People Are Sailing: Domineering on the Top Declares the Whole World

Chapter 312

As long as an opportunity is found, Enilo will directly fire with full firepower, and it is right to keep bombing wildly.

This is what Captain Luo Chen taught him, and Enilo feels that it is still quite useful!

If you can find an opportunity, don’t let it go.

Otherwise, you have to wait for the next opportunity.


Katakuri is also very helpless! If not take a look at them sometimes.

It was simply impossible to reassure him, but Katakuri also knew that this would not work.

Because this opponent is not a cat or a dog, the most important thing is the thunder fruit ability.

It can be said that it is possible to destroy an island if it is really desperate.

Originally, the devil fruit ability users of the natural department represented disasters.

It would be even more perfect if the person who used the devil fruit ability was added.

But Katakuri won’t let this Enel mess around on Cake Island.

This is the territory of the Bigmom Pirates.

It is absolutely impossible to let the enemy run wild within their sphere of influence.

“It’s just so fun to like an opponent like you.”

Because Enilo is also liking such evenly matched battles more and more.

If it is not a battle of the same level, it can be said to be directly one-sided.

Of course, the person in this sea who wants to defeat Enilo one-sidedly has not yet been born?

Of course, this is except for the captain Luo Chen himself. How can any of the cadres of the Four Emperor Pirates defeat him?

But this Katakuri’s coping ability is still quite strong!

The main reason is that the domineering color is very powerful, every time after being distracted.

From this point of view, you can know how powerful it is to be able to meet the domineering and knowledgeable in the future.

pity! He Enel did not.


[201] Second in command analysis


“Weird rice cake.” Katakuri used a trick of strange power rice cake to attack Enilo from bottom to top.

And this from bottom to top is to use the awakening of the devil fruit ability to use skills on the ground directly below Enilo.

A giant fist made of rice cakes hit Enilo directly.

Still all covered with a powerful armed domineering color, he went straight to Enilo.

Enil was also a little confused by Katakuri’s sudden attack.

Because this guy’s attack was too sudden, without any warning.

They are all domineering and huge fists covered with armed colors, which is really amazing!

Enil opened his hands, covered with strong lightning energy: “Come on! Katakuri.”

“Let’s see, is it your devil fruit ability or the god’s thunder fruit ability?”

“One hundred million volts of lightning.”

Like a flash of lightning, there was a loud explosion over the cake island.



Katakuri had already predicted Enel’s actions in advance using his knowledge-colored arrogance.

It also launched a sudden attack, but it was still reacted by this Enilo.

That is to say, this Enilo’s knowledgeable domineering is also quite top-notch.

It is estimated that there is a certain point in the knowledge-colored domineering that is particularly prominent.

Otherwise, it would not be able to respond so quickly.

It is estimated that the members of the Luochen Pirates are all Crouching Dragons, Hidden Tigers! It’s not that simple.


Katakuri exclaimed: “Enilo, your reaction speed is quite fast!”

“Being able to respond in a timely manner at the moment when the golden hair is on the line shows that the knowledgeable domineering experience is very good.”

“If my guess is correct, it should be that special type of knowledgeable domineering.”

“Maybe it’s still the super-wide-scale type of knowledgeable domineering.”

Katakuri directly expressed his domineering guess about Enilo in his heart.

At the same time, Katakuri also believed in his own judgment and guess.

Generally speaking, it is impossible to make too much error, it is because the super-wide range of knowledge and domineering is right.

“Oh! Yes! Katakuri, the leader of the generals, has a hand!”

“It was possible to observe the domineering characteristics of the **** through the battle with the god.”

“Sure enough, it’s not easy at all.”

“Interesting, very interesting.”

“As expected of a master who is famous for his domineering style.”

Enil also began to look at Katakuri with admiration.

Because just by fighting him, you can discover his knowledgeable domineering characteristics.

It is enough to show that Katakuri is not simple.

This guy also has a domineering look.

Is Anilo himself not as domineering as a king? It’s really annoying to say.

He, the majestic Enilo, doesn’t even have the domineering look? ?

Speaking of, the overlord-like domineering Yamato also has the overlord-color domineering.

These people are not necessarily stronger than him, are they? But is it to have the domineering look?


Speaking of it, it’s really maddening.

However, Enilo still believes in his own strength, anyway, he is also a thunder fruit capable person.

Among the natural devil fruit abilities, the destructive force is definitely among the best.

It’s not necessarily worse than these people.

No matter how bad it is, he can still stand shoulder to shoulder with those three admirals of the Navy Headquarters, right?

Anyway, that’s what Enilo thinks, and to be precise, Captain Luo Chen said it himself.

It is said that he can be as powerful as the three generals of the Navy headquarters.

Originally, Enilo was still very unconvinced.

But after Marin Fanduo fought against the general Huang Yuan, he also discovered that he was indeed far from the general’s strength.

There is still a thin line of difference, although it is not much, but there is a gap, there is a gap.

Not that kind of tiny gap, if that kind of tiny gap.

It will take ten days and a half months of fighting to decide the winner!

But if it belongs to the kind of gap that is separated by a thin line, then basically the winner can be determined within a day.

So this thin line is also the most difficult realm to improve.

Once it is promoted, it belongs to the ceiling of the sea.

world class.

Captain Luo Chen also mentioned that the Four Emperor Pirates and the Admiral belong to the same level of powerhouse.

It’s just that the strong at the same level also have high and low strengths.

At the same time, Captain Luo Chen also said that the few of them belonged to that kind of general,

It belongs to the kind of thin line.


If you can cross this gap, then you will be a real peak powerhouse who can belong to the sea.

On the sea, no matter who wants to kill a peak powerhouse, they will have to pay a huge price.

That’s why the Navy Headquarters launched a battle against the Four Emperor Pirates so easily.

Because such a huge price is hard for them to bear.

In addition, Captain Luo Chen also told them about it.

Among the Four Emperor Pirates before their Luo Chen Pirates.

In addition to the four emperors himself, white beard, red-haired Shanks, aunt Charlotte Lingling, and Beast Kaido.

Among the remaining cadres of the pirate group, only the deputy captain of the red-haired pirate group, Beckman, belongs to the rank of general.

Among the other Four Emperor Pirates, none of them has reached the general level of combat effectiveness.

Even Katakuri, the leader of the generals, and Jhin, the leader of the three disasters of the former Hundred Beasts Pirates.

There is also Marco, the first team captain of the Whitebeard Pirates.

The second-in-commands of the Four Emperor Pirates are not at the general level.

There is a thin line between them and the general level.

But their three second-in-commands also have slight differences.

Another point is that their Luo Chen Pirates are also in addition to Captain Luo Chen.

None of them have really reached the general level.

Perhaps the person closest to the rank of general is Yamato.

It can be said that Yamato really belongs to the level of the Four Emperors with half a foot.


But fortunately, their Luo Chen Pirates are relatively powerful as a whole.

But now Anilo feels that they need to go through that kind of tempering between life and death.

Then he will definitely be able to become a strong general level.

In fact, there is another point, that is, yarn weaving has been raised to the limit of the limit.

In those years with Luo Chen, in the end, in the distorted flow of time, he had already exercised to the limit.

And now among the Luo Chen Pirates, the two who can break through to the general level the fastest are Enel and Yamato.

“Come on! Enel, the Thunder Fruit Ability, let’s continue our next round of battle.” “

Katakuri separated the weapon trident from the body inside and pointed it at Enil.

Enel also showed surprise.

Because the guy in front of him was able to separate a weapon from his body? ?

It seems that Katakuri in front of him has developed his devil fruit ability to a very strong level!

But generally speaking, it is definitely not as powerful as Captain Luo Chen’s development.

Captain Luo Chen, that can be said to have developed the devil fruit ability into a god.

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