People Are Sailing: Domineering on the Top Declares the Whole World

Chapter 33

“It’s okay to rely on the natural system, but the biggest weakness of Rusha Fruit is that it is afraid of water.”

“I only need to pay attention to the one who cuts the fruit, but for you, it will not cause any impact.”

Luo Chen was full of confidence in his opponents.

In the palace of the King of Alabasta.


Kebra and Weiwei two people.

In the royal palace, Princess Weiwei has been thinking about how to break into the interior of the Baroque studio recently.

Weiwei: “Father, I will find a way to save the kingdom of Alabasta, and not let it be embedded in the chaos of war.”

Guanbula: “”Daughter, you don’t have to let yourself undercover Baroque, it’s too dangerous. “

“I’m worried about an accident for you.”

“Father asks for your permission, I will protect myself.” Weiwei responded stubbornly.

Icarem ran in: “Princess Weiwei, King of Konbra, just received news that a group of pirates are coming to attack Shichibukai Crocodile.”

Guanbula asked in shock: “Icarem, you said, is that group of pirates?”

Icarem immediately replied:

“His Royal Highness, it’s the Luochen Pirates that have recently risen up. I also heard the news from the Whiskey Peak.”

“Crocodile is Shichibukai, the prince of the world government, and the hero of this country,”

“It would be better for us to inform the Navy.” Kebra was worried.

Weiwei interrupted: “Father, don’t inform the navy,”

“I just found out that Crocodile might be the behind-the-scenes boss of the Baroque studio, so I planned to go undercover and investigate deeply.”

“What? Why didn’t Weiwei tell me about this kind of thing earlier? If so, it would be too difficult.”

“We have no evidence to prove that Crocodile endangered this country, and he is Shichibukai.” Kebra was very sad.


rainy land.

Crocodile Damascus sat on the sofa, smoking a big cigar.

“Nicole Robin, is the news over there accurate? Have a group of newbies arrived? I don’t know what the sky is high and the earth is thick.”

Nicole Robin stood quietly and reported the situation: “Boss, yes because the news came from our people.”

“Hehe! Thinking that I am a lucky one with domineering aura, I dare to declare war on me Crocodile.”

The sand crocodile Crocodile thought of killing it at that time, and hung his head on the rainy ground to wake up some jumping clowns.

“Boss, the other party has two pirates with a bounty of over 100 million, and one of them is as high as 500 million Bailey, is it true?”

Nicole Robin was very worried that Crocodile would fail and she would have no time to find another home.

“Who do you think I am! I’m the Crocodile who challenged the world’s strongest man, Whitebeard!”

“Will it be defeated by a group of rookies who just came from all over the world? You just need to investigate the news of ancient weapons for me.”

“Order to get the combatants in the Baroque studio to move and gather in the rain,”

“The little devil named Luo Chen will come, let them greet this little devil who doesn’t know the heights of the sky and the earth.”

Crocodile felt that a rookie was not worth taking action on his own, and just let his subordinates solve it.

Nicole Robin walked out of the room, feeling very worried since she learned that Luo Chen was going to attack Crocodile.

I checked some information and found that anyone with domineering aura is a famous big pirate.

It seems that we need to find an opportunity to sneak in contact with this Luo Chen pirate group.



A group of people are walking on the desert under the big sun

Several women complained: “The sun is going to be sunburned to death, and it will turn black soon.”

Fortunately, Luo Chen had the foresight to fill most of the fresh water in the twisted space before departure.

Halfway through the walk, Luo Chen noticed a woman standing in front of him with a sense of knowledge, as if she was waiting for us.

Increasing perception, (Nicole Robin?)

Luo Chen wondered what she was doing here?

Anyway, we’ll know when we meet.

In less than ten minutes or so, we finally met.

Everyone’s reaction was to look at themselves first, especially those women who were the strongest.

Luo Chen ignored their gazes,

“Nicole Robin, meeting for the first time, a top archaeologist who understands ancient characters, why don’t you consider joining my pirate group?”

Luo Chen thought that Robin knew ancient characters, and it would be convenient for him to interpret ancient stone inscriptions in the future.

“Hehe! Captain Luo Chen, since you know me, you should know what kind of person I am!”

“I have been very organized. Do you dare to take me in? To take me in is to face the threat of the navy and the world government.”

Robin looked at Luo Chen seriously and asked.

“Well! Those **** organizations recognized you, and they only betrayed you and kept you adrift for the purpose of offering bounties and fearing the suppression of the navy and the world government.”

“I, Luo Chen, am not afraid of the navy and the world government. If they dare to attack my partner, I will hit Mary Joya.”

“What makes you so confident that you are not afraid of the navy and the world government?” Robin wondered where Luo Chen got such strong confidence.

“Because I want to stand on top of the world and suppress the whole world.” Luo Chen was domineering and proud.

After speaking, it seemed that the whole space trembled.

Robin was speechless for a moment.

Although it had been speculated before that Luo Chen’s ambition would be very strong.

But didn’t expect it to be so powerful that it could suppress the whole world? ?

It seems that Whitebeard, the strongest man in the world, hasn’t suppressed the whole world, right? ?

It seems that the young man in front of him has extraordinary ambitions.

Robin calmed down slowly.



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[044] The Woman of the Devil’s Son


At the same time, Luo Chen’s figure kept rising in the entire Luo Chen pirate group.

Luo Chen has become their powerful spiritual pillar!

Bakara’s beautiful eyes looked forward, looking at Luo Chen, he felt more and more that following Luo Chen was a very correct choice!

Only such a powerful man is worth following to the death.

In addition, Carmen felt more or less before that she was forcibly drawn into this pirate group as a chef.

It’s still a bit of resistance, but I’m slowly accepting it now.

At least after this period of understanding.

Luo Chen is not the kind of vicious villain, but a more domineering man.

Nami pouted and said, “What’s the matter, do you like to be handsome?”

“Do you still have to be handsome in front of women?”

In Nami’s opinion. Luo Chen is playing handsome like this, he must value this woman.

Otherwise, he wouldn’t behave like this in front of a woman.

Saori looked at Nami’s expression and smiled, “Haha!”

“Mutter, don’t make a sound! Nami.”

“Luo Chen can hear it. Luo Chen’s knowledgeable domineering can detect a huge range.”

Saori reminded Nami to speak briefly.

But Saori’s words, to Nami’s ears, were indeed turbulent.

Luo Chen heard what he said just now, so it’s the end of it.

I hope Luo Chen didn’t hear it, after all, Luo Chen was talking to that woman just now.

It should be impossible to notice her.

It’s a pity that Nami was wrong, Nami muttered in a low voice, Luo Chen heard everything.

But Luo Chen didn’t bother to pay attention.


Bashas, ​​Lafitte and several others were even more motivated.

Captains want to be world dominators, and they serve as crew members.

In the future, it will definitely become famous all over the world and become a legendary existence.

Robin bit his finger. Under normal circumstances, Robin would not show such a passive state!

But for some reason, facing Luo Chen now seemed a little unnatural.

One thing is for sure, Crocodile will definitely fall this time.

Because Robin could feel that the man in front of him had the aura of an ordinary giant beast.

After adjusting his mentality, he responded, “You really are a special man!”

“Mr. Luo Chen, it’s not impossible to join your pirate group!”

“But I belong to Crocodile now!”

“If you defeat Crocodile.”

“Then I can join your pirate party.”

Although Robin knew that Luo Chen was coming to defeat Crocodile.

However, he still used a little aggressive method, and Robin could see that Luo Chen wanted her to join.

Then it is not a big problem to use this point to negotiate this.

Luo Chen didn’t care at all about Robin’s simple aggressive method.


But Luo Chen doesn’t care, it doesn’t mean other people don’t care.

Lafitte and the men immediately exploded, but Luo Chen hadn’t spoken yet, so they didn’t dare to act rashly.

But Saori, Bakala and the others couldn’t help but explode.

Especially Saori wanted to do it directly.

Luo Chen raised his hand to signal, and then Saori held back his hands.

“Board the boat and follow in time.” After Luo Chen said this, he walked forward without looking back.

A group of people followed, and Baccarat glanced back at Robin.

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