People Are Sailing: Domineering on the Top Declares the Whole World

Chapter 202

Sengoku saw Lafitte bypassing Akainu and rushing over.

Ready to intercept Lafitte himself


[115] Unexpectedly, attacking unprepared


Warring States used the devil fruit ability for a long time.

The animal is in the form of a giant Buddha of phantom beast species.

When the Warring States period transformed into the form of a giant Buddha, the whole momentum increased dramatically.


Lafitte was also surprised, because the aura on Sengoku was very strong.

It can be said that it is basically the same as the red dog Sakaski who was going to attack him just now.

Warring States: “Boy, don’t easily think that you can break through the execution platform.”

“Give me back!”

“Big Buddha Shockwave.”

Sengoku stretched out his right palm, and the powerful shock wave power was concentrated in the palm of his hand.

A palm directly aimed at Lafitte and slapped it.

Lafitte also quickly used his armed domineering to defend.

If you want to break through the execution platform, you must break through the blockade of the Warring States Period.

But now he has to carry out armed domineering defense.

Lafitte is using the armed color to arm the wings to resist the shock wave of the Warring States Period.


The moment he was hit by the shock wave, Lafitte couldn’t help but spit out a mouthful of blood.

In any case, Warring States is also a top-level combat power.

He was also instantly injured when he was hit by the shock wave of the Great Buddha in the Warring States Period.

After resisting it, it took less than five seconds.

Lafitte was finally knocked out by the shock wave of the Warring States Period.

After retreating hundreds of meters in a row, he barely stopped.

Lafitte’s pale face was bleeding from the corners of his mouth, and he wiped the blood from the corners of his mouth with his hands.

“As expected of Marshal of the Warring States Period! The strength is quite incredible!”

“I have used the armed color domineering to defend, and it can still make me suffer such damage.”

Now Lafitte also has a certain understanding of the power of the Warring States Period.


Knowing that if you want to break through the blockade of the Warring States Period, Captain Luo Chen probably has a way.

Although it didn’t work out this time.

At least he knew useful information, and Lafitte thought it was worth it.

Lafitte did not continue after a failed assault.

After all, it would be futile to continue.

It would be better to kill more navy soldiers directly.

At the same time, among the Luochen Pirates, there was also a person who killed very bravely.

That is Ah Jin.

It can be said that now Ah Jin is killing the enemy recklessly.

There is no holding back at all, even if the enemy is just a navy soldier!

Ah Jin’s standard is very simple, that is, kill until the navy feels terrified!

It’s that simple and violent.

After the Warring States repelled Lafitte, they did not relax their vigilance at all!

Because the repelled is not the main enemy at all.

The most important enemy has not yet been dispatched, and there is no joy at all.

If that’s the case, it’s really too bad.

If it was to repel Luo Chen, Warring States would have been happy in his heart.

But no.

So we have to be more vigilant.


New World Whitebeard Pirates.

Ace asked suspiciously: “How strange? Why hasn’t Luo Chen planned to act yet?”

“It’s less than an hour and a half until the execution time!”

“If you keep procrastinating, you may not even have enough time.”

Ace, who was still very Buddhist in mind, was now anxious by Luo Chen.

It has been more than half of the time since the Luochen Pirates arrived at the Navy headquarters.

On the contrary, Luo Chen wasn’t in a hurry?

In fact, Ace himself could not have imagined that he would face this scene in the future.

Diamond Qiaoz also followed in doubt: “It’s really strange!”

“If the execution time is delayed, then Luo Chen will be very passive!”

The other team captains all looked at Papa Whitebeard.

It might be more accurate if Dad came to explain it himself.

After all, no matter how they guessed, it was impossible for them to be more accurate than Dad.

“Hula la la~” White Beard looked up to the sky and laughed.

“Stupid sons, don’t think too much, boy Luo Chen is ready to attack.”

“We’ll just watch with peace of mind.”

“But that guy from the Warring States Period is really old and confused!”

“I actually made such a big mistake just now, and it was still such a mistake on the battlefield.”

“Boy Luo Chen is right! Warring States has been a marshal for a long time, and he is confused.”

“But boy Luo Chen should be playing tricks.”

“Otherwise, this guy from the Warring States Period wouldn’t have made such a mistake.”

White Beard is not only thorough in his analysis, but also basically close to each other.

And what surprised him the most was the Warring States Period, who made a big oolong.

Now Baibeard is also very optimistic about Luo Chen.

Because this kid is very promising!

Ace, Marco, Diamond Joz and others also nodded.

It can be said that what the father said is very reasonable.


But White Beard is also very curious, what will Luo Chen do in the end?

After all, after the three generals were blocked, there were still two old guys, Sengoku and Karp.

Although Whitebeard himself is not afraid of Sengoku and Garp at all, he also knows that these two are not weak.

If you want to finally break through the blockade of the two, the degree of difficulty will be very high.

In addition, I still want to save people.

This also leads to more passive.

Of course, a solution is better than nothing.

Navy Headquarters Marine Vand.

The fighting sounds became more and more intense, and basically everyone was red-eyed.

Whether it’s a pirate or a navy, it’s the same!

After fighting to this period of time, he no longer cares about life.

The only purpose in his eyes is to kill the enemy.

Everything else is useless.

Robin, who was kneeling on the execution platform just now, saw Laffitte who came to save her being blown away by Sengoku.

Also couldn’t help crying.

Luo Chen has done too much for her.

It can be said that starting this war will cost the lives of many partners to rescue her.

It is not certain that the rescue will be 100% successful.

And Robin felt like he couldn’t do anything.

One thing that made her more gratified was that Luo Chen didn’t let all her sisters play.

The people who are fighting now are Runti, Saori, and Yamato and their three women.

They are also considered powerful women.

Therefore, the ability to protect itself on the battlefield is relatively sufficient.

How many others? Although more or less powerful.

But on such a large battlefield, it’s simply not enough to watch.

In fact, it is strange to say that the people who are resisting the two admirals now are Yamato and Saori.

The two of them were blocking Aokiji and Akainu respectively.

This is the Admiral of the Navy Headquarters, the second highest combat effectiveness of the Navy.

It can be said that the pirates who directly and indirectly helped the Luochen Pirates shared a lot of pressure.

From the beginning of the war to the present, the pirates of the Luo Chen Pirates have fallen a lot.

It can be said that Robin can see clearly on the execution platform.

Only then will I feel even more frightened.

Because this is a huge consumption!


At the same time, there is still such a large territory in the New World that needs to be managed.

The consumption of personnel is so huge,

When the time comes to return to the New World, it may cause certain turmoil and influence.

There will definitely be this, and it is impossible not to have it.

Robin has also been in the dark world for so long.

It is too understanding.

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