People Are Sailing: Domineering on the Top Declares the Whole World

Chapter 296

The Bigmom Pirates won’t find anything either.

This is their precise battle plan for the Luo Chen Pirates this time!

Directly do it in one step, and completely take down the Bigmom Pirates.


[188] Aunt Charlotte Lingling spreads strange sounds


An astonishing momentum continued to spread from inside Cake Island.


“Boy Luo Chen, are you here to take away my old lady’s head?”


Aunt Charlotte Lingling stepped on the flame sun Prometheus appeared in front of everyone.

With a huge and burly body and a fierce face, just looking at it makes people shiver.

“That’s right! It’s Charlotte Lingling, Aunt of the Four Emperors herself.”

“It looks like aunt Charlotte Lingling is very angry now!~”

“Of course, they were all invaded by Luo Chen Pirates to Wan Guo Cake Island.”

“How can you not be angry? It’s definitely direct-furious.”

“Didn’t see, aunt Charlotte Lingling’s hair is standing on end.”

Some people around who are not Bigmom Pirates are talking about it a little farther away!

They didn’t want to miss out on this battle that they could witness directly with their own eyes.

Otherwise it would be such a pity.

This kind of opportunity is rare.

To put it bluntly, it was still a final battle of one of the Four Emperors!

Although it hasn’t really started a war yet.

But many people began to look down on aunt Charlotte Lingling.

I think that in this war, the final winner will definitely be Luo Chen.

Luo Chen has already conquered many people in terms of strength.

There is no joke about the record achieved by the real super strong combat power.

It is true that anyone with a discerning eye can see that Luo Chen’s strength is much higher than that of aunt Charlotte Lingling.


The final result speaks for itself!

“Great, mom is here.”

“Now let’s see how your Luo Chen Pirates continue to be arrogant??”

Many brothers and sisters of the Bigmom Pirates are all like chicken blood.

It was as if they had already won because the aunt Charlotte Lingling had come over.

no way! In ordinary aunt Charlotte Lingling’s status in the world is supreme.

No one dared to refute any sentence.

Of course, it was also because of the amazing strength of the aunt Charlotte Lingling who was suppressing everything.

Otherwise, who else can stand the usual moody behavior of aunt Charlotte Lingling? ?

When aunt Charlotte Lingling came over.

Katakuri also consciously gave up the first place to his mother Charlotte Lingling.

After all, Big Mom Charlotte Lingling is the captain of the Bigmom Pirates.

In this situation where the aunt Charlotte Lingling has come over, the main seat really has to be given up.

Otherwise, it must be challenging the authority of aunt Charlotte Lingling!

Aunt Charlotte Lingling looked around, but she couldn’t find Luo Chen!

All of a sudden the brow is wrinkled.

Asked: “Katakuri, where did Luo Chen go??”

“Didn’t you want to come and take my old lady’s head? Why are you hiding?”

At first, aunt Charlotte Lingling thought that she would fight Luo Chen soon after she came here.


As a result, even Luo Chen, the captain of the opponent, has not come over yet? ?

Isn’t this just teasing her? What are you kidding?

Katakuri responded: “Mom, Luo Chen has already come.”

“It’s just that it hasn’t appeared yet!”

“But one thing is certain, that is, Luo Chen is not far from our cake island.”

Katakuri can be 100% sure that Luo Chen is in the sky in the distant sea.

Otherwise, the bullet just now would not have shot Perospero.

Many things can be accurately judged from this point.

There is another point that Katakuri is very concerned about, that is why the ships of the Los Chen Pirates can fly? ?

If you can’t fly, how is it possible to use the ability to fly? ?

In other words, the Luochen Pirates have the ability to make objects fly.

Maybe the Luochen Pirates may use air combat capabilities to attack them later.

As far as the current Bigmom Pirates are concerned, there is no one who can deal with air combat capabilities.

This will indeed be very passive.

But there is no need to say it now, just think of a quick way to deal with it!

Then there is basically no problem.

At the same time, their mother can also use the devil fruit ability to fly.

Sunflame Prometheus and Thundercloud Zeus, both of which can provide aunt Charlotte Lingling with the ability to fly.

The situation is passive, but it has not yet reached the real passive!


Aunt Charlotte Lingling blended her voice into a domineering look and roared domineeringly: “Boy Luo Chen, where are you?”

“Come out to my wife.”

Aunt Charlotte Lingling is constantly looking for Luo Chen, and the voice she spreads with her domineering look is very wide.

No matter how far away you are, you can clearly hear the voice of aunt Charlotte Lingling!

The brothers and sisters of the Charlotte family covered their ears early to avoid ear injuries.

But Enilo, Crowe and others who were present could not do it.

Suddenly, I was overwhelmed by the reserved and domineering voice of my aunt Charlotte Lingling!

The whole head is buzzing!

Enel roared angrily: “Damn it, what the **** is this sound??”

“Why does it have such a strong penetrating power??”

Enilu was completely shaken by the voice of aunt Charlotte Lingling, and the veins on his forehead burst out.

It’s not just Enilo!

Like Hawkins is even more unbearable.

Trafalgaro desperately covered his ears, and barely stretched out a hand to use the fruit of surgery ability.


A semicircular circle appeared, and several ear pads appeared in front of everyone with a twist of the finger.

After plugging in ear cotton, everyone breathed a sigh of relief!

Bashas said angrily: “What the **** is this old woman’s voice?”

“It made my ears hurt so badly now.”

“If that’s the case, let me give you a fist!”

Without saying a word, Bashas rushed up to the aunt Charlotte Lingling.


It was too late for Crowe to hold Bashas back.

Katakuri watched Bashas, ​​the fighter of the Los Chen Pirates, rushing towards his mother.

Didn’t try to stop it!

Because there is no need at all!

Without enough strength, it is impossible to cause any harm to mother at all.

So there is no need to worry.

Aunt Charlotte Lingling was roaring, but she didn’t lose consciousness and remained awake.

Watching the **** kid getting closer.

“Looking for death.” Aunt Charlotte Lingling also had to stop her anger!

Aunt Charlotte Lingling raised her big fist and jumped towards Bashas.

Bashas also waved his fist without flinching.

Both fists are covered with armed domineering color.


Both of them belonged to the power type, and their fists collided to produce a violent explosion!

Pasha was stunned for a moment.

He thinks that his strength is invincible, but now he meets his aunt Charlotte Lingling.

It was only then that Bashas realized how ridiculous his strength was in front of his aunt Charlotte Lingling.


It’s okay if my best strength doesn’t work in front of my aunt Charlotte Lingling.

Armed color domineering is not known how many levels worse!

It was also the first time that Bashas faced off against a powerhouse of the Four Emperors level.

Only then do we know what is the huge gap!

The whole body of Bashas was directly sent flying by the aunt Charlotte Lingling, flying hundreds of meters away in a row!


Crowe said speechlessly, “That idiot Bashas.”

“I asked for trouble, and went up alone to challenge my aunt Charlotte Lingling. Isn’t this an act of courting death?”

“It’s all right now, our side has lost a combat power in vain.”

“The pressure to face the Bigmom Pirates is even greater.”

Crowe was also speechless about Bashas’ reckless behavior.

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