People Are Sailing: Domineering on the Top Declares the Whole World

Chapter 347

But this battle had to be fought because they wanted to rescue Ace.

So no matter what, we must fight this battle.

A burly body with a white beard came out of the medical room.


“Father, are you out?”

The pirates of the Whitebeard Pirates began to greet Papa Whitebeard one after another.

Papa Whitebeard, but the belief of all of them!

All along, Papa Whitebeard was the most invincible **** of war in their minds.

No matter who he faces, he has never lost a single time.

Even if you have to face the trap of the Navy Headquarters this time, as long as there is Papa Whitebeard.

It gave them a lot of self-confidence.

As long as Papa Whitebeard was around, there was no place they were afraid to go.

So what if it’s the headquarters of the Navy? Still give it a seven in and seven out.

Let the people of the world take a good look at “120” and see how powerful their Whitebeard Pirates are.

Let the navy see what is the strongest pirate group.

Let the Navy know what will happen to the Whitebeard Pirates if they offend them.


Marco watched his father walk out of the nursing room, and asked worriedly:

“Father, why did you come out? The infusion is not over yet! Pull it out early, it’s not good for your health.”

Marco is still very worried about Whitebeard’s body now. It can be said that the body of Whitebeard’s father has been declining rapidly in the past one or two years.

This made Marco very worried, and he would soon start a war with the Navy Headquarters.

At that time, I was worried, once something happened to Dad’s body during the war!

It can be said that it directly becomes quite unfavorable.

Originally, their Whitebeard Pirates were no longer fighting at home.

What if something happened to their father’s body? ?

It’s just worse!

But Marco also knew that the old man with the white beard was hard to say.

“I don’t need the sympathy of the enemy. Do you bring those infusion needles? Is it to show weakness to the enemy?”

“Stupid sons, gather together and let the **** in the navy see how powerful we are.”

“This guy from the Warring States Period, really thinks that I have not moved for a long time, so he can take my knife?”

“It’s time to sink your naval headquarters.”

Whitebeard’s anger also rushed up, it was too clear what this **** of the Warring States period wanted to do.

How to put it, we used to deal with each other often.

Knowing that Warring States wanted to use him this time, so as to make the reputation of the Navy headquarters.

This old Yinbi, if you don’t give him a little color at that time, it’s really bad!


As for White Beard’s own physical condition, he himself is very clear about it.

Especially this time on a battlefield like the Marine Headquarters of the Navy.

Whitebeard knew that he might be going through the last battle of his life.

This time the Warring States wants to lure him to join the war, so he must want to take him down.

And Whitebeard himself knew very well that the purpose of this time was to rescue Ace.

And want to break through the layers of the navy’s blockade to rescue Ace.

One can imagine the degree of difficulty.

But even so! Whitebeard will definitely go to Marine Vandor to rescue Ace from the Navy headquarters.

But to reduce the loss of the sons, White Beard had to fight for his own life.

Otherwise, it would be very difficult to succeed, as Whitebeard announced from the Warring States Period that he wanted to execute Ace publicly, so you know it.

Whitebeard doesn’t want to either, because it will cost the entire Whitebeard Pirates a huge price to rescue Ace.

Both Ace and others are his important sons.

If it can be done, White Beard is willing to bear the consequences by himself.

Don’t expect a lot of casualties for the sons!

“Father is right!”

“Let the Navy have a taste of the strength of our Whitebeard Pirates, and let them know what will happen to them if they offend us.”

The pirates of the Whitebeard Pirates cheered in unison.

When it comes to fighting, the Whitebeard Pirates fear no one.

Besides, the Navy Headquarters is just a defeated subordinate of the Luo Chen Pirates! Do I need to care? unnecessary.


Marco looked at the white-bearded father very worriedly, but this time the father’s eyes were different from before.

Marco also thought of a bad result, maybe Dad planned? ?

Although I don’t expect my father to be like this! But since it’s Dad’s decision.

Then Marco will fully support Dad’s decision!

That being the case! Then do a good job in the overall mobilization of the Whitebeard Pirates.

The most important thing is to bring out the power of the entire Whitebeard Pirates.

There are so many pirate groups under the Whitebeard Pirates, and all of them will be called together at that time.

This time is a hard battle, and you must go all out.

Just look at the battle between the Luo Chen Pirates and the Navy Headquarters last time.

The navy headquarters was dispatched in full, what a huge force.

If the Whitebeard Pirates didn’t draw up all their troops, it would be very difficult to cause any substantial damage to the Navy Headquarters.

In fact, to be honest, Marco himself is also very uncertain.

The previous battle between the Navy Headquarters and the Luo Chen Pirates.

What is the overall combat effectiveness of the Navy Headquarters! Marco saw it too.

After a comprehensive comparison, I know that their Whitebeard Pirates are under a lot of pressure this time.

If you want to win, you have to pay a big price.

So although everyone is very excited to be able to fight the Navy Headquarters, the risks involved have to be carefully considered!

Going to war blindly will only cause heavy losses in troops.


At the same time, the Navy Headquarters also once again issued a summoning order to the king Shichibukai.

Because the navy has already experienced one failure, and dare not experience it a second time.

If they were really experiencing a second failure, their Navy Headquarters might really be able to disband directly on the spot.

Although the last time the king descended to the Seven Martial Seas, they basically did not work hard.

But Shichibukai is still an indispensable force.

At least there is nothing wrong with blocking the Captain of the Whitebeard Pirates without any effort.

The collective strength of the Whitebeard Pirates is also recorded at the Navy Headquarters.

And the really powerful team captains of the Whitebeard Pirates are three people.

Marko, the captain of the first team, Diamond Jozi, the captain of the third team, and Bijilu, the captain of the fifth team.

These three people have the strength to compete with the most powerful generals in the headquarters.

Even if it is not as good as the generals of the headquarters, there is still no problem in holding the generals.

Especially the captain of the first team, Marco, is a troublesome existence.

While possessing the ability to fly, he is also the strongest among all the captains of the squadron.

Therefore, their Navy headquarters must take it more seriously.

And the existence of Qiwuhai under the king, even if it is not as good as holding these three people back.

It can also hold other team captains or the captain of the pirate group.

To be honest, the strength of these Qiwuhai kings are all very strong, but they just can’t contribute 100%.

It’s a bit helpless to compare them! But as long as you can do your best.


Nine Snake Island.

Boa Hancock looked at the call-in order sent to her by the Navy? ?

He was also very speechless, and scolded directly: “This group of **** navy, really think of her as their navy’s thug??”

“All kinds of battles have to be dragged into concubines? What the **** are you doing? Thinking of my old lady as a thug?”

“It’s simply unreasonable, hum! It’s too much thinking to want me to be your thug.”

“For this summoning order, the concubine will not go.”

After Boa Hancock finished speaking, he threw the newspaper in his hand aside.

Because she didn’t want to contribute to the Navy headquarters at all.

Furthermore, she hates the navy and the world government very much, how could she continue to contribute to them.

The reason why he agreed to participate in the war last time was entirely because he was able to meet Luo Chen in the past.

That’s why I agreed to join the war in the past, so don’t even think about it this time.

Want her to contribute? No hair.

Grandma Niu saw that Boya Hancock didn’t pay attention to the call-up order of the navy at all.

Also sighed helplessly.

It is very unfavorable for them to Jiu Snake Island to continue to fight against the navy.

So he said persuasively: “She Ji, you should go and join the battle!”

“Even if we don’t work as hard as last time, we will definitely be targeted by the Navy Headquarters and the World Government.”

“Although you are not afraid, Snake Girl, you are right! But you have to think about the safety of Nine Snake Island!”

“Just pretend to be in the past.”


Grandma Niu felt that she should give Boya Hancock a good education.

Otherwise, Boya Hancock is still too willful, and it is easy to offend people like this. 1.

No matter what, Grandma Niu still felt that she should guide Boya Hancock to join the war.

At least you have to go there and put on a show, if you can’t do your best, let’s talk about it.

As long as it doesn’t cause trouble for Jiu Snake Island.

“What did you say, old woman??”

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