People Are Sailing: Domineering on the Top Declares the Whole World

Chapter 218

“Everything can only depend on their own good fortune, but it seems that it is very difficult for the navy to take down the Luochen Pirates.”

Jinbe also said a lot to Boya Hancock in one breath, and Jinbe has basically never said a word from the beginning to now.

Of course, the main purpose is because Boya Hancock and Luo Chen seem to have a little relationship.

So Jinping took it as a kind reminder.


Boya Hancock frowned and asked, “Jinbei, what does the sentence you are one of them mean?”

“This time it’s because of favors, so I came here for a cutscene?”

“Then if there is a next time, does it mean that Luo Chen will be attacked?”

“Is that what you mean? Tell me, Jinpei.”

“Otherwise, the concubine will never let you go.”

“I will kill you right here.”

Boya Hancock didn’t listen to other words, but this was the only sentence he remembered.

So I immediately questioned Jinbei.

Jin Ping also looked confused, why did he say something wrong just now?

Why did Boa Hancock get so hot right away?

She is really a very difficult woman to wait on! What a hassle.

Jinbe felt that Boya Hancock didn’t understand what he meant at all.

It’s like being completely misunderstood. …

If he even said something against his will, maybe Boa Hancock would believe it directly.

Jinbe couldn’t believe it, as if Boya Hancock was facing the question about Luo Chen.

IQ will appear particularly low.

Not generally low, but very low.

Jinbei didn’t bother to explain too many useless things.

Responding simply: “You’re thinking too much, Boa Hancock.”

“The old man didn’t mean that.”

“The old man and Luo Chen are also considered friends, and they will not do such things in the future.”

However, what Jinping still thought silently in his heart was that Luo Chen would not do anything to or destroy the Fishman Island.

Then everything is easy to say.

Even even dare not provoke Luo Chen easily, that is a real super monster.


Boya Hancock replied flatly: “You are still relatively sensible, very flat.”

“However, I also don’t care about whether the Navy Headquarters and the World Government want to trouble me and Nine Snake Island afterwards.”

“If they dare to come!”

“I don’t mind letting them come and go.”

“I’ve seen them very upset for a long time.”

“If there is a chance, the old lady will not show any kindness.”

When Boya Hancock said this, he seemed to think of the pain of his teenage years in his heart.

During that time, it was a pain that Boya Hancock would never forget in his life.

Now that Luo Chen appeared, it was Boya Hancock’s last motivation.

Already it feels as though there is nothing to be afraid of.

As long as Luo Chen’s attention is successfully aroused, everything else will be fine.

Even if he had to bear certain consequences, Boa Hancock felt it was worth it.

Because of having Luo Chen, everything becomes different.

Jinbe also looked at the Boya Hancock strangely.

Is this woman really not afraid of causing trouble to Nine Snake Island in the end?

Forget it, it’s not something that has anything to do with him.


[127] Luo Chen vs Warring States Karp


Lieutenant General He and Zhan Guo exchanged glances with each other.

I understand.

General Crane came to the execution platform to guard Nicole Robin.

And Warring States directly jumped off the execution platform and came to Karp’s side.

The powerful old generation of the Navy Headquarters united again.

Garp sighed: “Sengoku, we haven’t fought side by side for a long time!”

“I didn’t expect to fight side by side again, against a little devil.”

“It’s true that there are all kinds of wonders in the world!”

“It seems that we are really old, and we should consider retirement life.”

Garp feels that young people are already so powerful now, and they, the older generation, are still fighting on the front line.

Immediately something felt wrong.

More opportunities should be given to young people to play.

Give young people more opportunities to play, their current three generals.

It can be said that they are all middle-aged pillars of the navy.

It’s just that the younger generation has not really appeared people with super talents.

“What are you lamenting there? Garp, it’s a time of war.”

“Find out the status quo for me, don’t desert.”

“The enemy we have to face now is Luo Chen, not an ordinary enemy.”

Immediately afterwards, Warring States changed into a low voice and said: “Be careful to treat Luo Chen as Rocks.”

“Once there is any carelessness, we may be the ones who fail in the end.”

Warring States made his words very serious, and he believed that Garp valued this matter very much.

But it is still necessary to remind again.


“Marshal Warring States and Lieutenant General Karp are joining forces!”

“Their cooperation will surely defeat Luo Chen.”

Many naval soldiers are full of confidence in the combination of Marshal Sengoku and Lieutenant General Karp.

This is the strongest combination!

As long as these two combinations fight the enemy together, there will be no enemy that 090 cannot defeat.

Also, Vice Admiral Garp is the belief in the hearts of all naval soldiers.

It is also their firmest belief stone.

For this reason, even at the cost of their lives, the Luo Chen Pirates must be completely wiped out!

To restore peace and stability to the world, and to combat the arrogance of pirates.

Convince the people of the world that their justice will protect them.

Zhan Guo and Garp walked up to Luo Chen side by side.

Garp said: “Boy Luo Chen, I kept you waiting!”

“I can’t blame the old man for not talking about martial arts this time.”

Karp also expressed to Luo Chen that this time he will join forces with Warring States to deal with him.

Although in the duel of the strong, it does seem too not so open and aboveboard.

But now is an extraordinary period, and there is no need to adjust too much.

Warring States also responded in a low voice: “Karp, don’t talk too much.”

“Get Luo Chen down first, everything else is secondary.”

Warring States didn’t want Garp to not even try his best to fight in the end.

“Haha! Warring States, don’t worry!”

“The old man’s fist will not show any kindness.”

“Luo Chen’s bones are very hard!”

“If you don’t do your best, you may not even be able to win boy Luo Chen in the end!”

Garp knew in his heart that he wanted to catch Luo Chen or kill Luo Chen.

It is necessary to fight with the determination to die, otherwise it is estimated that it will be very difficult to catch the opponent.


“Oh! Interesting.”

Luo Chen twisted his neck, looked sideways at Zhan Guo and Garp, with a look of disdain in his eyes.

He didn’t pay attention to the admiral Sengoku and the naval hero Garp at all.

The momentum of the three parties is constantly rising, colliding with each other.

The air wave formed by the momentum is like an invisible barrier, making it very difficult for people (aibi) to even get close.

Some navy soldiers were shocked and said: “It’s such a strong momentum.”

“The battle hasn’t even started yet, is it so strong just because of the collision of momentum?”

“Damn it, I can’t even get close.”

It wasn’t just the navy soldier who was immobilized by this powerful aura.

So do most of the other Marines!

The same is true for some lieutenant navy!

In other words, only navies above the level of brigadier general can maintain the same status as before.

At this moment they understood, like this kind of top-level collision.

You must not approach it easily, if you approach it lightly, you will die directly!

So it is more appropriate to hide and watch the battle from a distance.

Of course, it doesn’t mean that they are afraid of death, but it is really very dangerous.

If it is affected by the waiting battle, it will lead to death.

There is really no way to die more aggrieved than this.


Somewhere in the first half of the great route.

The flying island of the Flying Pirates is flying in the sky, but now there are also screens here.

So you can also watch the real-time broadcast of the battle situation of the Navy Headquarters in time.

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