People Are Sailing: Domineering on the Top Declares the Whole World

Chapter 395

Although they are all some miscellaneous fish and pirates, they are the ones that don’t matter at all.

But there are a lot of these newly emerging pirates!

It also indirectly led to the fact that the whole world is in a period of turmoil.


These things make the navy very passive, so the Warring States Period is often a headache!

It’s just that I don’t know how to suppress the newcomer pirates who keep writing letters.

Although their navy’s deterrence is full, but now the deterrence has begun to decline.

That’s why the pirates in the sea will become more and more rampant.

It is also possible to send naval soldiers to suppress it, but the strength is too insufficient.

There are too many places to suppress.

Although the overall number of the navy is huge, the whole world (aibi) is even bigger.

So this time the war with the Whitebeard Pirates is even more important.

Today’s war is really too important for the navy.

And it is no longer of general importance, it is very, very important.

The expression on Sengoku’s face became more and more serious.

When Whitebeard saw this, he knew that this guy from the Warring States Period was probably planning to go all out.

The same goes for Whitebeard!

Warring States also saw the change of Whitebeard’s status, they are all old opponents.

They also know each other better.

They are all fighting for what they believe in.

“Hula la la~”

“Warring States, you don’t really think you can keep me!”

White Beard’s smile is bright, but also very confident.

After sailing on the sea for so many years, what scenes have you never seen?

So for the current situation of the navy, White Beard just laughed it off!

Even if Warring States wanted to keep him, White Beard would sink the entire Marin Fando into the bottom of the sea.


The two fought fiercely again.

On the other side, Fire Fist Ace is also wearing a straw hat Luffy, and is running away in a hurry.

“Luffy, follow me.” Ace also quickly reminded Luffy, also very worried that Luffy would suddenly fall behind.

After all, there are too many navies here now, and there is no way to stop at all.

Only by fighting and breaking through can we continue to retreat.

Otherwise, if you want to retreat, there is no way to retreat.

“Don’t worry! Ace, I can keep up.” Luffy also responded with a happy face.

To be honest, at the moment Ace was rescued, Luffy was really happy.

For now, no matter how many enemies he faces, Luffy doesn’t care at all.

Because one of the most important people, Ace, was finally rescued successfully.

Now as long as you can escape smoothly, you will be safe.

The navy soldiers also seemed to be mad, constantly surrounding the two of them, Ace and Straw Hat Luffy.

They were also continuously defeated by Fire Fist Ace and Straw Hat Luffy one after another.

But no matter how many people in their navy are defeated by Fire Fist Ace and Straw Hat Luffy.

They still have new people rushing up again.

The Warring States Marshal said that no matter how much the price is paid, the Fire Fist Ace and the Straw Hat Luffy will be left behind.

In fact, there is no need for Marshal Warring States to explain, they also understand this truth.

In fact, the navy is now mainly surrounded by the upper fire fist Ace and the straw hat Luffy.


In fact, the pirates of the Whitebeard Pirates are also constantly helping Ace and Luffy out of the siege.

Otherwise, just two people, Fire Fist Ace and Straw Hat Luffy, how can they withstand the siege of so many naval soldiers?

Even though Ace is a natural-type devil fruit capable user, there are quite a few admirals here who can use armed domineering.

These are all threats to Ace.

Even if their strength is weak, there are enough people!

These are all things that can put a lot of pressure on Fire Fist Ace and Straw Hat Luffy.

At the same time, the captain of the 5th Division Foil Bikita and Kizaru fight.

Bikita on this side has begun to feel a little bit overwhelmed.

Because at this moment, the yellow ape is bursting out with real strength.

Now the gap between the highest combat general of the Navy Headquarters and the captain of the squadron is reflected.

Besides, Bikita’s overall strength is not the strongest team leader.

Even Marco, the strongest fan team captain, still has a slight gap between him and the general.

Not to mention Bikita, but Bikita’s swordsmanship can make him capable of fighting against generals.

That’s why Foil Bikita was able to keep fighting with General Kizaru.

Huang Yuan used Tiancongyun sword to continuously attack Bijita.

Huang Yuan said suddenly: “I got it.”

The yellow monkey has already seen an opportunity, and that is the opportunity to injure the foil Bikita.

However, just when the yellow monkey was about to attack and hit the foil Bikita.

A figure ran quickly and bumped into it.


Huang Yuan was also completely dumbfounded by this sudden impact.

Immediately stop attacking Foil Bikita and switch to defense.

This figure is none other than Diamond Joz, captain of the third division of the Whitebeard Pirates.

Now that Marco is fighting with Aokiji, there will be no support at all for a while.

Marko is also more than capable of handling it, so no worries.

On this side, the battle between Bikita and the yellow monkey seemed a bit powerless.

Seeing this, Diamond Joz immediately ran over to support without any hesitation.

Now their Whitebeard Pirates cannot lose any important combat power.

Whether it is in normal times or now, it cannot be lost.

Because once there is a loss, it will have too much impact on their Whitebeard Pirates.

Diamond Qiaoz rushed over and slammed into the yellow ape.


The yellow ape just raised one foot to block!

However, the yellow ape’s defense was still too hasty, because it didn’t have time to defend all of them.

Therefore, it was also directly hit by Diamond Joz and flew out.

After rolling for dozens of meters on the ground, it turned into light again and returned to the original place.

On the surface, the yellow ape who returned to the original place seemed to have nothing.

But in fact, only Huang Yuan knows it! That is, his feet really hurt a little at this time!

Sure enough, the strength of the third team captain of the Whitebeard Pirates, Diamond Joz, is really not ordinary.

The combination of diamondization and armed color domineering impact.

Huang Yuan felt that it was fortunate that he defended in time with his armed domineering spirit.


Otherwise, it wouldn’t be just a numb feeling like it is now.

That is the real possibility of injury.

“It’s scary! Are you really planning to besiege the old man together?”

“What a terrifying Whitebeard Pirates!”

“It’s the two powerful team captains Diamond Jozi and Foil Bikita who shot together??”

“It’s really rare for this old man to be treated like this??”

Now, to be honest, Huang Yuan started to feel a headache more or less, because this was dealing with two people!

And they are both the powerful captains of the two Whitebeard Pirates.

Basically, among the captains of the second team of the entire Whitebeard Pirates, the top three captains of the team.

Then it is conceivable that when these two people are superimposed, how difficult it will become to deal with.

Huang Yuan is really helpless, if he is dealing with a team leader.

Huang Yuan also thought it was quite suitable, so he didn’t have to be too tired.

But deal with two captains at the same time? Or a great team leader?

It seems that it becomes completely impossible to fish in troubled waters!

He must concentrate on fighting, and this is also for the sake of his own life.

If you are dealing with the captains of the two white beard pirates who are more powerful.

They are still fishing in troubled waters, but if they are caught, it must be embarrassing for the Whitebeard Pirates.

Bikita: “Joz, you are here! Then let’s deal with the yellow ape together!”

“Hmm!” Diamond Joz also responded immediately.


[268] You don’t know that there are upper and lower levels of devil fruits


Diamond Qiaozi and Foil Bikita negotiated together to deal with the yellow monkey.

To be honest, now no matter which of the two of them is, they will be left alone to deal with the yellow ape.

The difficulty is indeed relatively high, and now is the retreat time for the Whitebeard Pirates.

Because it is necessary to hold back the top combat power of these navies as much as possible.

In order to avoid more casualties of their Whitebeard Pirates, if that is too much, the loss outweighs the gain.

“It’s so scary! Two people deal with this old man together.” Huang Yuan helplessly picked his ears with his fingers.

The words are scary, but the actions are very random.

It seems to be expressing that it doesn’t matter whether it’s Foil Bikita or Diamond Jozi whoever is on~.

I also need to tell these two people that he, Huang Yuan, doesn’t care, whether the two of them will join forces.

Anyway, he couldn’t pose a real threat to his yellow ape.

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