People Are Sailing: Domineering on the Top Declares the Whole World

Chapter 223

This view is also what most people can think of, and of course there is no need to think about it.

Mainly even the eyes can see.

So this is a very serious question, if Luo Chen Pirates still maintain the status quo!

It is estimated that Nicole Robin will not be rescued in the end.

This is a fact that is difficult to change at present, and it is also a fact that has to be faced. This is the case for the Luochen Pirates!

Ace said cheerfully: “Sage, we don’t have to worry!”

“I believe that Luo Chen will be able to rescue Nicole Robin in the end.”

“How should I put it, he is also a man that I, Ace, approves of!”

“How could it be impossible to rescue all the crew members in a row?”

Ace’s confidence in Luo Chen is not generally low, but very high.


Blackbeard Diqi said honestly: “Ace, why are you so confident in Luo Chen?”

Blackbeard Tiki wanted to see why Ace said that?

After all, it was the headquarters of the Navy, Marin Fandor, the headquarters of the Navy.

What Sage said is quite right, now the entire Los Chen Pirates are being held back.

There is no way to spare the extra combat power to rescue Nicole Robin.

So what Ace said, was Luo Chen able to rescue Nicole Robin in the end? ?

Then Blackbeard Diqi must listen to what opinions and opinions he has.

Ace didn’t care about the meaning of Blackbeard’s strange words at all!

He smiled and responded, “Of course it’s because Nicole Robin is Luo Chen’s companion!”

“And Luo Chen, as the captain, how could he let his companion be executed?”

“So I believe Luo Chen will be able to rescue Nicole Robin in the end.”

Ace’s reasoning is simple, that is, Nicole Robin is Luo Chen’s partner.

Ace can see that Luo Chen is a person who cares about his companions, so he will never allow anyone to hurt his companions.

In view of this, Ace can be sure that Luo Chen will be able to rescue his companion Nicole Robin in the end.

It’s the same even in the Navy headquarters, this is a belief!

After hearing this answer, Blackbeard Diqi was stunned.

What else do you think the answer is? Didn’t expect it to be this? ?

Should it be Ace?

Sure enough, the Ace people are like this, Blackbeard Tiki should have thought of it.

It’s really superfluous.


Diamond Jozzy shouted and raised his arms and said, “Ace is right!”

“As their companion, how could Nicole Robin allow the navy to harm their companion?”

“Since you dare to go to the Navy headquarters to rescue Nicole Robin.”

“It must be just like Ace said, he attaches great importance to Nico Robin.”

Diamond Joz especially supports Ace’s view, and it is indeed difficult for the Luochen Pirates to watch on the screen now.

There are always more solutions than difficulties.

Diamond Joz’s chanting also resonated with many people!

That’s right! That’s it! resonate.

“As expected of the captains, that’s it!”

“The same goes for our Whitebeard Pirates!”

“In this sea, everyone knows that as long as they provoke our Whitebeard Pirates.”

“Then no matter where the enemy hides, our Whitebeard Pirates will hunt down to the end.”

“This is our Whitebeard Pirates.”

All the pirates of the Whitebeard Pirates also cheered together.

This is because of the cheers of faith.

At this moment, Whitebeard’s voice sounded loudly: “Idiot sons.”

“Listen to Dad, this is the sea.”

“No matter who it is, if you dare to touch Lao Tzu’s son, then Lao Tzu’s sword will teach him to be a man.”

“Including the enemy is the Navy Headquarters!”

“If this old guy from the Warring States Period dares to touch my son.”

“Then I will go to the Navy Headquarters and have his head removed.”

White Beard spoke very boldly, and White Beard did have such confidence.

Otherwise, it wouldn’t be called the era of Whitebeard.


“Long live father, long live father.”

“Daddy is mighty, daddy is mighty.”

“Our Whitebeard Pirates are the strongest pirates in the world.”

“This era belongs to the era of Whitebeard.”

All the pirates in the Whitebeard Pirates raised their hands at this moment.

Even the black bearded Diqi on the side is the same!

But to be honest, Blackbeard Tiki really admires Papa Whitebeard’s strength.

It can be said that the white-bearded father has fought all his life and has never been injured in the back.

What does this mean?

That is, Papa Whitebeard never flinched.

Otherwise, 090 would not be called the strongest man in the world.

To be honest, Blackbeard Tiki admired the strength of Whitebeard Papa.

It is also very awe of the white beard father!

But then again, the current white-bearded father is indeed old.

It was no longer the ferocious tiger back then.

Ace looked at the white-bearded father happily.

He also made up his mind in his heart that he must assist the old man with white beard to climb to the throne of Pirate King.

In Ace’s view, only Papa Whitebeard is truly worthy of the throne of Pirate King.

As for the others, in Ace’s view, they are still not qualified.


The entire Whitebeard Pirates.

Whitebeard is a huge core, and Whitebeard is the cohesion of the entire Whitebeard Pirates.

Because Whitebeard is what they all believe in!

Many people also admire the name of Papa Whitebeard, so they come to join the Whitebeard Pirates.

That’s right! This part of them all recognized Papa Whitebeard very much.

It was also Papa Whitebeard who gave them support.

Now they can sail freely in the new world.

If there is no old man with white beard, it is estimated that they don’t know where they are now?

Maybe they all sank to the bottom of the sea, or were wiped out by others.

Although there are many powerful people in the sea, but for the Whitebeard Pirates.

They also do whatever they want, because once they provoke the Whitebeard Pirates.

He will be hunted down by the Whitebeard Pirates.

The main thing is still. Whitebeard’s name is too great.

Big enough to affect the situation of the entire world.

White Beard looked at his son Ace, feeling very relieved.

Although Ace is Roger’s son, it belongs to his son now.

So as a father, how could he hurt his son?

Now Ace can be too hot tempered sometimes.

Do things with your temper!

Although in such a situation, the New World does sometimes suffer.

But White Beard believes that as long as the strength is strong enough!

Then these are nothing.


[131] Luo Chen’s Amazing Penetrating Power


In the Marine Vandou battlefield of the Navy headquarters.

The place that everyone is most afraid to approach is the battlefield belonging to Luo Chen, Warring States and Karp.

Because there is the most dangerous.

All kinds of explosive air waves emerged one after another.

Garp roared frantically and swung his iron head with all his strength.

The whole air was driven to flow by Garp, one can imagine how powerful the fist wind is.

Cap’s eyes glowed red.

It can be said that Garp at this moment has already exploded with the strongest combat effectiveness.

Including Garp for so many years, his combat effectiveness has not declined at all.

It can be said how terrifying Garp’s combat power is at this moment.

And Luo Chen didn’t have the slightest influence!

He also clenched his fists, intending to confront Karp head-on.

Although he didn’t sprint like Karp, he punched in place.

In fact, it wasn’t that Luo Chen didn’t want to sprint, but that he had just resisted the shock wave of the Great Buddha in the Warring States Period.

Now he can only stand still to resist Karp’s attack.

The fist is instantly covered with the armed color domineering flow cherry and the domineering color winding at the same time.

Now Luo Chen is already pure and innocent in using the three-color domineering energy.

There is no longer any lack of stamina.

It can be said that there is no problem even if they fight for ten days and ten nights.

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