People Are Sailing: Domineering on the Top Declares the Whole World

Chapter 359

“Even that guy Shanks doesn’t have this kind of arrogance, and he wouldn’t be able to have such arrogance in his whole life.”

At this moment, Blackbeard Diqi also understood why Luo Chen had such an exaggerated record.

This is simply no exaggeration!

The fighting power is too terrible.


【239】Officially started the war


At this moment, Blackbeard Diqi also understood why Luo Chen had such an exaggerated record.

There is a reason, not without reason.

Just the armed arrogance displayed by Luo Chen just now can gain a foothold in the whole world.

The kind that still stands.

Now Blackbeard Tiki doesn’t know what to do.

It can be said that this moment is the most difficult time he has experienced.

But no matter what! Blackbeard Tiki will not give up easily.

Because in order to get the dark fruit, I have waited for so long, how can I give up so easily.

More and more black smoke is spreading from Blackbeard Tiki’s body. What he can do now is to maximize the ability of the dark fruit.

At least there is still a chance to kill Luo Chen, otherwise today may be over.

Luo Chen didn’t stop Blackbeard Diqi’s final resistance either.

Let this Blackbeard Tiki struggle for a while.

“Thief hahaha!”

“Come on! Luo Chen, let’s have a showdown.”

Blackbeard Tiki also went all out, planning to fight desperately.

If you don’t fight desperately, you basically don’t have to think about dealing with Luo Chen.

After all, he hasn’t obtained the ability of double devil fruits yet, otherwise he would have more confidence to deal with Luo Chen.

It’s really wrong time to start a war with Luo Chen at this time, “137”.

But now he is at sea again, and there is no place to defect if he wants to escape.

He had no choice but to confront Luo Chen head-on.


When Blackbeard Tiki’s smoke spread to a certain extent, it continuously gathered above his head into a huge ball.

This huge black ball is larger than the size of a navy ship.

“Dark Emperor.” Blackbeard Diqi exerted his strength to the maximum.

Together with Lafitte and the two crew members of the Blackbeard Pirates, they had to avoid it temporarily.

Originally, Lafitte was about to kill two crew members of the Blackbeard Pirates.

But because of the dark emperor who used the dark fruit ability of the black beard Diqi.

Lafitte also had to let go of these two people for the time being.

We can only temporarily avoid the battlefield between Captain Luo Chen and Blackbeard Diqi.

Luo Chen looked at the Dark Emperor skill used by Blackbeard Diqi calmly.

Blackbeard Diqi angrily threw Dark Emperor towards Luo Chen.

“Go to hell! Luo Chen, disappear into this world for me.”

Blackbeard Diqi is completely red-eyed, if he doesn’t kill Luo Chen today.

Then he was the one who died.

Luo Chen slowly raised his arm, and the twisting force was continuously condensed in his palm.

Suddenly, the force of distortion expanded in an instant, and the Dark Emperor of Blackbeard Diqi seemed to be swallowed up.

Constantly being distorted into the empty space.

“How is it possible? Damn it, what kind of devil fruit ability is this?” Blackbeard Tiki couldn’t believe the scene in front of him.

I really don’t understand why Luo Chen can use the devil fruit ability to such an exaggerated level?

Could this be the legendary super genius?

This Luo Chen in front of him?


In less than three seconds, the huge black sphere Dark Emperor used by Blackbeard Diqi was swallowed up.

Blackbeard Diqi was also shaken out in the end.

The whole person fell on the board of the boat, staring at the sky blankly.

Are you really about to lose?

It seemed that he was really defeated, and the black beard Diqi couldn’t think of any way to defeat Luo Chen.

Originally, I thought there was a gap with Luo Chen, but I never thought that the gap would be so huge.

It’s just heaven and earth.

He was not at the same level as Luo Chen at all.

It’s like one is in the sky and the other is underground.

Blackbeard Diqi knew he was going to be doomed, after using the strongest trick.

Just know.

Just now he used the dark fruit to restrain Luo Chen’s devil fruit ability, but he couldn’t break through the opponent’s armed domineering defense.

Now using the strongest move, Luo Chen resolved it in less than three seconds.

It’s all like this, very helpless.

Blackbeard Diqi lay on the board of the boat and said helplessly: “I lost.”

“Thief hahaha! Kill me!”

“If you want the secrets in my body, take them all!”

It’s a pity, but Blackbeard Tiki has nothing to do.

But there is one thing that is more gratifying, that is, I can get the secretly fruit that I have been waiting for.

It’s a pity that I didn’t achieve my ultimate goal.

How wonderful it would be if you could realize your dreams!

Been waiting so many years.

In the end, because of Luo Chen, he lost like this? ?


To be honest, Blackbeard Tiki was particularly unwilling.

But it is what it is! Can only accept fate.

At this time, Lafitte had already killed the two crew members of the Blackbeard Pirates.

As for the two trash pirates of the Blackbeard Pirates, Lafitte can basically eliminate them with a single move.

But Lafitte is relatively cruel, no matter how you say it, he has to be tortured a lot.

Otherwise it would be too boring.

Of course it has to be tortured a lot! In the end, the two pirates of the Blackbeard Pirates died miserably.

Luo Chen walked up to the black bearded Diqi step by step.

He said calmly: “Blackbeard Diqi, why did you give up like this?”

“Don’t continue to work hard! Maybe you have a chance to beat me.”

Di Qi with a black beard looked at Luo Chen’s expressionless face, and was really annoyed.

Knowing that there is a huge gap in their strength, why are you still teasing him like this? ?

Damn it.

But there was no way, Blackbeard Diqi didn’t want to kill Luo Chen?

Blackbeard Diqi wanted to kill Luo Chen even if he was killed.

But his own strength is not enough, it is not allowed! What can be done?

Blackbeard Diqi laughed loudly and said, “Thief hahaha!”

“A man’s dream never ends.”

After Blackbeard Diqi finished laughing, he stopped talking.

Because it’s useless to say more.

It’s already like this, no matter how you struggle, it’s like this.

Luo Chen gave Lafitte a look.


Lafitte also immediately understood what Captain Luo Chen meant.

He took out a pair of Hailoushi handcuffs from his body, and fastened them on both arms of Blackbeard Diqi.

Luo Chen said: “Lafitte, you return to Wano Country with Blackbeard Tiki.”

“I went to the Navy Headquarters to watch the battle.”

Luo Chen looked in the direction of the Marine Headquarters where Marin Fando was.

Now the Whitebeard Pirates should have basically appeared in the Navy headquarters.

“Okay, Captain Luo Chen.” When Lafitte received the order, he arrested Tiki the Blackbeard.

He flew back in the direction of Wano Country.

Now that the task has been completed, at the same time, he received an order from Captain Luo Chen to return to Wano Country with Blackbeard Tiki.

And immediately returned back.

Luo Chen’s body slowly lifted into the air, and finally disappeared in an instant.

Towards the direction of Marine Vanduo, the headquarters of the Navy, the space moved over.

Chambord Islands.

The civilians and reporters of the Chambord Islands thought that Fire Fist Ace was so powerful, and he turned out to be the son of One Piece…

“So Fire Fist Ace is the son of Pirate King Roger!”

“No wonder it turns out to be so powerful.”

“But now he is finally going to be tried by the Navy.”

Many people watching the Chambord Islands are very happy now.

Because they see that the Navy is doing something very right today.

That is the public execution of Ace Fire Fist, the captain of the second team of the Whitebeard Pirates, and the son of Roger the Pirate King.

Only in this way can their safety be better protected.

Otherwise, the threat of pirates is too great.

It simply makes life uneasy.

At this moment, Marine Vandor, the Navy Headquarters.

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