People Are Sailing: Domineering on the Top Declares the Whole World

Chapter 371

Another point is the uncertain factor of Luo Chen, what if Luo Chen suddenly joins this war?

Then the whole thing will become very difficult.

To be honest, Warring States didn’t have any confidence in going to war with Luo Chen.

The lesson from last time was already very profound.

Their navy has a full six-ceiling combat power, plus Cpo!

The result was such a lineup that couldn’t beat Luo Chen.

Saying this just makes people laugh out loud.

But it is what it is!

It’s just that there is no way to take Luo Chen completely, or else Luo Chen wanted to leave the Navy headquarters safely last time? ?

Simply overthinking.

So now is the only point. In the end, what Zhan Guo was worried about was that he was afraid that Luo Chen would really show up later.

What should they do?

Warring States also reported this point to the five old stars of the world government.

Anyway, if Luo Chen really showed up, Wu Laoxing would definitely come over and help.

Otherwise, even if the Warring States didn’t want the position of marshal, they wouldn’t choose to start a war with Luo Chen.

That’s like betting the fate of the entire Navy Headquarters!

Warring States felt that his head had not been caught by the door yet.


Just when Warring States thought about Luo Chen.

In fact, Luo Chen had already come here, and it’s been a while since he came here.

To be precise, they all arrived at Marine Vandor, the headquarters of the Navy, earlier than the Straw Hat Pirates.

However, Luo Chen stayed in the air and watched the war in Marin Vanduo Square.

People don’t appear in front of everyone!

Luo Chen was quietly watching the changes on the battlefield!

To be honest, some slight changes have taken place in this top battle from the original scene.

The first is to advance the city has not been breached.

Straw Hat Luffy didn’t come alone, but brought the entire crew of the Straw Hat Pirates.

These are all different from the original scene.

But without the help of the advancing city’s troops, the difficulty of the Whitebeard Pirates is a little bit more difficult than in the original scene.

First of all, there is no help from the Qiwu Haixia Jinping under the king, and several cadres of the Revolutionary Army.

Although these are nothing, but combined, they can be regarded as a strong fighting force.

Luo Chen planned to end this war at the end.

How could such a wonderful scene be let go? ?

At the same time, Luo Chen also thought of another problem, which was the characteristics of Blackbeard Diqi.

Maybe it’s impossible to only have the body of a person with the ability to become a double devil fruit.

It is even possible to become the body of a person with three devil fruit abilities.

so! Luo Chen was still looking forward to it.

Looking forward to the Wano country, Trafalgaro will thoroughly study the secrets of Blackbeard Tiki.


Today, there are three devil fruit ability users of the animal-type Phantom Beast in the Marine Vanduo battlefield of the Navy Headquarters.

Admiral Sengoku’s human fruit giant Buddha form phantom beast.

Marko’s bird bird fruit phoenix form phantom beast species.

There is also the Phantom Beast in the form of Nika, the human fruit of Straw Hat Luffy.

To be honest, Luo Chen valued the devil fruit abilities of these phantom beasts.

Just like the giant Buddha form phantom beast in the Warring States Period, it has the power of shock waves and amazing defense.

I don’t know if Warring States has reached the awakening of the devil fruit ability.

In addition, Marco’s phoenix-like phantom beast ability, and Marco’s devil fruit ability has definitely not been awakened yet.

If Marco can awaken the ability of the Phantom Beast in the form of a phoenix.

That’s not just the strength it is now.

It is definitely possible to reach the strength comparable to that of the generals of the headquarters, and at the same time, it is not impossible to surpass the combat power by a little bit.

Judging from Marco’s phoenix form ability, he can recover from any attack.

At the same time, look at the name of this devil fruit ability, is it called the Phoenix form? ?

Luo Chen was also able to roughly guess that the ability after awakening in the form of the phoenix should be the rebirth of Nirvana.

That is the real ability to achieve immortality.

It can be considered that it does not have the devil fruit ability called the phoenix-shaped phantom beast for nothing.

As for Straw Hat Luffy’s devil fruit ability? ?

It’s also funny enough that people always think it’s the straw hat Luffy who is the rubber fruit of Superman.


In fact, it has always been a phantom beast with the ability of the animal-type devil fruit.

And it is also the top phantom beast species.

What is this concept? It shows that the ability of this devil fruit can be counted in the top three or more in the list of all devil fruit abilities.

Then it is enough to explain the amazing potential of this devil fruit ability.

So now there are three Phantom Beast devil fruit ability users here in Marin Fando.

First of all, the Warring States period was excluded by Luo Chen.

It is no longer within the scope of Luo Chen’s consideration, so the remaining two are within the scope of Luo Chen’s consideration.

That is the Phantom Beast Phoenix form, and Phantom Beast Nica form, these two animals are Phantom Beast Devil Fruits.

So in Luo Chen’s view, why did he join this war.

One of the purposes is to prevent Straw Hat Luffy and Marko from dying on the way.

If you want to die, you will die in the future, at least let Luo Chen prepare the devil fruit ability.

Think about who to take the Devil Fruit ability from.

Luo Chen is looking forward to the future, becoming a double devil fruit or triple devil fruit ability holder!


At least by that time, the overall combat effectiveness can be improved to a higher level.

To be honest, with Luo Chen’s current strength, he no longer cares about the hidden power of the world government.

Not to mention the future once you become a person with multiple devil fruit abilities? ?

At that time, they will not care about the people behind the world government at all.

When you have enough absolute strength, many things will become indifferent.


Somewhere in Marin Vandeau Square.

Qingzhi stood here, scratched his hair and said helplessly: “Is that guy Huang Yuan so serious?”

“You have become so serious about fighting??”

Originally, Aokiji thought that the main head of this time would be Akainu.

Unexpectedly, the most stubborn person now is the guy Huang Yuan? ?

The sun is almost out in the west.

Of course, now that the yellow ape is fighting so seriously, it won’t work if Aokiji doesn’t put on a show.

Otherwise, it would be too much to say.

And if you want to fight, you can’t find someone who is too weak.

At least he must be a top expert among the Whitebeard Pirates.


Then it seems that the only ones who are relatively strong are the captain of the third division Diamond Jozi and the captain of the fifth division Foil Bikita.

Aokiji looked at it, and didn’t plan to fight against the swordsman Bikita of the foil.

Then there is the captain of the third division of the Whitebeard Pirates, Diamond Joz.

Now that you think of this, then just do it.

Aokiji began to exude a terrible freezing ability all over his body.

The speed increased in an instant, and he rushed towards the captain of the third team, Diamond Jozi.

As soon as Diamond Joz knocked the four sailors into the air, he suddenly felt a icy and bone-chilling aura descending on him!

Immediately reacted, his whole body turned into a diamond, avoiding the oncoming ice breath.

When Diamond Joz saw clearly who was coming.

Said: “So it’s you! General Qingzhi.”


Diamond Joz knew that it would be difficult to make a breakthrough if he wanted to.

Because Aokiji, one of the admirals of the navy headquarters, came to intercept him.

And Diamond Qiaoz also knew that the strength of this Aokiji was not simple at all.

Just look at the battlefield on Marco’s side now.

How fierce the battle is, they are all fighting with all their strength!

And Marco is still fighting more or less hard.

Then it can also be concluded that this Aokiji is not an easy person.

So Diamond Joz saw that the person who came was Aokiji.

Already cheered up, he came out and stared at Aokiji.

Their Whitebeard Pirates want to rescue Ace, so they can’t waste any precious and important combat power.

Then the biggest stumbling block is these admirals of the Navy headquarters.

As long as you can stop these admirals of the Navy Headquarters!

Then it will be much easier for Dad to break through to the execution platform.

This is not only thought of by Diamond Joz, but also by many pirates of the Whitebeard Pirates.

Now if you can hold the admiral first, then hold the admiral first.

Of course, it would be best if they could stand watching the show from a distance as before.

The people of the Whitebeard Pirates wish that the Navy is like this!

They can also start to retreat after rescuing Ace.

But now it seems that it is not so easy!

The captain of the third team, Diamond Joz, quickly transformed his body into a diamond form.

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