreme sharp knife Cong Yunqie.

Assuming a sweeping posture, the energy of the shaking fruit is concentrated on the supreme big fast knife Cong Yunqie.

“Heh!” Whitebeard let out a loud hoot, and threw the supreme sharp knife Cong Yunqie in an arc.

The energy of the shaking fruit on the tip of the knife exploded instantly.

The energy explosion of the berserk shaking fruit shattered all the attacks of Aokiji!

But Whitebeard was so distracted that Warring States seized the opportunity.


Directly press the shock wave of the Buddha over the shock wave.

Whitebeard had to turn attack into defense.

White Beard was also taken a few steps back by the shock, and just as he stopped, he heard voices from around him.

“Whitebeard, have you ever experienced the speed of light kick?”

At this time, the yellow ape had appeared beside the white beard, as if at an extremely fast speed.

A kick to Whitebeard, yes! This is one of the signature tricks of the yellow monkey, the speed of light kick.

Before Whitebeard could fully recover, he was about to face the attack of the yellow ape again.

More or less passive.

But as a veteran of combat experience, Whitebeard didn’t panic because of this.

Immediately adjust the state, clenched fists and shook the fruit energy to gather in the fists.

It slammed down in the direction where the yellow ape came from.


Cracks from the blasted air filled the entire space.

And the yellow ape who came over was hit by the white beard.

The whole body was directly blown to pieces by Whitebeard.

This scene frightened all the sailors.

“This? General Huang Yuan won’t just be beaten to death by White Beard, right?”

“How is that possible? That’s the most powerful general of our Navy Headquarters, Kizaru!”

“It’s impossible to be punched by Whitebeard, that would be too unbelievable.”

Most of the navy soldiers still don’t want to believe that their General Yellow Ape was beaten to death by White Beard with just such a fist.

That would be so unrealistic and unreal.


However, the fact is as most naval soldiers think.

Huang Yuan was not beaten to death by White Beard’s fist.

When the yellow ape’s entire body was crushed into dust by Whitebeard’s shaking fruit ability.

A large piece of light is not far away, starting to gather again.

Continuously and quickly gathered into the figure of the yellow ape, and there were no scars on the body of the yellow ape.

Because of the fist that came when Whitebeard reacted just now.

Huang Yuan’s knowledgeable domineering has already been perceived, and it can be regarded as being able to predict the future scene.

Therefore, the yellow ape can react in advance and elementalize in advance to avoid Whitebeard’s attack.

Fortunately, it is the Shining Fruit ability, which can quickly avoid all damage.

“It’s so scary! Whitebeard, he’s so old, yet he still has such amazing reflexes.”

“Before, old man, I heard that you, White Beard, are seriously ill!”

“He is riddled with illnesses, but he is still a monster with such a powerful combat power! Whitebeard.”

Huang Yuan said wretchedly, of course the most important thing was not being hurt by White Beard just now.

So it doesn’t matter if you ridicule Whitebeard.

Anyway, from Huang Yuan’s point of view, it’s okay if White Beard can hardly hurt him.

But it is also true that the monster Whitebeard is really a monster.

The Navy’s intelligence system said that Whitebeard was already seriously ill.

There is no one who can still fight like this.

As expected of the man who has been standing at the top of all pirates, he is really extraordinary.

Of course, it has been surpassed by Luo Chen now.


【276】Undefeated so far


Facing the ridicule of the yellow ape.

White Beard laughed loudly and said, “Hula-la-la~”

“Yellow Monkey, it seems that you want to be the first to experience the old man’s sword!”

White Beard brandished the supreme sharp knife Cong Yunqie and pointed at Huang Yuan.

As far as this yellow monkey is concerned, although White Beard is not used to it, in terms of strength, it is still worthy of recognition.

To be honest, if it was a fight, many attacks would probably be dodged by this yellow monkey.

However, after a short fight with the yellow monkey, White Beard also discovered the fatal weakness of the yellow monkey.

If it is used well, it might be possible to severely injure the yellow monkey with one blow in an instant.

When Whitebeard hadn’t breathed a sigh of relief, Akainu had already charged towards Whitebeard.

The lower body turned into magma and accelerated, and Akainu looked at Whitebeard with red eyes.

“White Beard, die under the old man’s magma!”

“Devil Dog.” Akaken’s right hand turned into a fist of magma, and hit Whitebeard.

Whitebeard snorted and said, “A magma kid who doesn’t learn his lesson.”

“It seems that I haven’t taught you a bad enough lesson just now!”

“Heh!” Whitebeard held the knife in his right hand, turned it quickly, and then clenched the supreme sharp knife Cong Yunqie.

A white shocking energy ball was condensed at the tip of Cong Yunche’s knife.

“Heh!” With a loud shout, he threw out with all his strength, and the big knife Cong Yunqie smashed through the air right in front of him.

Suddenly dense cracks appeared.

After the crack is broken, a shock wave is formed!

The shock wave that exploded hits Akainu.


Seeing the attack from Whitebeard, Akainu stepped forward without flinching.

In Akainu’s theory, there is no such thing as retreating.

A huge ghost dog hit it.


As soon as the two forces collided, there was a violent explosive reaction.

Even though Akainu is seriously injured now, the power that erupted is still very strong.

Still able to fight against Whitebeard’s Shockwave.

Although he was able to fight against Whitebeard’s shock wave, Akainu himself already felt very uncomfortable in his body.

Akainu felt sore all over, and just took a brief rest for a while.

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