People Are Sailing: Domineering on the Top Declares the Whole World

Chapter 274


The sound of thunder and lightning explosions continued to spread throughout Happy Street.

In an instant, these people were bombed to death, crippled and crippled.

The rest of the people who were further away were even more frightened and dared not move at all.

I’m afraid that they will be the ones who will be killed by lightning later.

Now I can only be quiet, and I hope that I can finally escape my life through this 107 appearance!

Seeing that it finally stopped, Anilu turned his head again and asked the woman in front of him.

“Tell me! Where the **** is Stucey?”

If it weren’t for the domineering and knowledgeable, he wouldn’t be able to find out where Stucey is?

Why is Anilu so troublesome, asking here? What a waste of time.

“Yes, yes, yes.” The woman began to stutter.

Enel frowned: “Huh?”

“Can’t you talk nicely?”

“Then it’s useless to keep you.”


Stuci, who had just escaped from the secret room, heard the continuous bombardment of thunder and lightning!

I knew that it was Enelu, the Thunder Fruit Ability of the Luo Chen Pirates.

Fortunately, she just decisively escaped from the Happy Street.

Otherwise it might be dangerous.

Unexpectedly in order to deal with her Stussy. Luo Chen directly dispatched one of the strongest combat forces in the pirate group.

Sure enough, if something is wrong, there is nothing wrong with running away immediately.

It’s not completely out of danger yet.

It is necessary to leave the new world as soon as possible, and it is only safe to return to the world government.

As long as it is in the new world, there is no security at all.

Now the Luochen Pirates are too powerful in the new world.

It’s a pity that Happy Street has been established for many years. This is a very important intelligence gathering point.

Just like that, it can be said to be a huge loss!

But at this critical moment, it must be abandoned.

Otherwise, she will be the last one to die.

Stucey didn’t want to die so early.

In fact, even Stussy herself didn’t know that she had already started to be very afraid of the Luo Chen Pirates.

Mainly because he was afraid of Luo Chen.

Because Luo Chen defeated the navy under the watchful eyes of everyone in Marin Fando, the headquarters of the navy.

It could be that this war alone has frightened the entire world.

Now the world is in great turmoil.

New pirates from all walks of life are constantly appearing.

One can imagine how serious the consequences would be? ?


[171] Stussy was stupefied when he heard that Luo Chen’s domineering power could cover a sea area


It can be said that Luo Chen’s appearance directly led to the rapid advancement of the entire era of great pirates.

Stussy thought, he had to contact the world government as soon as possible.

Otherwise, Stussy felt that there was still danger in escaping from the new world alone!

Just now, Enilo, who has the ability of the thunder fruit, made Stussey think of the admiral of the navy headquarters, the yellow monkey.

Both of them are speed type of natural devil fruit ability users.

It is also very difficult to escape from under the nose of such a person.

As Stuci fled, he took out his phone bug and prepared to call the five old stars of the world government.

The phone rang immediately!

beep beep

“Is there anything for Stuci? Are you calling at this time?” Wu Laoxing’s voice came from the other end of the phone.

Stuci didn’t talk nonsense, and said directly: “Master Wulaoxing, I was discovered by the Luochen Pirates.”

“Now I’m being hunted down by the Thunder Fruit Anilu of the Los Chen Pirates.”

“At present, the only thing is that it has not been discovered by the other party, but my situation is also very dangerous.”

“Master Wulaoxing, send someone over there to meet me.”

At this critical moment, Stuci also directly explained the meaning.

Just let Wulaoxing quickly send someone over to meet her, otherwise Stussy wouldn’t be too confident to escape the pursuit of Luochen Pirates.

Once caught by the opponent, the consequences can be imagined.

Stucey didn’t want to die so early.

Nothing can compare to saving one’s life first!


Wu Laoxing on the other end of the phone was also lost in thought.

At this point in time, Wu Laoxing didn’t consider provoking the Luo Chen Pirates again.

However, Stucey’s ability has been obvious to Wu Laoxing for so many years.

So the five old stars also bowed their heads and began to discuss how to deal with this matter.

Whether or not to keep Stutsey, and whether keeping Stutsey can create more benefits.

These are all five old stars need to consider.

After a brief exchange, the five old stars nodded together.

“Stucci, we know, we will send three CPO members to meet you.”

“You are left to contact the three cpos yourself.”

Wulaoxing’s flat voice came from the phone, and Stuci knew that Wulaoxing hadn’t planned to give up on her yet.

Stuci is also very sure of this, because he has created a lot of valuable intelligence over the years!

Wu Laoxing is not yet demented, so it is impossible to choose to give up on her.

And Stucey was right.

After that, I got in touch with the CPO of the same organization.

However, when Stucey was talking on the phone with Wulaoxing, Enilo kept maximizing his knowledge and arrogance.

Therefore, when Stucey was speaking with the phone bug, the voice had already been monitored by Enel’s knowledgeable domineering.

Originally, Anilu wanted to kill the woman who knew nothing about it.

But now that Stucey’s location has been detected, he doesn’t intend to waste any more time.


“Fortunately, you escaped with your life.” “Anilu said angrily.

After finishing speaking, it turned into a flash of lightning and disappeared.

And this woman was paralyzed on the ground all of a sudden, she really thought she was going to die just now.

Enilu, who is capable of the thunder fruit, is ready to attack her.

She was also ready to die, but unexpectedly, she was noticed by the other party because of Queen Stussy.

So escaped? I really don’t know whether to be lucky or not?

Less than three seconds after Stucey hung up the phone, there was the sound of thunder and lightning behind him?

“How is this possible??” Stussy looked disbelieving?

Because why did the other party come over suddenly? Impossible to detect her location so quickly?

Stucey couldn’t understand, why did he just hang up the phone, and why did the other party, who has the ability of Thunder Fruit, appear?

There was no warning at all, it just appeared suddenly.

Stuci turned his head slowly, his eyes widening instantly.

Because Enilo, the thunder fruit ability, really appeared in front of her eyes? ?

Shocked and puzzled: “How did you suddenly appear in front of me??”

Stucey panicked looking at Enilo whose eyes suddenly appeared.

“Huh? Why did it appear suddenly?”

“If you didn’t talk on the phone just now, the voice came out? I really can’t find you!”

“It’s a pity that the god’s knowledge and domineering combined with the ability of the thunder fruit.”

“It can cover a huge area in an instant, and everything is under the watchful eyes of the god.”

Enel smiled meaningfully, as if he regarded Stucey as a clown!


Since the other party is curious, Anilu might as well tell her why it was suddenly exposed.

Casually let the enemy know the power of his **** Enel!

Just enough to make the enemy frightened.

This is the result Enilo wanted!

“What? A super-wide range of knowledge and domineering? How can such a thing be done?”

When Stuci heard this, he was completely shocked and had nothing to say.

It’s so powerful that even from such a far away place, you can listen to the sound with your knowledge and domineering arrogance?

What is this concept? The domineering look of knowledge has already reached perfection, right?

Are all the members of the Luochen Pirates so powerful?

No wonder the Navy Headquarters was defeated against the Luo Chen Pirates!

It seems that it is not unreasonable! It was beyond imagination.

It’s really over now, it seems that they really can’t escape the palm of the Luo Chen Pirates.

The shadow of despair spread throughout my heart.

“What? Are you surprised?”

“To tell you the truth, our captain Luo Chen’s knowledgeable domineering aura is much stronger than this god.”

“As for how powerful it is, I don’t know much about it, but there is no problem in being able to cover the entire sea area.”

Ai Nilu was still very arrogant, but when he talked about the captain Luo Chen, he inadvertently revealed a look of admiration.

That’s right! Luo Chen made Anilu admire him very much.

He is also the only man who has convinced him so far.


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