People Are Sailing: Domineering on the Top Declares the Whole World

Chapter 247

If it’s not good, what should they do if their Captain Luo Chen has an accident?

This made them all very worried. After all, they were afraid of ten thousand if they were not afraid of what happened.

And Luo Chen is their entire central pillar.

If Luo Chen falls, it is conceivable that the entire huge Luo Chen pirate group may collapse suddenly.


Enilu flashed to Saori’s side and asked, “Hey, Saori, why don’t we go and help?”

“Captain Luo Chen is going to face five people alone!”

The reason why Enilo was so worried was also because he was in the battle with the yellow ape just now.

I found out that although Huang Yuan was fishing in troubled waters, he was really strong in terms of strength.

Since this yellow monkey is powerful, it can also be said that the strength of the other two generals must be similar.

Then there’s the admiral and that old man, Garp.

If Enilo is allowed to face such a lineup by himself!

You’ll feel your scalp tingling right from the start.

It is estimated that it will be taken down by the combination of these five people in less than five minutes.

Although their Captain Luo Chen is not an ordinary person, his strength is like a god.

But it was still unavoidable to worry.

In fact, Saori was also very worried about Luo Chen’s safety, but since Luo Chen had already given the order.

Then Luo Chen’s order is above all else, but if something unexpected happens to Luo Chen!

Saori would also rush forward without hesitation.

As for the previous battle with Akainu Sakaski, although Saori has a powerful armed color domineering.

But the body is still feeling a faint burning pain!

The high-temperature attack power of the magma fruit is not covered.

It’s a good thing that she has an armed and domineering air flow Sakura who is constantly protecting her body.

Otherwise, switch to a slightly weaker face Akainu.

It may not be such a result.


“Don’t worry! Ai Nilu, we will never let Luo Chen have any accidents.”

“Your knowledgeable domineering is relatively strong, you must always pay attention to the fighting situation over there.”

“As soon as you find the slightest sign that something is wrong, immediately say, let’s go up and deal with the navy together.”

Although Saori will support Luo Chen’s decision, Luo Chen will never be allowed to have any accidents.

Because Luo Chen had an accident, it was not something any of them could afford.

Luo Chen is the entire Luo Chen pirate group and core pillar.

Even if there are any other accidents, Luo Chen cannot be surprised at all.

At this time, Yamato also came over.

Asked: “Is it ready to evacuate now?”

“I haven’t fully enjoyed fighting yet! What a pity.”

Yamato felt that this battle passed too fast for her.

The real extreme fun of fighting has never been experienced.

It’s about to end like this, and I don’t think it’s enjoyable.

But Yamato also understands that the real purpose of coming here this time is to rescue Robin, and now he has successfully rescued Robin.

Then prepare to retreat.

Yamato also understands this, so he just talked about it!

The body is still very cooperative and takes the initiative to evacuate.

After all, we still have to focus on the overall situation, and we can’t play personal petty temper.

Otherwise, it would be really unreasonable.


“Just be content with it! Yamato.”

“There are still many opportunities to fight in the future. We can’t delay Luo Chen’s major events because we want to fight.”

On the contrary, Nami is more frank in her words, and she doesn’t compare that because of Yamato’s strength.

But they are all sisters, and sometimes they don’t need to care too much about what they say.

Basically, what is there to say, these are the same!

In addition, Yamato is also relatively careless and doesn’t care about such things.

In fact, Nami is also careless.

Yamato replied with a smile: “Haha! If only Nami had my strength.”

“It is estimated that you will be more active in fighting than me.”

“It’s okay to talk about me!”

Yamato directly teased Nami, anyway, what kind of character Nami is.

Yamato is too clear that they have lived together for a long time.

They are quite familiar with each other.

Otherwise, he wouldn’t speak casually like this, precisely because he was familiar with her.

So speaking is a lot more casual.


At that time, Bakara reminded: “Alright, alright! Let’s hurry up and prepare to evacuate!”

“Our Luochen Pirates have quite a lot of ships coming this time.”

“It will take some time for these to be evacuated.”

“We can’t let Luo Chen lose the time we won, and waste it for nothing!”

Baccarat felt that all of them should not waste their time chatting, but should hurry up and take action.

All the girls also nodded one after another, knowing that time is very urgent now.


And the movement speed of the entire Luochen Pirates is also very fast.

However, some pirates asked suspiciously: “Captain Lafitte, are we just evacuating like this?”

“Shouldn’t the navy be completely wiped out?”

“We are not at a disadvantage, there is no need to evacuate like this.”

“The navy should be completely wiped out!”

“In this way, the reputation of our Luochen Pirates will be unstoppable.”

“At that time, the other three Four Emperor Pirates will have to avoid us when they see our Luochen Pirates.”

These little pirates cannot see deeper things.


So it feels as if the Luochen Pirates are evenly matched with the Navy Headquarters.

Shouldn’t have left like this.

It should directly carry out a large-scale extermination of the entire navy.

This is a rare opportunity!

If it succeeds, then their Luo Chen Pirates will directly become an existence that cannot be surpassed by others.

Just thinking about it makes people excited!

Therefore, in the process of retreating, he would curiously ask Captain Lafitte.

In fact, Lafitte and other cadres, how could they not know what’s going on?

Now it seems that their Luo Chen Pirates and the Navy are almost evenly matched.

But to be honest, their Luo Chen Pirates are still not as good as the navy’s overall combat effectiveness.

In other words, Captain Luo Chen is an existence that transcends everything.

Although it is possible to fight, but if their Luo Chen Pirates consume too much!

That’s really not worth the candle.

These are all important cornerstones for Captain Luo Chen’s future!

How could it be possible to waste troops on the navy? ?


“Just follow the arrangements.”

“Others, don’t ask too much, these Captain Luo Chen will naturally make arrangements.”

Lafitte answered this question very succinctly. In fact, it is as simple as just following the arrangement with peace of mind.

All those other things are superfluous and have no effect at all.

Crowe pushed the black-rimmed glasses and said: “Lafitte, it seems that your analysis of the situation is also very good!”

Although Lafitte didn’t explain the situation clearly, Crowe knew it immediately when he saw Lafitte’s expression.

Lafitte also knew which stage he was in now.

“Hey, of course, although we are not top-notch in terms of strength.”

“But we are all Captain Luo Chen’s right-hand man!”

“Right! Chloe.”

“Captain Luo Chen has a very long-term vision, how could he waste time here now.”

“After all, this war is what we have to fight because of the conspiracy of the navy.”

“It’s not the war that Captain Luo Chen really wants to start.”

Lafitte’s own talent can also be the brains of any pirate group.

However, compared to Crowe, there may still be a little gap.

“Lafitte, what you said is correct!” Crowe nodded in response.


[149] There is a faint sneer on the corner of Luo Chen’s mouth


Luo Chen, who was surrounded, showed a calm and calm expression.

It really surprised Zhan Guo and others, because this kind of courage is very difficult to cultivate.

But Luo Chen was able to be so amazing at such a young age, which is really amazing.

This is no longer something that can be described as simple as a genius boy or a monster.

Instead, it should be described directly as the proud son of heaven, which is not an exaggeration at all.

Because Luo Chen is indeed worthy of such a title, the proud son of heaven.

A man favored by the goddess of fortune.

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