People Are Sailing: Domineering on the Top Declares the Whole World

Chapter 386

Whitebeard accelerated and started to run.

All the naval soldiers on the path couldn’t resist Whitebeard’s impact.

Before even seeing the figure of White Beard, they were instantly blown away by the air wave emitted by White Beard.

When White Beard rushed for a distance, he found a person standing there.

This person is none other than the admiral of the Navy Headquarters, Kizaru.

Huang Yuan: “It’s so scary! The white beard has appeared in front of the old man??”

Huang Yuan was still fishing in troubled waters, but he never expected that White Beard would rush in front of him.


Now it seems that it is impossible not to fight!

After all, White Beard had already rushed in front of him, if he gave way to White Beard at this time.

I can’t justify it! At least you have to put on a show!

To avoid the world 08 government or the Marshal of the Warring States Period from nagging him after the war.

White Beard brandished the supreme sharp knife Cong Yunqie and said, “Go away, little yellow ape.”

He directly slashed at the yellow ape, and the violent wind blew the clothes on the yellow ape all the time.

To be honest, Huang Yuan’s own age is almost sixty years old.

Now Huang Yuan is fully fifty-six years old.

In the original scene, two years later, the new age yellow monkey was fifty-eight years old, and now he is fifty-six years old.

In the original scene, Kaido of Beasts two years later was only fifty-nine years old, only one year older than the yellow monkey!

The two of them are considered to be the same age.

But at such an old age, the white beard is still called the yellow ape kid.

Indeed, when Whitebeard was sailing the sea, the yellow ape kid had just debuted!

So in Whitebeard’s view, there is nothing wrong with Huang Yuan being a little ghost.

“How scary! Whitebeard.”

“The old man is not young! It’s really strange to be called a brat!”

Huang Yuan said it was scary, but there was nothing scary about it in action.

They are all facing the white beard in a very natural form.

It’s the same even if this man is the king with white beard in the old days.


Huang Yuan looked at Cong Yuncut, the supremely sharp knife that Whitebeard slashed at.

It turned into a stream of light in an instant, dodging a blow from Whitebeard.

Whitebeard’s supremely sharp knife cut Cong Yun and hit the ground heavily.


Large swaths of dust were thrown up, showing how powerful White Beard’s slash was.

Yellow Ape elementally avoided Whitebeard’s attack, and at the same time stepped on the Supreme Sword Cong Yunqie with one foot.

“It’s really scary! White Beard, I really scared the old man just now!”

The yellow ape said it was terrible, but there was still no stop in action.

Extend the index finger of the right hand to point to the white beard, and then send out a laser attack.

Yellow Ape’s laser beam hit Whitebeard’s chest directly.

This is the first time Whitebeard has been injured since he started the war, and he was still hit by Yellow Ape’s Shiny Fruit ability.

Fortunately, Whitebeard’s physique is considered very strong, otherwise he was hit by a laser beam from the yellow ape.

It must have been seriously injured directly, despite the fact that Huang Yuan’s Shining Fruit ability attack looks ordinary.

But it also belongs to the kind of destructive trick.

After Whitebeard suffered from the pain, he once again clenched the supreme sharp knife Cong Yunqie.

Just now, I just wanted to break through quickly, but I didn’t expect to catch the way of this yellow ape.

Cong Yunqie, the supreme sharp knife, turned quickly.

Whitebeard has completely begun to explode his strength, it seems that he should not be too distracted from dealing with these admirals.

Huang Yuan also reacted, the white beard seemed to start to concentrate on dealing with him.


It seems that you can’t fish in troubled waters, otherwise you may be seriously injured by this old man with white beard later.

Yellow Ape and White Beard started a duel in an instant.

To be honest, Huang Yuan really doesn’t want to fight with White Beard!

Although White Beard is old, he is still very strong!

After the two exchanged more than ten moves, Whitebeard clenched his fists tightly, and the energy of the shaking fruit gathered on the fists.

Huang Yuan just dodged a trick, is this old man with white beard so fast? ?

Huang Yuan quickly covered his head with both hands.

Because this time it was attacked too suddenly, if it turned into an element and left.

It will definitely be more or less affected by Whitebeard’s shaking fruit ability.

That being the case, it’s better to defend against Whitebeard’s surprise attack with all his strength, so that at least the damage can be minimized.

While Huang Yuan was covering his head with both hands, all the domineering high-level armed colors were concentrated on his hands.

Whitebeard slammed his fist on Huang Yuan’s body.


The air burst!

Whitebeard roared angrily, and sent Huang Yuan flying with his angry punch.


The whole body of the yellow ape flew out directly, knocking over various buildings continuously.

It was also shot all the way for a few hundred meters, and was hit by Whitebeard to the extreme edge of Marin Fando in the Navy headquarters.

The navy soldiers were dumbfounded.

“General Huang Yuan, General Huang Yuan.”

“Damn white beard, he actually sent General Huang Yuan flying.”

The navy soldiers were very upset because they saw their majestic general Huang Yuan.

Even being knocked into the air, it was still the kind that flew out.


“This is simply the same as the last time we played against Luo Chen! The generals were beaten completely powerless.”

“This is different from last time. Didn’t you see it just now? General Huang Yuan also hit White Beard!”

“In addition, General Akainu was also able to fight against Whitebeard before.”

“It means that our general can also deal with Whitebeard.”

The navy soldiers also regained their confidence all of a sudden.

Because they felt that the battle situation this time was different from the previous battle against Luo Chen.

At least now the generals seem to be able to fight against Whitebeard.

When we dealt with Luo Chen before? It felt like the generals were like babies in front of Luo Chen.

There is no ability to resist at all.

This is what they see now, Whitebeard is very powerful, right? ?

But not as exaggerated as Luo Chen.

In the ruins, a beam of light re-emitted.

Gathered into a figure, this figure is Huang Yuan himself.

“How scary! Whitebeard.”

“Now the old man still feels that both hands are still in a state of numbness!”

“It seems that the old man should clean up some miscellaneous fish from the Whitebeard Pirates.”

“Let’s leave it to other people to deal with things like Whitebeard!”

In the fight just now, Huang Yuan also found that he could confront White Beard!

But it doesn’t make any sense at all!

There is absolutely no need to take this risk.


In fact, where outsiders can’t see, there is already a little blood dripping from the corner of the yellow ape’s mouth.

That’s all Huang Yuan knows!

After all, it would be too embarrassing to say such a thing.

He is a dignified admiral of the Navy headquarters, he still wants to save face!

After Kiwi emerged from the ruins, the marines saw that their Admiral Kizuki was fine.

They all breathed a sigh of relief.

At least their General Yellow Ape was not knocked down by White Beard.

After Whitebeard beat Huang Yuan back, he didn’t intend to continue wasting time with Huang Yuan.

After all, the urgent task now is to rescue Ace as soon as possible.

White Beard didn’t care about Huang Yuan, raised the supreme sharp knife Cong Yunqie and walked towards the execution platform.

On the side of the yellow monkey, the pirates from the Whitebeard Pirates immediately surrounded him.

We can’t let this guy bother Dad anymore.

Dad is going to rescue Ace now! How can 153 be disturbed by these people? ?

However, just as Whitebeard got rid of the yellow ape, a large number of naval soldiers immediately surrounded him again.

Whitebeard clenched his fists tightly and charged up again violently, the energy of the shaking fruit gathered on his fists.

He punched it so hard, boom!

The violent cracking sound spread throughout the Marine Headquarters of Marine Vanduo.

The shock wave rushed towards the execution platform again.

“Ice Age.” Aokiji immediately jumped out to stop Whitebeard’s actions.

It can be said that Whitebeard’s actions are also met with great resistance.


The sound of the explosion spread throughout the Marine Headquarters of the Navy.

Aokiji saw that he successfully blocked Whitebeard’s attack.

Said: “White Beard, I won’t let you disturb the public execution today.”

“This is the face of the navy, and you can’t be disturbed by pirates.”

Seeing that Whitebeard was approaching the execution platform, Aokiji immediately used his strongest skills to block it without saying a word!

“Qingzhi, you little brat, do you think you can resist me?”

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