People Are Sailing: Domineering on the Top Declares the Whole World

Chapter 243

Then one day, sooner or later, he will be able to master the power to distort time and space.

Once I master the power to distort time and space, then the heavens, the earth, and the earth are all for me to roam.

At that time, Luo Chen would definitely dare to pat his chest and say that that is the real invincible combat power.

But like now, it can actually be said that it belongs to the strongest combat power in this sea.

But Luo Chen is still not satisfied with the status quo!

Just want to get more power!

No one will object to having stronger strength.


After Saori heard Luo Chen’s order.

He also immediately understood that Luo Chen was planning to personally stop all the top combat forces of the navy.

Then let them evacuate first, and finally evacuate alone!

However, Saori is quite confident about Luo Chen’s devil fruit ability.

In this world, there is basically nothing that can stop Luo Chen.

Wherever Luo Chen wanted to go, he could go there.

That’s right! This is the powerful ability of Luo Chen’s Devil Fruit in Saori’s eyes.

One can be said to be the invincible devil fruit ability.

Adding Luo Chen’s own combat power, it goes without saying.

As long as Luo Chen wants to leave, basically no one can stop him.

Of course, it would be too dangerous to let Luo Chen fight these high-end naval forces alone.

Fight a guerrilla war and get out.

A very good decision indeed!

It is also the most beneficial decision for their Luo Chen Pirates.

There is no one of that kind.

I have thought for so long that I have built a good trust.

That is, no matter what order Luo Chen gives now, Saori will give full support 100%.

Regardless of whether this decision is ultimately right or wrong.

But as long as Luo Chen made the decision, there was absolutely nothing wrong.

Even if it is wrong, it is also right.

Sha Zhi was so unreasonable about Luo Chen.

Everything is centered on Luo Chen.


Luo Chen asked Saori to leave, and Haijun also noticed it.

In this regard, they also instantly became more cautious.

The same is true including Akainu!

Akagi originally planned to attack Luo Chen, but because Luo Chen asked Saori to leave.

Chigou also stopped temporarily, at least to see what Luo Chen wants to do first?

the other side.

The battle between Enilo and Yellow Ape became more and more intense.

The main reason is that Enilo is constantly attacking desperately.

Huang Yuan also had to fight back all the time, otherwise Enilo’s strength would be hit once.

The yellow ape will also suffer a lot.

After all, the ability of the thunder fruit is also at the top level among the natural devil fruits.

In addition to Enilo’s own strength, it is also quite amazing.

Basically, the combat power of the general level is almost the same.

So even if Huang Yuan wanted to fish in troubled waters, he had to be serious.

Otherwise, if you make a mistake, you will be hit by this powerful thunder fruit ability.

To be honest, Huang Yuan doesn’t want to get hurt, it’s best not to get hurt in this battle.

As for what will happen to the Luo Chen Pirates in the end?

In fact, after all, Huang Yuan doesn’t care about such things at all!

From Huang Yuan’s point of view, it’s pretty good if he does his part and fights well.

Of course, such words cannot be said in this war.

After all, as an admiral of the Navy headquarters, one should pay more attention to this face.

At the very least, he should put on a show, so as not to say that he, as the admiral of the Navy headquarters, does nothing.

That would be really embarrassing!

That was not the result that Huang Yuan wanted, so he could only play with this Enel.

At least speaking, it can be regarded as giving this Ainilu face.


Enilu fights harder and harder!

He laughed loudly and said, “Haha! Very good! Yellow ape.”

“Battle should be like this, let’s use the general’s strength to the fullest!”

“Let me enjoy the fun of fighting!”

“Let’s see whether it’s the Shining Fruit or the God’s Thundering Fruit that’s stronger.”

Now that Ai Nilu saw that the yellow ape was fighting hard, he was also very excited.

Like before, this yellow monkey was completely fishing in troubled waters.

Let Enilo fight, especially uncomfortable, the kind that I didn’t experience the fun of fighting at all.

In Enil’s eyes, fighting should be paid for, and that is the greatest pleasure.

In fact, Ai Nilu also knew about this yellow ape, and he just wanted to fish in troubled waters.

But how could Anilo let Huang Yuan fish in troubled waters?

Wouldn’t it be better to find someone else to fight? Why are you looking for the yellow ape?

So Enilo kept forcing Huang Yuan to choose to fight head-on with him.

Perhaps against others, Huang Yuan can still fish in troubled waters, because the ability of the shiny fruit can provide Huang Yuan with great convenience.

But here in Enilo, it doesn’t work at all.

Because Enilo’s thunder fruit ability is also a very fast type!

Therefore, in terms of the advantage of the shining fruit ability of the yellow monkey, it can be regarded as invalid.


You can only choose to fight head-on with Enilo head-on.

In fact, this kind of fighting style does not belong to the yellow ape at all.

In previous battles, Kizaru is the type of person who has never encountered the speed of a devil fruit ability.

Today, it can be said that we have encountered it.

Shining fruit, thundering fruit.

These two devil fruits are both speed-type devil fruits.

After fighting, all kinds of lightning and light are shining everywhere.

Let the surrounding navy and pirates feel particularly dazzling!

This kind of dazzling light is very dazzling for the strong.

Not to mention those navy soldiers and pirates.

Therefore, the battle area between Enilo and Huangyuan is basically in a state where no one is approaching.

Because of the proximity, 090 did not dare to approach, which can be said to be quite dangerous.

They are not so stupid, knowing that there is danger?

If you want to fight close to the past, isn’t that the behavior of two hundred and five? ?

Those who can become a navy and a pirate must at least have a little bit of cognition.

Know that dangerous things cannot be approached.

Huang Yuan used Tian Congyun Sword to block Enilu’s Thunder Dragon Queen.

Slowly said: “Mr. Enel, it’s really scary!”

“Is this going to fight the old man to the end? It’s really scary!”

“Sure enough, the Luo Chen Pirates, not only the captain Luo Chen is a monster.”

“You crew members are all monsters too!”

“There’s really no way.”


Huang Yuan was also kept fighting helplessly by Enilo.

In fact, looking at it now, Huang Yuan also thinks it’s not bad.

As for why it’s not bad, because it seems that Marshal Warring States and Luo Chen are about to start a new war.

Although he is here, he has been fighting this Enilo.

But speaking of it, there is no need to confront Luo Chen head-on.

Thinking of it this way, I immediately felt very good.

It was the result that Huang Yuan wanted more!

When Enilo heard this, he immediately became very upset.

He replied, “Are you kidding me? Yellow ape.”

“You **** guy, you are not qualified to judge our Luo Chen Pirates!”

“Even less qualified to comment on our captain Luo Chen.”

“Today, my God will definitely kill you.”

Anilu probably heard a bit of sarcasm in Huang Yuan’s words just now.

That’s why Enilo got angry directly like this.

Sure enough, this yellow monkey is very **** special.

Huang Yuan raised the corners of his mouth and smiled.

It’s because I think Enilu is talking too much.

Huang Yuan didn’t bother to respond.

What kind of cat and dog is really the highest general in this department? ?

Say it can be solved?

If this is the case, he is not worthy of being the highest combat general of the headquarters.

Those who can become the most powerful generals in this department are the ceiling of the sea!

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