People Are Sailing: Domineering on the Top Declares the Whole World

Chapter 184


[101] Big Dog True God Form


Kizaru’s attack is continuous, while Yamato’s attack is a one-off burst.

After fighting for a while, Yamato began to feel that his stamina was insufficient.

It is impossible to completely resist the attack of the yellow ape.

Yamato’s eyes glowed red.

The body began to undergo new changes, and the yellow monkey who was fighting Yamato immediately noticed the changes in Yamato.

The true **** form of the big dog, Yamato’s devil fruit phantom beast species ability.

The changes in Yamato have attracted the attention of the high-level navy, including people who are watching the war.

Sengoku was on the execution platform, watching Yamato change.

Surprised: “That’s it? The animal-type phantom beast?”

“Damn it, this woman must also be removed.”

“Or else in the future…”

Warring States once again raised the danger factor of Yamato to a higher level.

The devil fruit phantom form, this rare devil fruit ability.

As long as the capable person is not a fool, they can basically live a good life.

In addition, he is also the owner of the domineering look.

When he grows up in the future, he will definitely belong to the level of the Four Emperors.

If this war had not started, their navy might have been kept in the dark this time.

Didn’t know there was such a person in the Luo Chen Pirates?

New World World Bigmom Pirates.

When Yamato transformed into the true **** form of the big dog, many people showed envious eyes.

After all, domineering look and arrogance are hard to come by.

However, there is a chance to obtain the powerful devil fruit ability.

But the other party is not only the owner of the domineering look, but also the animal-type phantom beast ability?

This made them envious.

This is true even if they are in the Four Emperor Bigmom Pirates.

No one would dislike being able to have a powerful devil fruit ability.

This is the case in the sea!

Whoever is lucky enough to obtain a powerful devil fruit ability will gain a greater name in the sea in the future.

Because everyone’s fighting talent is limited.

It is impossible to keep growing infinitely, so a powerful devil fruit is needed to break the upper limit.

Compared with the Bigmom Pirates, only the woman is known as Yamato.

But they don’t know each other’s real identity.

But aunt Charlotte Lingling kept looking at Yamato.

Katakuri found that it seemed that his mother knew that woman?

So he asked: “Mom, do you know who the other party is?”

Others also cast curious glances, wanting to know why mother would know?

Aunt Charlotte Lingling smiled and said, “Well, well~”

“It’s normal that you don’t know this female doll.”

“If you also know her, I will feel strange.” “

“Because she is the daughter of Beast Kaido!”

“I never thought Kaido’s daughter would join the Luochen Pirates.”

“The Beast Kaido was killed by someone, and his people also ran to the Luochen Pirates.”

“This guy really failed!”

“Fortunately, he was the Four Emperors just like my old lady before, so it’s just a name for nothing.”

Aunt Charlotte Lingling’s cognition of Beast Kaido has also declined even more.

Because even his own subordinates and his daughter cannot be 100% loyal to him!

In the eyes of aunt Charlotte Lingling, this is where Kaido of Beasts failed.

In fact, the aunt Charlotte Lingling herself didn’t even find her own shortcomings.

That is her children, who are basically afraid of the aunt Charlotte Lingling, their mother, from the bottom of their hearts.

If aunt Charlotte Lingling was defeated one day.

Unless someone from the Charlotte family can carry this banner.

Otherwise, it will disappear in an instant.

Of course, aunt Charlotte Lingling couldn’t discover this by herself.

When the members of the Charlotte family heard their mother’s words, they all showed shocking eyes.

Because they never thought that that woman would be the daughter of Beast Kaido.

No wonder it is so powerful.

It also has the domineering look of the overlord and the ability of the animal-type phantom beast.

It can be compared with Katakuri, the highest masterpiece of their family.


Katakuri of their family is also an extremely talented person.

He is also an awakened person with the domineering look and devil fruit ability.

So they understand that a powerful subordinate will bring huge benefits to the Pirates.

Katakuri: “Mom, it is estimated that the Navy Headquarters wants to take down the Luochen Pirates this time.”

“It’s going to cost a lot.”

“In addition to Yamato, the daughter of Beast Kaido, and Enel, the thunder fruit capable person, including another woman, Saori.”

“These combat powers are extremely powerful.”

Before that, Katakuri made a certain analysis of the Luochen Pirates today.

Including the analysis of several of their top combat power.

These are things that need attention.

Because once there is a conflict with the Luo Chen Pirates, then the people they will be competing with will be those of the Luo Chen Pirates.

Smukki looked at her elder brother Katakuri adoringly and said, “As expected of Brother Katakuri.”

“It’s all about analyzing the enemy in advance!”

In fact, there is no need to worship Smouki like this, but Katakuri is like this!

The other siblings are all about Katakuri too!

Because Katakuri is perfect in their mind.

There are no weaknesses.

Facing the enemy is also invincible.

Otherwise, it would not be evaluated as the highest masterpiece of the Charlotte family.

The screen returns to the Marine Vanduo Square of the Navy Headquarters.

After Yamato transformed into the true **** form of the big dog, he directly cracked Huang Yuan’s eight-foot Qiong Gouyu.

After Huang Yuan’s attack was interrupted, he said wretchedly: “It’s so scary!…”

“If I’m not mistaken, is it a devil fruit of the animal-type Phantom Beast?”

“The Luochen Pirates are so scary!”

The wretched look on Huang Yuan’s face directly made Yamato very upset.

But the yellow monkey stayed in mid-air, and now Yamato had no choice.

Because Yamato herself can’t fly yet, it’s embarrassing.

If he used a long-range attack, the yellow monkey would definitely be able to dodge it.

After all, Yamato still has some understanding of the speed of Shining Fruit’s ability.

Suddenly a flash of lightning came to Yamato’s side.

Yamato asked suspiciously: “Enilu? Why are you here? That yellow monkey is my wife’s opponent, don’t **** it.”

Yamato knew that Enilo was also very aggressive, so he stopped him immediately.

Can’t let Enilo steal a good opponent.


Enilu showed dead fish eyes and said: “Let me come!”

“This guy, it’s easier for me to deal with.”

“If you want to deal with the general, there is a guy using ice in the distance over there, which is just right.”

In fact, Enilo is more interested in people who seem to have similar abilities to the orangutan, a devil fruit.

Also a good opponent.

That’s why I came here to grab Yamato’s opponent.

As for recommending Yamato to fight Aokiji in the past, the main reason is because there is only Aokiji left in the field!

Another general, Akainu, was still sitting under the execution platform.

So Enilo directly asked Yamato to find Aokiji.

When Yamato heard this, he really wanted to curse directly.

This guy, Anilu, didn’t even ask her if she agrees?

Just come and give her random orders?

Yamato, who belongs to the form of the big dog true god, is getting worse and worse.

The eyes looking at Anilu are constantly changing.

Anilu immediately knew that what he said just now was a bit too much.

So he quickly responded: “Go back when the time comes, and I will be your training partner for free.”

No matter what, let’s stabilize Yamato first.

And the corner of the yellow ape’s mouth twitched in mid-air…

What do these **** of the Luochen Pirates think of him, the admiral of the Navy Headquarters?

How do you say they are also the ceiling of the sea!

The general of the Navy headquarters is not a cat or a dog.

Said wretchedly: “It seems that the old man is really underestimated!” (De Wang’s)

“Then don’t blame the old man, don’t show mercy.”

Huang Yuan intends to give these Luochen Pirates a little color.

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