People Are Sailing: Domineering on the Top Declares the Whole World

Chapter 402

This is not impossible!

Therefore, many of their navy soldiers began to feel afraid.


[273] Issue an ultimatum


The navy soldiers were all shocked by the terrifying power of Whitebeard.

Because they have never seen such a powerful person, they will inevitably be surprised and amazed when they see it now.

But the pirates of the Whitebeard Pirates are different~.

Because that is their father! It’s only natural that Dad can do this kind of thing.

But now they don’t know what to do?

Should we continue to fight to the death with the navy, or should we evacuate the navy headquarters?

These are all under the command of the father.

Scuyard also discovered that it was Dad who stopped the Moby Dick.

“Father, this? Leave it to me! You guys leave the Navy headquarters quickly.”

“I’m going to pay for my mistakes, Dad.”

As Skuyard spoke, he couldn’t help crying, because he hated himself at this moment.

I am so sorry for my father’s trust.

Whitebeard blocked the Moby Dick with one hand, and said slowly, “Silly son.”

“Scuyad, do you think Dad will allow a white-haired man to send a black-haired man?”

“If you want to stay behind, it should be me, Dad!”

Whitebeard’s words resonated with all the pirates in the Whitebeard Pirates present.




“We will fight to the death and destroy the Navy Headquarters.”

The entire bloodiness of the Whitebeard Pirates was also stimulated to the peak.

They would never allow Dad to stay alone because they would be sad for the rest of their lives.


Seeing this scene, Warring States also knew that it was not good, and the bloodiness of the entire Whitebeard Pirates was aroused.

This may be the most difficult battle for the Navy.

Maybe it will really fail again, Sengoku clenched his fists.

He had already thought about it, no matter how much he paid, it was impossible for Whitebeard to leave alive.

Just kill Whitebeard, no matter the sacrifice.

At least like that, the face of their navy headquarters can at least be preserved.

Although Fire Fist Ace has been successfully killed, the effect is good.

But the goal of this war from beginning to end is Whitebeard, the old king.

If Whitebeard is allowed to leave, their Navy Headquarters may end up being said to be indistinguishable from the Whitebeard Pirates.

Because their navy headquarters is at the right time and place to start the war.

Fire Fist Ace was also the subject of public execution, all of which seemed to be beneficial to their navy.

If the end of the war is just to kill Fire Fist Ace, then it’s nothing.

But the effect of this war was not maximized at all.

The best deterrent effect is to wipe out the entire Whitebeard Pirates.

In this way, the navy can reappear in the whole world and increase its huge deterrent effect.

At least all over the world can reduce a lot of people who do wrong.

To be honest, Warring States is also a very headache! Because these things are very troublesome to deal with.

He, the admiral of the navy, has a great responsibility.


Garp also sat up at this time, for a moment just now he really wanted to rush up and kill Akainu.

Otherwise, because Sengoku has been suppressing him, maybe Garp will really rush up and kill Akainu.

One of his grandsons has already died, what if even Luffy is dead?

Garp, who was talking, really couldn’t help but kill Akainu himself.

Zhan Guo looked at Garp beside him, he was also taken aback by Garp just now.

He’s been fighting Whitebeard, so what the **** is going on with Cap? Didn’t pay too much attention.

It wasn’t until Whitebeard was about to run to beat Akainu that Sengoku stopped to see Garp’s abnormality!

Warring States was also almost frightened stupid, what if Garp did something stupid early? ?

To be honest, in the entire Navy Headquarters, there is really no one who can stop it.

Sengoku himself knew that he himself was not Karp’s opponent.

It is conceivable how powerful Karp is? ?

So when Sengoku saw Garp’s abnormality, he was very afraid that Garp would mess up later.

Once Garp gets into a mess, the whole scene becomes uncontrollable.

In fact, as I said, in the entire Navy Headquarters, except for Garp, anyone and Whitebeard will be singled out.

No one can beat Whitebeard.

The strength of Whitebeard is clear to Sengoku, and at the same time, Karp’s strength is also very clear to Sengoku.

To be honest, if they can really fight each other, the entire navy is probably no better than Karp.

Warring States himself also fought against White Beard just now.

It looks like it’s evenly matched.


In fact, Zhan Guo himself knew very well that in fact, he was already an unobvious disadvantage.

Anyway, when I was in my prime, every time I met White Beard, I couldn’t beat White Beard.

So the Warring States period seemed very worried about White Beard.

On the contrary, the current three admirals of the Navy headquarters are more staunch.

There was nothing to be afraid of, so I went up and had a tough fight with Whitebeard.

However, the Warring States period also has a feeling, that is, White Beard seems to be not as exaggerated as before.

The white beard back then, the combination of the overlord’s color winding and the shaking fruit ability.

It is simply a nightmare!

It can be said that it is a mess of strength, a power that makes people feel frightened.

Of course, even the white beard back then was no match for Luo Chen now.

Anyway, from the perspective of the Warring States Period, Luo Chen in this era is not a normal person at all.

Even Roger, the One Piece, is just as strong as Garp and Whitebeard!

The one who can be a little better than them is Rocks decades ago.

Sengoku was thinking that Lockes might be a rare monster in a hundred years.

Impossible to continue to appear.

But now not only did he appear, the Warring States period had fought against him, and that was Luo Chen.

Speaking of Luo Chen, Warring States had a feeling of powerlessness.

Seriously, if Zhan Guo was asked to figure out a way, Zhan Guo couldn’t think of any way to defeat Luo Chen? ?

Anyway, Luo Chen is not a normal person, so I will leave it to the world government to solve the problem at that time!


Anyway, from the perspective of their navy headquarters and the Warring States Period, their navy cannot solve Luo Chen.

Warring States speculates, what if their navy wants to continue to attack the Luochen Pirates? ?

Maybe Luo Chen will wipe out the entire Navy Headquarters in the next moment.

This is not the Warring States to scare themselves, but it feels like a possibility!

That’s how it’s reasoned.

The main thing now is how to deal with the Whitebeard Pirates.

For the navy on the scene today, it is the top priority.

Whitebeard slowly lowered the arm blocking Moby Dick.

He said loudly, “Whitebeard Pirates listen up.”

“Now begin to give the captain’s final order.”

“Everyone must return safely to the New World.”

After Whitebeard shouted loudly, he clenched his fist tightly, and the energy of the shaking fruit gathered on his fist.

The muscles in the entire arm exploded.

White Beard slowly closed his eyes and said, “In the new era, there is no ship that can carry me.”

“The old man is just a remnant of the old era!”

Whitebeard suddenly opened his eyes, and punched them hard.



The entire huge sound can be heard by everyone on Marine Fanduo in the Navy headquarters.

With the outbreak of the shaking fruit ability, huge cracks began to appear in the Marine Vanduo Square of the Navy headquarters.

Then the entire Navy Headquarters was split in two.

The navy and the pirates are not all separated by Whitebeard.

Whitebeard clenched the supreme sharp knife Cong Yunqie, turned his head and looked at the marines again.


“The Navy will come and make a deal!”

Whitebeard is going to stop all the navy single-handedly, buying time for his sons to retreat.

If you continue to let your sons stay and fight the navy.

Then there will definitely be huge casualties.

It might kill the entire Whitebeard Pirates.

This is not impossible, because the navy still has a lot of troops.

Including high-end combat power, basically still there.

Whitebeard doesn’t want to see his sons continue to sacrifice.

If you want to sacrifice, then let him be the father!

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