People Are Sailing: Domineering on the Top Declares the Whole World

Chapter 321

Looking directly at Luo Chen inconceivably, his face was already in that kind of stunned state!

It just belongs to the kind of already stupid look.

Originally, the aunt Charlotte Lingling looked silly already.

The current appearance, directly looks more stupid.

Aunt Charlotte Lingling just said blankly: “Luo Chen brat.”

“You said that the Roger Pirates also know this secret??”

As if she was not sure, the aunt Charlotte Lingling asked Luo Chen directly.

I want to check it again from Luo Chen’s mouth.

See if what Luo Chen said is true.


“Oh? Hahaha!”

“It seems that you still don’t want to choose to believe 100%! Aunt Charlotte Lingling.”

“Actually, it doesn’t matter whether you believe it or not, anyway, what I said is the truth.”

“Seeing your shocked and bewildered expression makes me laugh!”

At the end of Luo Chen’s speech, he kept shaking his head.

Basically everything that can be said has been told to the aunt Charlotte Lingling, and it is up to her to choose whether to believe it or not.

Indeed, the world now believes that there is a Master Im in the Void Throne of the World Government.

Almost no one would believe it, because it was too unbelievable.

“The owner of the Void Throne?”

“That’s how it is! No wonder you little brat made such a declaration in the Navy Headquarters.”

“It can probably be explained now.”

Aunt Charlotte Lingling now recalls what Luo Chen once said at the Marine Headquarters at Marin Fando!

That is the struggle for hegemony in the sea, and the ultimate goal of the struggle for hegemony is the Void Throne.

As expected of this group of old idiots from the World Government! The news has been kept under wraps all this time.

The Void Throne has an owner, but has been hiding it from the whole world.

In the world, it is also constantly declared that it represents a symbol of fairness and justice in the world.

The twenty kings who created the world, that is, the Draconian royal family, none of them can sit on the throne of the void.

If only the whole world knew that Aunt Charlotte Lingling was able to do this.

It will definitely cause an uproar, like a scourge.


At that time, if the world government does not do well, there is a high possibility that a major purge will start.

Aunt Charlotte Lingling knows what kind of **** the world government is.

So aunt Charlotte Lingling now hears Luo Chen’s words and Luo Chen’s expression.

It is estimated that nine out of ten will not be fake.

That’s what has the potential to be true.

The corners of Luo Chen’s mouth raised.

Aunt Charlotte Lingling asked again: “Boy Luochen.”

“You know who the owner of the Void Throne of the World Government is!”

Aunt Charlotte Lingling absolutely believes that boy Luo Chen definitely knows who the other party is.

I don’t know why this kid can know so many secret information at such a young age? ?

Even she, who has been the Fourth Emperor for so long, doesn’t know the news.

Luo Chen, the brat, actually knew?

Just thinking about it, I always feel that the four emperors have been in office for so long, and it is really in vain.

It didn’t reflect the value of truly serving as the Four Emperors at all!

And this brat has only debuted for a few years?

Just the continuous rapid rise all the way has scared many people.

After rushing into the new world, he directly challenged Beast Kaido.

In the end, he succeeded and became the new four emperors and one of the overlords of the sea.

After that, they directly played against the Navy Headquarters, and finally won.

This has surpassed all pirates.

When Aunt Charlotte Lingling knew about this scene, she was also deeply shocked.

Because in the eyes of the original aunt Charlotte Lingling.


If Luo Chen goes to attack Marin Fando, the headquarters of the navy, he will definitely lose.

Didn’t expect to be able to win in the end? ?

This is completely unconstrained, unbelievable!

But Luo Chen really defeated the Navy Headquarters head-on.

There is no doubt about this.

Including now that Luo Chen came to attack her Bigmom pirate group, aunt Charlotte Lingling was angry.

But she herself knew and understood this in her heart.

Because Luo Chen would definitely come to fight her sooner or later.

If she hadn’t come to find her to start a war, aunt Charlotte Lingling would have felt that there was really a ghost.

And just now, Luo Chen, the kid, told her personally that the world government still hides a behind-the-scenes person?

This had a huge impact on aunt Charlotte Lingling.

According to aunt Charlotte Lingling in the past, the highest authority in the world government is the five old stars.

And these five old stars have always been the biggest blocker that Aunt Charlotte Lingling thinks.

But now this perception has been broken.

Knowing that there is still a person hidden behind the world government, or is it the person sitting on the Void Throne? ?

So aunt Charlotte Lingling also asked boy Luo Chen.

Because the aunt Charlotte Lingling knew that boy Luo Chen must know who the other party was.

“It seems that you are not so ignorant! Aunt Charlotte Lingling.”

“It still has some cognition and ideas.”

“What about your curiosity? I can tell you that it has nothing to do with it!”


In Luo Chen’s view, telling aunt Charlotte Lingling these secrets is nothing at all.

Because Luo Chen himself didn’t care at all.

Aunt Charlotte Lingling stared blankly and continued to ask: “Who the **** is that?”

Luo Chen fell into deep thought when he heard the aunt Charlotte Lingling’s constant questioning.

He is honored as “Master Im” by the five old stars.

With unfathomable power, it can sit on the void throne that even Tianlong people can’t occupy, and can give orders to the five old stars.

Order any object or island to be erased in the torrent of history.

It has human arms and slender eyes with red pupils surrounded by thin circles.

He wears a crown with four towering spikes and a cloak that reaches to the ground.

The World Conference As the royal families arrived in Mary Joa to attend the World Conference,

Yimu brought a few rewards and came alone to a secret room in the depths of Pangu City where a huge straw hat was stored.

Afterwards he went among the flowers and cut Luffy and Blackbeard’s bounty into pieces while looking at Shirahoshi and Vivi’s photo.


When the World Conference began, he sat on the vacant throne and met with the Five Elders.

Wu Lao Xing asked for his instruction, asking which “lamp” needs to be extinguished historically.

In fact, I don’t know much about Im, the man behind the world government.

It’s just a few memories!

Because there are not many pictures of Im himself.

However, it does not hinder Luo Chen’s analysis of Im, after all, he will definitely fight against him in the future.


So Luo Chen said slowly: “The people behind the world government!”

“It’s called Im, and it has a long life.”

“The world government has been around since its inception.”

“Until now, the world government has been controlling everything in the world behind the scenes.”

“Aunt Charlotte Lingling, what do you think of such an opponent?”

“As for those five old stars, do you still need to care?”

At the end, Luo Chen asked the aunt Charlotte Lingling with a half-smile, just to see what would happen to this old woman? ?

Aunt Charlotte Lingling was also completely shocked when she heard this.

Time and time again, Luo Chen kept refreshing his cognition.

It was already shocking enough, and now it was even more shocking.

It was exaggerated enough to think that the world government had a person behind the scenes.

Now the news that Luo Chen threw out was even more astonishing.

The man behind the world government called Im.

Could it be that the world government has existed since its establishment? ?

How old is the world government? 800 years!

Doesn’t it mean that what is the name of Im, at least it has survived for 800 years? ?

But how is this possible? How could anyone have survived that long? ?

Aunt Charlotte Lingling suddenly felt that Luo Chen was cheating on her.

Because this is completely impossible?

How could it exist for so long? That’s not human at all!


Even if it is called a giant race with a long lifespan, it is only three times longer than human beings, right? ?

It’s only about three hundred years old!

That’s more than 800 years! It is impossible for humans to survive that long.

Even the aristocratic Tianlong people of the world government don’t know how many generations have been updated and replaced.

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