People Are Sailing: Domineering on the Top Declares the Whole World

Chapter 286

“We finally passed the first level.”

“Then just quietly attend the tea party and wait for Luo Chen and the others to arrive.”

Stuci was also relieved at this time, but he couldn’t completely relax.


Always be vigilant!

Avoid problems before the Luochen Pirates arrive.

Although she, Stucey, and her aunt Charlotte Lingling are a bit thin-skinned.

But on this kind of issue, it is estimated that the aunt Charlotte Lingling will kill her directly and mercilessly.

Morgans also looked at Saori next to Stuci meaningfully.

In fact, he also found something wrong with the yarn weaving.

As for how to find something wrong.

That is, they are all kings belonging to the underground world, and Stussy usually goes in and out no matter what occasions.

They are not in the habit of bringing people.

So why did you bring someone with you this time? ?

And it doesn’t look like a follower or something.

Then this person deserves attention.

Morgans himself is the president of the world’s largest news agency.

Knows well-known people all over the world.

Now even he, Morgens, doesn’t have any impression of Stucey’s side?

But looking at the figure and general appearance, it looks like Yarn, one of the main forces of the Luo Chen Pirates.

But looking at the front face, it doesn’t look like Saori of the Luo Chen Pirates.

There is no way, the Luo Chen Pirates are too famous now.

As long as he is a cadre of the Luochen Pirates, he is basically remembered clearly.

Because he was afraid of meeting him in normal times, he didn’t recognize him as a member of the Luo Chen Pirates in time.

If you indirectly offend the Luo Chen Pirates, then you can just kill them directly.

But after being attacked just now, Morgans is now more cautious.


In the second half of the great voyage, Wano Country headed to the sky above the sea of ​​all nations.

An electric ship carefully manufactured by Franky, used by Enilo to fly in the air with the ability of the thunder fruit.


“It’s finally about to start! I’m so excited.”

“You can have a good fight and have a good time.”

Now Bashas is very excited, because for him the greatest joy now is fighting.

Ajin: “Huh! Bashas, ​​when the war starts, don’t lose the chain.”

“Captain Luo Chen said that this time we must deal with the Bigmom pirates quickly.”

“Don’t be muddled, then aunt Charlotte Lingling must be the captain to solve it!”

“Then we will deal with the remaining cadres of the Bigmom Pirates.”

Ajin somewhat felt that Bashas was too unsteady, although there was nothing wrong with it.

I am also worried that the war will start later, which will cause delays!

Trafalgaro added: “Don’t worry, we will win this war.”

Speaking of this, Trafalgaro looked at Captain Luo Chen who was resting in the room from the corner of his eyes.

To be honest, even Captain Luo Chen was alone in this war.

The final result will also be their Luo Chen Pirates’ final victory!

Is it a joke to be able to fight six naval ceiling combat forces?

It is not an exaggeration to say that there is probably no problem for Captain Luo Chen to fight three or four four emperors alone.


Is it an exaggeration? That’s not an exaggeration at all.

Because their captain Luo Chen really possesses such amazing combat power.

A combat power that can overwhelm everything.

“Luo, just say it’s because we have Captain Luo Chen.”

“You don’t have to go around too many circles, the whole thing sounds complicated.”

Crowe felt that what Luo wanted to express was covered up with too many words.

It’s just superfluous, as long as you have a little brain, you can basically analyze what Luo wants to express.

Trafalgaro did not refute what Crowe said.

It was indeed what Crowe said was right!

But saying it directly is not in line with his habit at all.

Of course, I have to say it in a subtle way.


“You guys are so boring.”

“Should see more flying ships made by this handsome guy!”

“This is truly the greatest masterpiece!”

Now Frankie likes his masterpiece more and more.

Although it is necessary to use lightning as a power source, at least he has been able to successfully manufacture it!

This is already a very big achievement.

It’s just a pity that no one in the whole boat knows how to appreciate it!

This made Frankie feel a little unhappy.

There is not even a basic sharing of happiness.

So now, directly in front of everyone, loudly promote the ships that you have built.

At least it must attract everyone’s attention!


At this time, Enilo, who is transmitting electric energy, is about to express his opinion.

Said: “Hey, Franky, figure out the situation!”

“If there is no electricity produced by the god’s thunder fruit ability, can this ship fly?”

Anyway, in Enilo’s opinion, even the ships made by Franky are awesome!

That is also the electricity that needs his thunder fruit ability.

Otherwise, if you want to have the ability to fly, don’t even think about it.

It is simply unrealistic!

So not long after Frankie spoke, Enilo went back directly.

Franky was completely speechless by Enilo.

He looked at Enilo like an idiot and said, “Even if you don’t use electricity.”

“That can also replace the flight energy with Coke.”

“Don’t make it look like you can’t do without your devil fruit powers.”

Frankie didn’t intend to be merciful, and he had to fight back if he should fight back.

How can Enilo feel good alone? ?

“What? You mechanical bastard, what are you talking about?”

“The god’s thunder fruit ability is omnipotent.”

“My God is not willing to provide electricity anymore! Use Coke yourself!”

Enilu is also upset, why does it seem like his Thunder Devil Fruit ability is just a display? ?

That being the case! Then just don’t use his devil fruit ability.

In this way, he is also happy and pure!


“You bastard!” Franky was speechless.

It seems that you, Anilo, didn’t look for trouble beforehand, right? Why do you make yourself innocent now.

If it wasn’t because he couldn’t beat Enilo, Frankie really wanted to go up and punch him.

Let this megalomaniac be sober and sober.

But he still said: “Your thunder fruit ability can’t be used without money, why not?”

Franky directly used his trump card.

Clearly tell Enilo that his thunder fruit ability can be used for free.

Since it is free to use, why not use it? ?

In this way, there will be more Bailey left.

“Hehe! Franky, then I will…” Anilu’s voice was interrupted before he finished speaking!

Frankie interrupted suddenly: “What if Captain Luo Chen likes to be passive and sabotage work so much?”

Frankie brought out Captain Luo Chen to speak, it was true!

10 Ai Nilu was directly and really dumbfounded, this Frankie really didn’t open any pots.

Who dares to offend Captain Luo Chen from the entire Luo Chen Pirates? ?

Unless you really feel that life is too long.

If you don’t know the south, east, and north, you want to ask Captain Luo Chen to pay attention to you.

“You bastard, huh!”

“The **** is now happy to provide electricity for this ship!”

“That’s because it can reach all nations faster.”

“So don’t get it wrong, it’s because the **** is very happy, understand? Mechanical man.”

How could an arrogant person like Anilu compromise? ?


Enilo’s approach is too obvious, and anyone with a discerning eye can see it.

But they didn’t say anything.

For the entire Los Chen Pirates, among all the men except the captain himself, Enel is the strongest.

There is nothing wrong with this!

And indeed it is!

Frankie saw that Anilu had changed the subject directly, so he didn’t continue to say anything.

Also look at other people, expecting to be affirmed by others.

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