People Are Sailing: Domineering on the Top Declares the Whole World

Chapter 385

Because they don’t know who this person who suddenly came over now is? ?

It was not sure whether the other party was an enemy or a friend, so they did not attack immediately.

At the very least, you have to ask clearly what the other party’s background is.


The You-Know-Who is Bucky in disguise.

At this time Bucky said immediately: “Don’t get me wrong, don’t get me wrong.”

“I’m the one who came to help you, so don’t be so defensive about me,”

After Bucky knew that Fire Fist Ace was the son of Captain Roger, he also planned to rescue him.

But Bucky wasn’t stupid enough to do it himself.

No matter how you say it, he is also a member of the Qiwuhai under the king, and no matter how you say it, he also belongs to the side of the world government.

So it’s better not to do such a dangerous thing yourself.

It is best to hand it over to others directly, so that he has no risk!

Bucky didn’t want to live a life of being hunted down by the navy.

At least live comfortably! Just look for treasure.

Bucky didn’t want to get involved in fighting and killing.

“Really? That’s great.” Luffy was the first to react directly.

Because now he heard that someone wanted to help them, so Luffy looked very happy.

In this way, there is more hope that Ace can be rescued.

But Sanji still reminded: “Don’t worry about Luffy, we should first confirm the identity of the other party.”

“Otherwise, what if this is a trap? In that case, our previous efforts will be wasted.”

Sanji is still relatively safe. In a situation like this, someone suddenly jumped out and said to help them.

You have to figure out what’s going on in advance.


At least it would be more reassuring this way, or else he would be tricked in the end, and he would die without knowing how.

But Luffy is still a bit of a nervous person.

But after Sanji’s reminder.

Luffy still immediately asked: “Then who are you!”

“Why did you suddenly help us?”

It’s not that Luffy is a stupid type, it’s mainly because of his different personalities.

Therefore, different styles and behaviors lead to all relatively different phenomena.

Bucky also knew that he couldn’t hide his identity all the time.

Otherwise, if you are not suspected, you will become suspected.

Baki didn’t intend to hide it and said: “I am the king Baki, the great god.”

Bucky still brags to himself first.

No matter what, you have to get famous! Otherwise, people don’t know who he is? ?

Although usually relatively low-key, Bucky doesn’t want to be an unknown person all the time.

Usopp said in surprise, “You are Bucky from the Seven Martial Seas under the king??”

“But why are you helping us!”

“Say it, you can’t come to help us for no reason.”

Usopp felt that the Bucky in front of him must have come here with a purpose.

Otherwise, why would a king come to help the Straw Hat Pirates for no reason? ?

Isn’t that just like nonsense?

It’s not real at all, so Usopp is still skeptical? ?


Of course, Bucky would not say what his purpose was.

As for contacting the Whitebeard Pirates, forget it!

Because anyone who is a veteran of the Whitebeard Pirates knows him.

Therefore, it is better to be low-key, or to be low-key with Energizer.

Although the Straw Hat Pirates don’t know why the King Shichibukai Bucky wants to help them,

But now time is really important to their Straw Hat Pirates.

Continuing with Luffy’s brother, the time for Fire Fist Ace to be executed is getting closer and closer.

If you don’t hurry, it’s really too late.

Anyway, it looks like this, as long as this king Shichibukai Baki is not here to fight them.

No matter what the other party’s purpose is, those can be ignored for the time being.

If you come back now and care about these issues, it will be a waste of time.

Bucky also saw the Straw Hat Pirates and didn’t want to waste time.

At the same time, Bucky doesn’t want to have too much contact time with the Straw Hat Pirates…

The longer the contact, the more dangerous it would be for Bucky.

The identity may be discovered at any time, after all, there are all naval soldiers around here.

The chances of being discovered are really great.

Bucky said directly, “I can give you the key to the Fire Fist Ace Sea Rock handcuffs.”

“As for the rest, I don’t care what you want to do.”

Bucky also hurriedly distanced himself from the Straw Hat Pirates.


Just when everyone in the Straw Hat Pirates hadn’t fully reacted.

Bucky took out the key directly and handed it to everyone in the Straw Hat Pirates.

“This is the key to the Hailoushi handcuffs of Fire Fist Ace, and I give it to you now.”

After Bucky finished speaking, he threw the key in his hand directly to Straw Hat Luffy.

And Bucky himself started to slip away directly, and he couldn’t continue to be in contact with the Straw Hat Pirates.

That’s too dangerous. To be honest, I just came into contact with the Straw Hat Pirates.

Bucky was in that state of fear the whole time!

I’m afraid what to do if someone from the navy finds out later? ?

If he is discovered, he will now get the key to the Fire Fist Ace Hailou Stone handcuffs and hand them over to the Straw Hat Pirates.

Probably don’t even have to leave the Navy headquarters.

Right here at the scene, he was hunted down by the navy.

This is not impossible, so Bucky chose to slip away directly and decisively.

Disappear quickly, this is the safest way.

“This? This disappears? Do we have such a terrible thing?”

Usopp was also directly stunned, not sure what happened to that king Shichibukai Bucky?

Why do you seem to be afraid of contacting the Straw Hat Pirates?

Why is this and that Bucky also the king’s Shichibukai!

It feels like he doesn’t have the appearance of a strong man at all, but he can become the Qiwuhai under the king? ?

It’s weird enough.

But at least there is no trouble with them, and this is the best place.


Sanji said, “This key should be real.”

“The other party should have no reason to suddenly come to deceive us.”

After Sanji thought about it, he really couldn’t think of any reason for that Bucky to use 1.8 to deceive them.

Since there is no reason, then the key may be real.

This can be regarded as helping them a lot!

Luffy tightly held the key in his hand, and said firmly, “Wait for me, Ace.”

Luffy turned his gaze to the direction of the execution platform where Ace was.

As long as he reaches the execution platform, Ace can be rescued.

“Everyone, protect me together later, I will rush up in one breath.”

Luffy’s gaze was very firm, and he would rush up to the execution platform in one breath no matter what.

At that time, use the key in your hand to rescue Ace.

“Don’t worry! Luffy.” Everyone in the Straw Hat Pirates responded with a smile.

Their captain, Luffy, even gave the order himself, so they have to carry it out seriously!

Everyone in the Straw Hat Pirates has started to revive again.

Going to sprint again!

In addition, most of the soldiers of the Navy Headquarters have been attracted by the Whitebeard Pirates.

So now the pressure on their Straw Hat Pirates is much less.

But yes, there are only a few members of the Straw Hat Pirates!

The navy doesn’t pay attention at all.

The Navy and their focus is on the Whitebeard Pirates.


[260] Let them all become dead


Someone gave the keys to the Straw Hat Pirates, but no one in the Navy noticed.

All their attention now is being involved by the Whitebeard Pirates.

There is simply no time to manage such a few people as the Straw Hat Pirates.

With the passage of time, there are only ten minutes left before the execution time.

It has been nearly three hours since the war started.

It has reached the final stage of deciding the winner.

At this time, Whitebeard really started to exert his strength, and he had already begun to output desperately.

Because Whitebeard knew that the execution time was getting closer and closer.

If you don’t hurry up, it’s really too late.

“Go away, navy brats.” Whitebeard turned the supreme sharp knife Cong Yuncut.

With a powerful sweep, the air waves rolled up directly overturned large groups of naval soldiers.

“Ahhh!” The navy soldiers were also beaten by White Beard and flew around.

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