People Are Sailing: Domineering on the Top Declares the Whole World

Chapter 338

Inevitably, Ace was drawn to him again.

But with the lesson from last time, Ace already knew how to deal with it this time.

“Spiritual fire gun.” Ace used a magic fire gun to shoot at Blackbeard Tiki.

Blackbeard Tiki’s chest was stabbed by Ace’s magic gun.

A muffled sound!

At the same time, Ace, who was attracted by the black beard Tiki, clenched his fists and covered them with armed domineering.

Ace originally paid more attention to the power of the devil fruit ability.

But what? Because of the special training on the island for a period of time before, his own arrogance has been improved.

Otherwise, to be honest, if the domineering is not strong enough, it will really be more difficult to deal with Blackbeard Diqi.

“Flame gun? Damn it.” Blackbeard Tiki looked at the flame gun on his chest.


Enduring the intense pain, he forced himself to prepare for a hand-to-hand fight with Ace.

Because Blackbeard Tiki has seen Ace use the armed domineering color.

This **** kid, because of what the old man with the white beard said before.

Let the **** Ace go to the island to practice for several months.

The domineering has been greatly improved, otherwise it would be easy to deal with this Ace now.

But even so! Being able to block Ace’s flame ability also greatly restrained him.

Blackbeard Tiki slammed his fist on the shoulder of Ace who flew over.

At the same time, Ace hit Blackbeard Tiki’s stomach with his domineering fist covered in armed colors.

The two people exchanged moves and flew out at the same time.

Boom! Two sounds sounded at the same time!

Blackbeard Diqi got up and laughed, “Thief hahaha!”

“Ace, it seems that your Armed Color Domineering has improved pretty well!”

“But it’s still not hot enough! Thief hahaha!”

“Damn it, it really hurts! You **** boy.”

After Blackbeard Tiki got up, he looked at Ace with a gloomy expression.

Although Ace’s armed domineering has not reached the real top level.

But it’s still very powerful. Fortunately, the **** Ace hasn’t mastered the armed domineering internal destruction yet.

Otherwise, in this battle, Blackbeard Diqi really didn’t have any confidence.

But now, there is no chance.

Although this level of armed domineering is powerful, it won’t really cause him much harm.


After all, the dark fruit ability can absorb damage!

Ace covered his shoulder with one hand, his face contorted in pain.

Seeing that Blackbeard Tiki stood up again so quickly.

He knew that this battle would not be easy, because Blackbeard Diqi’s body was very strong.

“Hmph! Di Qi, I never thought you’d hide it so deeply.”

“But today I will not let you go no matter what, Tiki, you have committed an unforgivable crime.”

“That’s killing your companions.”

After finishing speaking, Ace rushed forward with a roar and started a hand-to-hand fight with Blackbeard Tiki.

Now that he knows that his flame ability will be restrained by Blackbeard Tiki.

Then try to avoid using the burning fruit ability, and use it at the right time.

“Thief hahaha!”

“Want to fight hand-to-hand? You’re really overwhelmed! Ace.”

Although Ace wants to fight him hand-to-hand, Blackbeard Tiki will not give up using the dark fruit ability.

Because of the ability to use the dark fruit, it can restrain Ace very well.

In any case, as long as it is a devil fruit ability user, it will be restrained by his dark fruit ability.

Blackbeard Tiki and Ace fought fiercely.

In the distance, the two members of the Blackbeard Pirates were stunned.

The two of them also knew that the captain of the second team of the Whitebeard Pirates, Fire Fist Ace, was very strong.

I didn’t expect it to be really strong.

But their captain Blackbeard Diqi is also very powerful!


[222] This matter is also related to you. Karp


The battle between Blackbeard Tiki and Ace.

The island has become turbulent, and the battle is becoming more and more intense.

Both Blackbeard Tiki and Ace were also scarred.

Blackbeard Diqi smiled evilly: “Thief hahaha!”

“Ace, it seems that you are no longer able to do it! How is it? Have you decided to surrender?”

Although Blackbeard Tiki himself was very tired, he already knew that Ace had reached his limit.

Ace struggled to get up from the ground, spitting out several mouthfuls of blood.

“Damn it, the whole bone is falling apart.”

Ace also knew that he had almost reached his limit, and the corners of his eyes were also bleeding,

“But, Tiki, your ambition will not succeed.”

“The era of Whitebeard will not end because of you, Tiki.”

“Big Flame Ring, Flame Emperor.”

Ace directly resorted to a move of the Great Flame Emperor, forming a move like the sun.

It can be said to be the most powerful move among all Ace’s moves.

Circles of flames continue to gather together, and finally form a huge solar flame.

The raging fire instantly raised the surrounding temperature a lot.

“Thief hahaha!”

“Ace, I never imagined that he could use such power even when he was at the end of his rope.”

“It’s amazing!”

Blackbeard Tiki wasn’t frightened by Ace’s sudden burst of power either.

Because Blackbeard Tiki himself still has a lot of physical strength left.

So it is easy to deal with Ace who is already at the end of his life.


Even now that Ace has erupted with such amazing power, but after this power has passed.

Blackbeard Tiki knew that Ace would definitely fall down, and it was impossible to stand up again.

120 “Come on! Ace, let’s compete.”

“Great darkness, Dark Emperor.”

Blackbeard Diqi gathered all the energy of the dark fruit ability.

Also like Ace, they converged into a huge dark ball.

It can already be clearly seen in the distance that there are two huge spheres in the low sky.

One is a huge sun and the other is a huge dark sphere.

The two members of the Blackbeard Pirates were also stunned.

“It’s amazing! Not only is Fire Fist Ace powerful, but our Captain Tiki is also quite powerful.”

“The two have been fighting for most of the day, and it’s almost dark.”

It can be said that the battle between Fire Fist Ace and Captain Blackbeard Tiki.

It was an eye-opener for both of them.

Originally, the two of them also thought that Fire Fist Ace and Captain Tiki were both very powerful.

But it would never have occurred to them that the two of them would be as powerful as they are now.

It is simply beyond their cognition.

Fire Fist Ace is the second captain of the Whitebeard Pirates.

In the captain of the Whitebeard Pirates, what a powerful man is Whitebeard? ?

There is also Luo Chen, who is called the leader of this era.

How terrible is it? ?


“In the past, they were too spectating the sky.”

“Now is the real eye-opening, knowing what is a world-class powerhouse.”

“Not the rookies they usually see.”

“We will follow Captain Tiki in the future, and we will definitely see more.”

The navigator and helmsman of the Blackbeard Pirates saw the battle between their Captain Tiki and Fire Fist Ace today.

It directly improved their respective horizons a lot.

In the past, they had only seen those pirates with a bounty of over 100 million that were very powerful.

Now that I see a real battle, I know what the huge gap is.

However, the two of them were not very well-known in the first place, and their combat effectiveness was quite a bit.

However, for their combat effectiveness, if there is a bounty issued, they can also have a bounty of 50 million Baileys.

But for now, the two of them can only wait for the battle between Captain Blackbeard Tiki and Firefist Ace to be over.

According to the original scene, the current era of the Blackbeard Pirates.

There were Lafitte and Bashas, ​​drug q and Fan Oka.

Now all four of them have joined the Luo Chen Pirates ahead of schedule.

And the Blackbeard Pirates have no choice but to temporarily recruit more useful pirates.


The sound of explosions in the distance continued!

It shows that the battle between Fire Fist Ace and Captain Blackbeard Tiki is not over yet.

And the two of them could only keep retreating.

Even if you are watching the battle, you have to stay far away.


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