People Are Sailing: Domineering on the Top Declares the Whole World

Chapter 244


【146】The sword is not old


Just when Anilu was still desperately attacking the yellow ape.

Saori came to the vicinity of Enilo, and gave Enila a hint with her eyes.

The meaning is obvious, that is, before Luo Chen issued an order to let them evacuate first.

Others have begun to withdraw slowly step by step.

It was Enilu who played the craziest, without restraint at all.

The rest is Trafalgaro vs. Doflamingo.

But on Trafalgaro’s side, although the battle is fierce!

But more of them belong to the past.

But Trafalgaro is also quite sensible, knowing that Captain Luo Chen’s important affairs cannot be delayed.

They are also slowly preparing to evacuate.

In fact, after the battle with Doflamingo, Trafalgaro also knew that he couldn’t beat him.

If he could beat too many Flamingos, Luo would never allow himself to waste time.

But there is no way now!

You can only blame yourself for not being strong enough.

Doflamingo also saw that Luo was about to evacuate, so he sarcastically said: “Luo, you are too young!”

“You still want to challenge your former boss?”

“I hope you will remember the lesson this time clearly in the future!”

Doflamingo also hit Trafalgaro in several places in the battle just now.

It can also be regarded as a lesson for Trafalgaro.

After all, it would not be appropriate to kill Trafalgarro at this time.

Although it was an excuse, who made Luo Chen stand behind him?

Doflamingo could only choose to endure.


“Doflamingo, you don’t need to be hypocritical.”

“If you can’t kill you this time, there is still a next chance, even if it doesn’t work next time, there is still a next time.”

“One time, I will definitely kill you, Doflamingo just wait!”

Luo also made his words very clear, although it was because Captain Luo Chen took a lot of photos.

But Luo also has to admit that it is precisely because of joining the Luo Chen Pirates.

To have such an opportunity.

If you hadn’t joined the Luo Chen Pirates!

It is estimated that Doflamingo has already been killed by now, or has been captured.

What is the next next opportunity there? That’s complete nonsense!


So now Captain Luo Chen has issued an order for them to retreat first!

Luo also directly chose to obey Captain Luo Chen’s order without hesitation.

Face anything and everything.

Captain Luo Chen’s decision is always number one, and everything else must stand back.

As for whether he can kill Doflamingo?

I don’t worry about this at all, because even if there is no chance now, there will be chances in the future.

Anyway, Luo had already seen it clearly, and Doflamingo didn’t dare to kill him at all.

Because Doflamingo was afraid of being retaliated by Luo Chen, or he was afraid of being killed by Luo Chen.

Or is it just like Doflamingo?

How could it be possible to face him, provocation again and again, and have been enduring?

It’s not because of Captain Luo Chen.

Luo is very aware of this.


And Ai Nilu is also very upset, and the reason for his upset is that he can no longer continue to fight the yellow ape.

It’s really because Huang Yuan is too underwhelmed.

If he can’t teach the yellow ape a good and profound lesson, Enilu will feel regretful to some extent.

It is estimated that if you want to fight against the yellow ape next time!

As far as the personality of the yellow monkey is like that of a loach.

It is impossible to fight, and Enilo can feel it.

That’s why I feel sad and regretful at the same time.

After losing this opportunity, I don’t know when I will have to wait until the next opportunity.

Anyway, Enilo has made plans.

Next time if you meet a yellow ape! Then just start fighting regardless of the situation.

It’s still the kind with full firepower, bombing wildly all the way.

Ai Nilu doesn’t believe in the loach of the yellow ape, and would choose to fish in troubled waters?

Obviously, as an admiral of the Navy headquarters, he really did the same thing as those princes Shichibukai.

Fishing in troubled waters here at Navy Headquarters.

Relying on his strong knowledge and arrogance, Enilo has long been familiar with the battle situation of the entire Navy Headquarters.

That’s why he said directly that Huang Yuan didn’t look like what a navy general should do at all.

It’s just muddling along, not serious at all.

I don’t know how to sit firmly in the position of admiral of the Navy headquarters?

I almost wonder if there is no one in the navy? Must this person who likes to fish in troubled waters be the general?


“It’s so scary! The thunder fruit of the Luo Chen Pirates, Enilo.” “

“It seems that you are planning to evacuate!”

“Then this way, the old man can’t face Luo Chen directly?”

“What a headache!”

“But I have no choice? I don’t know if Marshal Warring States will give Dad a raise?”

“After all, fighting Luo Chen will risk your life!”

Although there will be multiple people besieging together later, Huang Yuan just doesn’t like to face Luo Chen head-on.

It was a monster whose strength surpassed that of a general.

The main reason is that Luo Chen is young, and there is still a lot of room for growth in the future.

Completely offended Luo Chen, what should I do if I will be settled by Qiuhou in the future?

These are all issues to consider!

Huang Yuan is still thinking about how to enjoy life when he retires in the future?

How could it be possible for him to become very passive because of this incident!

But since the Marshal of the Warring States Period and their side, they all planned this way.

The yellow ape can’t be regarded as invisible!

In that case, it seems too unreasonable.

At the very least, the face-saving work must be done properly.

Anyway, in Huang Yuan’s dictionary, one must know how to judge the situation and the situation.

Only in this way can we mix comfortably.

As for the others, Huang Yuan didn’t think too much about it.

Like a general’s job or something?

Just do your job well, and there is no need to waste too much thought on the rest.

Too much is useless.

Living comfortably is the most important thing.

Enilu’s evacuation was very quick, and he disappeared immediately.

The speed of the thunderous fruit ability is not covered.


Another Yamato and Aokiji battlefield.

Although Yamato had just found Qingzhi to fight again, since Luo Chen had already given the order.

That should be ready to evacuate.

In fact, for Yamato, this battle is barely considered a comparison.

At least it’s fun to fight, and the opponent is the general Aokiji.

Yamato’s own efforts can be regarded as having a general understanding of Aokiji’s strength.

It seems to be able to fight evenly, after all, he has mastered such an attack as the overlord’s color entanglement.

And the green pheasant does not have the domineering look of a king, which is an advantage.

But to be honest, Aokiji’s hard power is indeed very strong.

Yamato felt that if he didn’t have the overlord color domineering energy, he could use the overlord color entanglement.

I really feel that this battle with Aokiji will definitely be more ominous.

The overall combat effectiveness of the green pheasant is not covered.

Really has the real stuff.

If there is no overlord color entanglement and the devil fruit ability of animal phantom beast species.

Yamato felt that he was no match for Aokiji at all.

This is not to belittle oneself, but that Aokiji really has such a powerful strength.

But speaking of it, the strength of these admirals of the Navy Headquarters is indeed quite astonishing.

But it’s okay now, Yamato’s own goal has been achieved.

Able to enjoy a big fight.

Although this battle suffered several losses, Yamato felt it was worth it.


When Aokiji saw Yamato stop, he also stopped attacking.

In fact, regarding Nicole Robin’s successful rescue by Luo Chen.

Aokiji is still relatively open.

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