People Are Sailing: Domineering on the Top Declares the Whole World

Chapter 199

“Come here and fight to the death with my old lady.”

Originally, Yamato thought that he could have a good duel with this admiral Aokiji.

As a result, the green pheasant’s fighting will was not high at all.

The whole Yamato can only keep chasing Aokiji.

Like a loach.


“You’re really irritable! Miss Yamato.”

But since people wanted to fight him, Aokiji didn’t intend to continue playing.

It is estimated that Luo Chen will attack later.

The task of their generals is to resist Luo Chen.

However, these high-ranking cadres have to be resisted, but it is a pity that the lieutenant generals cannot stop these people.


Nami asked worriedly: “It seems a bit dangerous for Saori to deal with that red dog!”

“Luo Chen, is Saori in danger?”

Baccarat then said: “The damage of magma, even without the addition of armed domineering, the damage is very high.”

“Fortunately, Saori’s armed color is domineering enough.”

“There shouldn’t be much danger.”

“We don’t have to worry about that.”

Baccarat believes that Saori should have no problem, after all, Saori’s strength is not weak at all.

Perona booed, “Let Luo Chen go up and beat that red dog.”

“Beat that nasty red dog to the ground.”

“Tell him not to be too arrogant, and make it look like a two-five-eight.”

This phrase “258” Perona also learned from Luo Chen, and Perona didn’t understand it before.

In fact, many classic sentences came from Luo Chen’s mouth.

Luo Chen was also well aware of their worries.

He said calmly, “You don’t have to worry.”

“I will stay on board and protect the safety of our ship.”

“When I attack, you also protect your own safety.”

Luo Chen had already seen the changes in the whole situation.

So no matter how much danger their own person is in.

Luo Chen didn’t have any worries.

Khalifa next to him looked at the girls and at Luo Chen.

He said firmly: “Luo Chen, I want to go down and fight.”

“Fight for our Luochen Pirates.”

“I have betrayed the world government, and I have nothing to do with the navy.”

The original plan was not to let Kalifa play.

But Luo Chen would not stop her from her own decision.


【113】New World’s Two Great Four Emperors Start Action


Hawkeye Mihawk has watched the war from the sidelines.

But the attention has been focused on Luo Chen.

“What will you do? Luo Chen.”

“Wouldn’t the degree of difficulty be so high for those who want to break through to the execution platform to rescue you?”

“Let me see what kind of miracles a man like you can create in the end.”

Now Hawkeye Mihawk is full of expectations for Luo Chen.

I believe this man will continue to create miracles, if it stops here.

The description is not top notch.

Although it is very difficult, you don’t need to fail if you want to always stand on the top of the world.

All difficulties must be overcome in order to become the strongest and the leader of the times.

So after Hawkeye Mihawk lost to Luo Chen again just now, there was no reason to leave.

The purpose is to witness that Luo Chen can see the miracle happen.

Of course it doesn’t necessarily happen.

No matter what, you have to witness it all happen.

New World Red Hair Pirates.

The red-haired Shanks drank the wine slowly and said, “These subordinates of Luo Chen are all very powerful!”

“Excluding the captain, the crew alone is indeed a pirate group at the level of the Four Emperors.”

“The development is really not so fast!”

“It’s been a long time since the establishment of the pirate group, and they have such a strong combat power.”

When the red-haired Shanks sighed, Beckman next to him put away the phone bug.

Beckman lit a cigarette and said, “Shanks, Aunt Charlotte Lingling is making moves.”

“According to the news from our people, the target is Wano Country.”

“I guess they want to take advantage of the time when the Luo Chen Pirates are at war with the Navy Headquarters!”

“Plunder Wano country in the past.”

Beckman is now in charge of the new world. After all, Shanks has explained everything, but what happened to Aunt Charlotte Lingling!

They also have to take action in order to stabilize the new world.

Relatively speaking, this is even more important.

Shanks drank the wine in the bottle in one gulp.

Responded: “Really? Aunt Charlotte Lingling, that old woman still can’t help but act.”

Beckman went on to say: “Auntie personally dispatched!”

“I also brought two generals, namely Simuji and Cracker.”

“Let’s not talk about aunt Charlotte Lingling herself, those two generals are not what the only remaining power in Wano country can bear.”

“So once this force enters the Wano country, it will immediately make the Wano country fall into a passive position.”

Beckman immediately analyzed all of these. It can be said that this time the aunt Charlotte Lingling was well prepared.

As for the Luochen Pirates going to face the Navy Headquarters this time, more than 90% of their combat power must have been taken away.

So if the red-haired pirates want to act, they have to be quick.


And the red-haired Shanks didn’t have any slack, after knowing the news.

Immediately call all the younger brothers to set off.

Big Mom Charlotte Lingling can’t log into Wano Country anymore.

Otherwise, it would be even more troublesome to stop Big Mom Charlotte Lingling in Wano Country.

This is not what Shanks wants to see!

So at this time, we must start to race against time.

The speed has to be fast.

The Wanguo Bigmom Pirates have just started to act!

Then the red-haired pirates followed immediately.

The Whitebeard Pirates in the New World did not take any action.

As the most powerful Whitebeard Pirates in the New World, the intelligence system is also quite superior.

So whether it is the actions of the Bigmom Pirates or the Red Hair Pirates.

All of them were passed on to the Whitebeard Pirates.

All the team captains gathered around the white-bearded father and talked a lot.

Discussing Big Mom Charlotte Lingling’s past Wano Country, including the red-haired Shanks also followed suit.

It can be said that the two people’s actions will cause a great sensation, which is the case for the new world.

But their Whitebeard Pirates are still as stable as Mount Tai.

It has not been affected in any way!

Of course, these are not a big problem for the white beard pirates, especially the white beard father.

Their Whitebeard Pirates are an existence that no one can shake.

Marco said: “Father, aunt Charlotte Lingling, that guy can’t help but do something to Wano Country.”

“But it looks like the red-haired Shanks has dealt with this matter in the past.”

“What are we going to do, Dad.”

Usually some things are decided by Marco himself, but it is more appropriate to leave it to the father to make decisions on such key matters.

Because the father of the Whitebeard Pirates is the core of the entire Pirates.

“Hula la la~” White Beard looked up to the sky and laughed.

“Did that kid with red hair stop that Charlotte Lingling woman?”

“But it is indeed like that little brat who likes to meddle in his own business!”

“Since the red-haired kid went to deal with it, we don’t need to bother.”

“Continue to watch how the little devil Luo Chen will make a comeback.”

Not to mention anything else, Baibeard himself was full of curiosity about Luo Chen’s next actions!

I don’t know why White Beard really wants to see how he coughed at the end of the Warring States Period.

Don’t look at the guy in Warring States with a face of justice on the surface.

Sometimes it is very insidious. White Beard has known Warring States for so many years.

Don’t you know about the Warring States? ?

Everyone else, including Marco, nodded their heads.

Something about Big Mom Charlotte Lingling and Red Hair Shanks.

There is absolutely no need for them to meddle too much, after all, they are not people who like to meddle in their own business.


Now the entire Navy Headquarters, Marin Fando, is basically in a mess.

Strong men are at war everywhere.

Including Shichibukai Basoromixiong is also fighting against Runti.

In terms of strength, Runti is weaker than Basoromixiong.

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