People Are Sailing: Domineering on the Top Declares the Whole World

Chapter 178

Warring States is also not easy to criticize directly in person.

Who made the Qiwuhai under the king be directly under the management of the world government?

Shichibukai under the king is also at the same level as the Navy Headquarters.

Of course, this does not refer to combat power, but refers to the level of the world government.

Bartholomi Xiong was the first to respond: “Understood, Marshal of the Warring States Period.”

The other kings Shichibukai all took a look at Basoromikuma.

This guy is worthy of being rumored to be a firm lackey of the world government.

This Warring States has just finished speaking, and immediately jumped out to show loyalty?

It made them not talk, and they all felt that they couldn’t do it.

But they are all people who have experienced strong winds and waves, and Bartholomew bears can’t affect them at all.


In Marine Vanduo Square, the headquarters of the Navy.

A group of elite naval soldiers stood densely.

According to visual estimates, the number is already close to the astonishing 100,000 elite combat power.

In the first row, there are six notorious big pirate kings Xiaqiwuhai.

Hai Xia is very flat.

Moonlight Moriah.

Bartholomew Bear.


Hawkeye Mihawk.

Boa Hancock.

These six people are dressed differently from the navy, but no one dares to underestimate these six people.

Because they are the big pirates recognized by the world government, the King of the Seven Martial Seas, one of the forces stabilizing the balance of the world.

In the back is a row of giants like a mountain guarding in front of the execution platform.

1. This made people watching the screen deeply shocked by the powerful force of the navy.

Directly below the execution platform, there are three chairs.

Three people wearing admiral’s coats came over one after another.

The first one is Admiral Kizaru of the Navy Headquarters. ..

The second is Admiral Akainu of the Navy Headquarters. ..

The third is Admiral Aokiji of the Navy Headquarters. ..

The three walked to the positions corresponding to their chairs and sat down.

The huge oppressive atmosphere conveyed to the entire Navy Headquarters, Marin Fando.

“Is that the generals? Such a powerful breath.”

“With three generals in charge, we don’t need to worry about the Luo Chen Pirates at all.”

“That’s right! We have assembled so many troops here alone, which is enough to deal with the Luo Chen Pirates.”

“There is no need for the generals to take action at all.”

“There is also the Qi Wuhai, the king in front of me.”

“The elite lieutenant generals have also assembled.”

“I can’t think of any possibility that our navy will lose.”

“That is, directly crush the Luo Chen Pirates, and then end the war.”

The elite naval soldiers assembled from all over the world have never seen such a scene.

This collection of powerful people in the Navy headquarters!

If any opponent comes, they have to go to the Navy Headquarters.


[096] Robin said in front of the whole world that Tianlong people are evil


Doflamingo stood in front and smiled, “Hey hey!”

“Unexpectedly, to deal with the Luo Chen Pirates, the navy would directly use all its strength.”

“It seems that the Warring States Period is also worried that they won’t be able to defeat Luo Chen! Hehe.”

Doflamingo kept sneering, because in his opinion, the Warring States Period was afraid of Luo Chen.

Otherwise, all the lieutenant generals, including the admirals, will not be able to gather all the main combat forces of the navy.


Boa Hancock, who was already in a bad mood, after hearing what Doflamingo said.

It was almost fried directly.

I can’t wait to turn around and kill the navy.

Luo Chen dared to treat him like this.

Boya Hancock has already deeply remembered the Sengoku, this guy is the admiral of the Navy headquarters.

It must be he who bears the main responsibility.

Jinping’s expression was somewhat unnatural, because he really didn’t want to participate in this war.

It’s just that he was warned by the world government before, telling him to take part in the war honestly.

Otherwise, force will be used against Murloc Island.

For the consideration of Fishman Island, Jinbe had no choice but to stand here.

However, I don’t plan to contribute any more under the same conditions, and when the war starts, I will go to the edge of 08.

Try not to participate in the decisive battle between the two sides.

Bartholomew stood there expressionless and stared straight ahead.

Moonlight Moria was full of excitement, as if waiting for Luo Chen to come over.

You can take Luo Chen’s head, and become famous directly, and become famous in the sea.

No matter how noisy the surroundings were, Hawkeye Mihawk was unmoved, and kept closing his eyes to rest his mind.

Now for Hawkeye Mihawk, he only cares about Luo Chen’s arrival.

No matter how long the wait was, Hawkeye Mihawk felt it was worth it.

Because being able to fight Luo Chen again is his biggest goal at present.

Huang Yuan originally walked over, and people looked very imposing.

As a result, as soon as he sat down, the wretched look on his face was undoubtedly revealed.

There is no image of a general at all.

Wretchedly said: “The sea is really calm!”

“I don’t know where the Luochen Pirates are now?”

The sea around Marin Fando was extremely calm, as if it was the eve of the storm.

Aokiji responded, “We’ll just have to wait.”

“Four hours left.”

When Aokiji said that there were four hours left in the time, he inadvertently looked at Nico Robin who had not yet appeared on the execution platform from the corner of his eyes.

What a miserable woman.

The red dog Sakaski crossed his legs, crossed his hands, and lowered his head slightly with his hat on.

But the whole body is full of murderous aura, which can be directly felt by the entire Marin Fando.

“As long as Luo Chen appears, the old man’s magma will teach him to be a man.”

In the eyes of the red dog, the rest of the Luo Chen Pirates are all trash.

Only Luo Chen himself is the target of Chiquan.


Lieutenant General He and Garp came to the execution platform together.

Two gray-haired old men stood together, but no one dared to underestimate them.

One is the naval hero Karp, and the other is the naval general staff.

They are all important pillars of the Navy Headquarters.

Garp said: “There are still four hours left! I can see boy Luo Chen.”

“Thinking of losing to boy Luo Chen, it seems like it was yesterday, and I still remember it vividly.”

Karp sighed, Luo Chen’s growth and achievements are unparalleled.

It is rare to see someone as talented as Luo Chen.

Lieutenant General He looked ahead and said, “It will be over soon, in a few hours.”

Watching the rising sun, the day is over.

Garp laughed loudly and said, “It may not be that easy! Xiaohe.”

“Maybe, it might be the beginning of the navy’s nightmare!”

Crane looked at Karp strangely? This old guy is really getting more and more out of tune.

Lieutenant General Crane: “It is impossible for the pirates to win, and it is impossible for the pirates to win.”

“Because that way the world program will be in turmoil, and there will be chaos all over the world.”

Garp understood what Xiaohe meant.

At this time, two executioners pressed Nico Robin and stepped onto the execution platform step by step.

Nicole Robin’s face paled! dull.

During this time, he was also subjected to severe torture.

Warring States also followed Nicole Robin the whole time, going to the execution platform together.

Because he knew that Luo Chen had the ability of space type, just in case.

Warring States felt that this was very necessary.

Not to mention being foolproof, at least the danger must be minimized.

Normally speaking, the Warring States Period had to go to the execution platform ahead of time.

When Nicole Robin was pressed onto the execution platform and knelt down.

The entire navy shouted in unison: “Ho Ho Ho!”

“Destroy the Luochen Pirates.”

“Destroy the Luochen Pirates.”

Hundreds of thousands of people shouted in unison, how shocking the sound was.

People in front of the screen.

“Is that the son of the devil? They are all evil people. The navy’s approach is too correct.”

“That’s right! Destroy the pirates.”

“Restore the stability of the world.”

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