People Are Sailing: Domineering on the Top Declares the Whole World

Chapter 225

When Garp is about to approach the pit that Sengoku fell into!

A golden light shone, and the Warring States jumped out.

The Warring States that jumped out, although still maintaining the form of a great Buddha, was already panting.

The scars on the back are particularly obvious.

However, under the condition of the phantom beast’s devil fruit ability, it is also recovering quickly.

Warring States also developed the devil fruit ability of the phantom beast species to an awakened state.

So the resilience is also quite amazing.

Without two brushes, it is impossible to achieve the position of admiral of the Navy headquarters.

Garp quickly asked: “Are you okay! Warring States.”

“I’m fine, Garp, we have to be careful!”

“Luo Chen’s attack has a strong penetrating power. Even my Buddha form can’t hold back his penetrating power.”

Warring States directly suffered Luo Chen’s attack on the back, so it was very clear.

How terrifying is Luo Chen’s sword attack penetration.

Therefore, Karp was also called, and Luo Chen’s attack dog should also be paid attention to.

Karp responded: “I know, that kid is not an ordinary person!”

Karp knew that Luo Chen was not easy.


[132] Akainu overestimates his ability to challenge Luo Chen? only with candles


Warring States said in a very low voice: “Karp, our cooperation should be tighter!”

“Otherwise, it may be difficult to have an effect on Luo Chen.”

“Boy Luo Chen’s ability to disappear instantly is really weird.”

“Even knowledgeable domineering can’t be detected accurately.”

Warring States reminded Caputo to pay attention to Luo Chen’s devil fruit ability, which is too weird.

It is simply difficult to find the exact way to deal with it.

Garp didn’t speak, but kept staring at Luo Chen who was in mid-air.

What a formidable enemy!

Just like facing Lockes back then.

Back then, Karp and Roger joined forces to finally take Lockes down.

I can’t imagine how similar the present scene is to the past scene!

But this time, he and the Warring States teamed up to deal with Luo Chen, and at the same time there was tremendous pressure.

There was no such great pressure to deal with the Golden Lion back then.

It can be said that Luo Chen is too much of a monster.

It simply cannot be expressed in words.

But that’s what makes it interesting!

If Luo Chen is not strong enough, then it would be too meaningless to join forces with the Warring States.

Such a powerful enemy can be said to be very difficult to encounter.

Although Luo Chen is very young now, that’s right!

But it’s too dangerous, if Luo Chen is allowed to develop.

In the future, no one will be able to stop him.

Maybe it will bring about a more terrifying era than the era of Rocks and Roger, including the era of Whitebeard.


Luo Chen said with a smile: “Hehe! Very good! Warring States.”

“After receiving my full attack, I can still recover so quickly.”

“Should it really be the awakening of the phantom beast’s devil fruit ability??”

“But relatively speaking, Sengoku, your resilience is still inferior to Beast Kaido!”

“But 090, your big Buddha form has good defense.”

“Come on! Let’s keep fighting!”

“Warring States, Garp, you two should let me enjoy myself!”

“Otherwise, I won’t guarantee whether the Navy Headquarters will be sunk to the bottom of the sea.”

At the end of Luo Chen’s speech, he issued a warning directly, which obviously meant that Zhan Guo and Garp had to fight desperately.

Otherwise, let the Navy Headquarters sink to the bottom of the sea.

But it is true that Luo Chen has thought about whether to let the Navy Headquarters sink to the bottom of the sea.

If one let the Marine Headquarters of the Navy sink to the bottom of the sea.

Then the morale of the navy can be hit instantly, and the morale of the whole navy can be directly wiped out in one breath.

Because they all sank the Marine Headquarters of the Navy into the bottom of the sea, is there anything more ruthless than this?

That was a direct and severe blow to the face of the Navy.

Then the navy and the world government will definitely not let it go, so that they can experience the fun of fighting.

At the same time, it can further establish the image of the Luochen Pirates.

Let the Luochen Pirates become more famous.

It was precisely because Luo Chen had thought about it that he said it directly now.

I am not afraid that the navy will be angry, because there is no need to be afraid at all.

The Navy doesn’t have that ability, so what can they do with him.


“You nasty brat, this is the place that represents justice.”

“How can you destroy it at will?”

“If we don’t completely take you down today, then the old man, the marshal, will have no face to continue to be a leader.”

The Warring States Period was really **** off by Luo Chen, so he was told in front of his face that he wanted the Navy Headquarters to sink to the bottom of the sea.

The whole face is completely rubbed under the feet of Luo Chen.

At this moment, the Navy Headquarters no longer has any face to speak of in front of people from all over the world.

This is the place where the Warring States feels the most exasperating.

But when he saw the sneer on Luo Chen’s expression, he was so angry that he almost vomited blood.

Luo Chen is really hateful.

If Luo Chen could be slapped to death with one slap, Zhan Guo would definitely slap Luo Chen to death without hesitation.

It was as if he had come here specially to **** him off.

Luo Chen then sneered and said, “Hehe!”

“Sengoku, do you know what impotent fury is?”

“I think you are very similar now! In impotent rage.”

“Your navy can’t handle me today, and I will rescue Robin.”

“At the same time, our entire Los Chen Pirates will leave the Navy headquarters safely.”

When Luo Chen said these words, he directly integrated his arrogance into it, and instantly let his voice spread throughout the square.

The navy and pirates in the entire square can hear clearly.

The same is true for people all over the world!


Akainu Sakaski was already braving hot magma.

“Luo Chen, it’s really lawless! What kind of place is this place!”

“This is the Navy Headquarters, Marine Fondo.”

Akainu burst out with all his strength and directly forced Saori back.

After forcing Shazhi back, he killed Luo Chen, from the beginning of the war to the present.

The red dog’s goal has always been Luo Chen, but it is always blocked by some miscellaneous fish.

This makes Akainu particularly upset, but now he has his chance.

Even how could Akainu miss a rare opportunity?

Without saying a word, the lower body turned into magma, accelerated and rushed towards Luo Chen.

“You **** Akainu don’t run away, your opponent is my old lady.” Saori was forced to retreat a certain distance.

When he found the red dog, he killed Luo Chen, and immediately became angry.

What is this red dog trying to do?

Dare to ignore her opponent, Saori has already decided.

Even if you will be seriously injured in the end, you must teach the red dog Akainu a profound lesson.

Let him know not to be so defiant.

Although Saori was cursing, her body movements did not stop at all.

He also galloped after him.

Saori must not let the red dog’s past affect Luo Chen’s battle.

If Chiquan really let the past affect Luo Chen’s battle, then it would be her fault.

Now Luo Chen faced the pressure of Warring States and Garp alone.

Although it is not passive, Saori will not let Chiquan go to make trouble for Luo Chen.


Chiquan ignored Saori who was chasing after him, and stared at Luo Chen with both eyes.

Now (aibi) Red Dog has only one goal, and that is to kill Luo Chen.

Bury Luo Chen in Marin Fando, the headquarters of the navy, and declare that justice in the world will prevail.

Luo Chen also looked at the red dog who was flying towards him? ?

I sneered in my heart, I really didn’t know how to live or die.

Do you think you can defeat the enemy by roaring loudly?

It seems that this guy, Akainu, is nothing more than that!

That is to say, a reckless man with a whole body of strength!

Of course, Akainu’s strength is very powerful in the eyes of others.

But in Luo Chen’s eyes, it was nothing at all.

Sengoku frowned with a headache, this guy Akainu is really fooling around!

Although it is a good thing to have Akainu come to help.

But just rushing over like Akainu?

Even if it is three-on-one, it is estimated that the coordination will be directly disrupted.

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