People Are Sailing: Domineering on the Top Declares the Whole World

Chapter 233

“Your captain, Luo Chen, is really a terrifying character!”

Huang Yuan said such obscene words, so that Ai Nilu couldn’t understand what Huang Yuan said.

But there is one thing that Enilo is very sure of.

That is, the guy Huang Yuan is very underserved, or he belongs to the particularly underserved kind.

Anilu roared angrily: “Yellow Monkey, our Captain Luo Chen, it’s not normal for us to make you panic in the Warring States Period?”

“Come on! Continue our fight.”

“If you dare to continue playing sloppy with this god??”

“Then I don’t mind using the thunder fruit ability directly on the entire Navy headquarters to carry out large-scale bombing.”

Anyway, after fighting the yellow ape for so long, Enilu was already holding his breath.

I can’t wait to skin this guy Huang Yuan.

Are you still talking so obscenely? ?

If Huang Yuan was not severely injured today, Enilo would feel that he would have a lump in his heart in the future.

“Brother Enel, don’t be angry!”

“Our battle, we just need to live it!”

“There’s no need to be so serious!”

The yellow ape doesn’t care where Enilu is, what the **** is screaming, but he just cares if others are pulled into the water too deep.

As for the others? Huang Yuan didn’t care at all.

Enilo could only curse: “Damn it.”


Luo Chen Pirates on board.

Perona kept circling excitedly and said, “Luo Chen is going to make a move!”

“Luo Chen is about to make a move, and this time he will definitely be able to rescue Sister Robin.”

“Great, as long as Luo Chen is willing to make a move, there is nothing that cannot be done.”

Perona, who would have been worried all the time, is not worried at all now.

Luo Chen has already made a move himself, so what else can’t be done? ?

That’s right! Luo Chen was able to give them a lot of self-confidence.

Still irreplaceable kind of strong self-confidence.

Nami also let go of her worries and said, “It’s okay, we should trust Luo Chen.”

“He can, Luo Chen is definitely able to rescue Robin.”

“Because he is Luo Chen!”

“Will the men we recognize be ordinary people?”

“So we should have firm faith and trust Luo Chen unswervingly.”

Nami said it very decisively, because Luo Chen’s appearance also made Nami believe in a lot of hope.

Baccarat also said, “That’s right, is our Luo Chen an ordinary person?”

“If the navy dares to trouble us, it is totally courting death.”

“Don’t talk about our sisters!”

“Luo Chen alone won’t let them go, the navy is really overwhelmed.”

Bakala knew exactly how terrifying Luo Chen’s potential was.

Baccarat also roughly knows one thing, that is, the strength that Luo Chen has exploded now is not 100% full strength.

Luo Chen exerted 100% of his full strength, and even her lucky fruit ability could not be accurately estimated.


Lieutenant General Crane on the execution platform.

There was also a whisper in my heart!

It is necessary to prevent Luo Chen from rushing over suddenly, and he must be careful.

No matter how careful you are, there is nothing wrong with it.

Because Lieutenant General He knew too well that Luo Chen was not an ordinary person at all.

You can’t treat Luo Chen as an ordinary person at all, if you really treat Luo Chen as an ordinary person.

Then, as Luo Chen’s enemy, he might not even know how to die by then.

Robin was particularly moved: “Luo Chen.”

Luo Chen gave Robin a look, reassuring and reassuring Robin, don’t worry.

Robin and Luo Chen have been together for so long, and they can understand the meaning in Luo Chen’s eyes.

Let her feel at ease.

That’s why at this moment Robin is particularly at ease and happy.

Because Luo Chen is his biggest backer, as long as Luo Chen is there.

Robin really felt like he had nothing to be afraid of.

Because no matter what, Luo Chen will definitely protect her. With Luo Chen, Robin really feels particularly heartwarming.

As for whether this is the headquarters of the Navy? Even the world government.

Really Robin, I don’t feel worried at all.

Luo Chen’s firm gaze was his greatest expectation.


Luo Chen’s body stopped suddenly, and his eyelids twitched.


Right under everyone’s noses, Nico Robin, who had been on the execution platform since just now, disappeared? ?

That’s right! It just disappeared suddenly.

How unbelievable, how incredible.

Lieutenant General He, who had been guarding Nicole Robin, was even more confused.

The whole person was stunned.

What’s this?

Nicole Robin has been handcuffed by Hailoushi all the time? ?

what’s the result?

People just disappear from under their noses? ?

And Nicole Robin just appeared in Luo Chen’s hands? ?

Warring States is even more: “It’s over, **** it, what kind of devil fruit ability is this?”

“Aren’t there Hailoushi handcuffs? Why is there such a situation?”

“What exactly is going on??”

“Why is it like this? It doesn’t make sense at all!”

Sengoku really don’t understand? Because those are Hailoushi handcuffs.

It is still a high content of Hailou stone handcuffs, not ordinary Hailou stone.

In the end, he was rescued by Luo Chen so simply?

What is this concept?

It shows that Luo Chen never took it seriously from the beginning.

Obviously, people can be rescued directly.

But they didn’t do that, but just played with them at the Navy Headquarters all the time? ?

What does this mean for their navy headquarters?

Want to play all the time as a monkey?

This **** **** Luo Chen kid.


[138] The navy is completely in a headache because of Luo Chen


It can be said that at this moment, all the navies are completely confused.

It’s too incredible.

What should I say? I don’t know what to say at all.

The most shocking thing is Lieutenant General He who is now lonely on the execution platform.

After going down from the Warring States period to participate in the war, it can be said that Lieutenant He himself guarded Nico Robin throughout the process.

But is it so closely guarded, or was Luo Chen rescued directly from under his nose? ?

It was a mouthful of old blood that I almost spit out directly.

She could never imagine how Luo Chen did it.

This way of saving lives is really – too unbelievable.

Now Nicole Robin was rescued directly.

Then the real headache is their navy.

No headache!

The war has been going on for so long, and Luo Chen’s state has not yet begun to decline.

As a result, even people have been rescued by the other party now.

That’s the whole yarn!

Karp also opened his mouth in shock and said, “What a boy!”

“It’s really skillful, even this can save people.”

“I don’t know how many tricks you have hidden, boy Luo Chen.”

“The old man is really looking forward to it now!”

“Show it all! Let me open my eyes.”

“Even if you are really evacuated from the Navy headquarters today, you will not hesitate!”

“It is also a rare thing to be able to witness the strength of a kid!”

Now Karp is starting to move around, and wants to see how many methods Luo Chen has that he hasn’t used yet.

It would be an honor to see them all.


Luo Chen Pirates on board.

All the girls were so excited that they almost jumped up directly.

Because they still thought that Luo Chen was going to rescue Robin.

It will definitely take some effort, but I didn’t expect it at all, and there is no need to spend a little effort at all.

Luo Chen rescued Robin directly from the hands of the navy.

What an incredible thing this is!

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