People Are Sailing: Domineering on the Top Declares the Whole World

Chapter 157

“Within a year’s time, I have defeated Hawkeye Mihawk and Hero Garp in a row, and now I have killed the Four Emperors and Hundred Beasts Kaido.”

“Hmph! It’s not because the navy is too incompetent to be stirred up by a pirate like this.”

“There are more and more pirates in the first place, and there will definitely be more pirates in the future.”

“These are not things we civilians need to worry about, but the Navy Headquarters and the world government are becoming more and more incompetent.”

“Be careful, don’t say these words too much, or if people from the world government hear it.”

“Our lives may not be guaranteed.”

When people read the reports about the Luochen Pirates, they are more worried about their own safety!

Because the more powerful the pirates are, the more precarious their protection becomes.

The Luochen Pirates have stirred up the situation so much, and as a result, neither the Navy Headquarters nor the World Government has any movement.

This keeps the hearts of the people hanging! There is no peace!

“Let’s not worry too much, these are not things we can worry about!”

“If the Navy Headquarters and the world government don’t deal with it, there is nothing we can do.”

“We still should eat and drink, let’s talk about it after living a good day!”

“Anyway, how the world situation is changing, we are just like a drop of rain.”

“Even if it falls, it won’t cause any reaction!”

The worries of the people are just in vain!

It can’t change anything, but they still hope that the Navy Headquarters and the world government can do more.


New World Whitebeard Pirates.

Marco also returned to the Moby Dick from Wano Country.

Also tell what you know to Papa Whitebeard and the brothers of the Whitebeard Pirates.

Everyone in the Whitebeard Pirates sat around and discussed with each other about Luo Chen.

The captain of the sixth team asked: “Marco, who do you think Luo Chen is?”

“Why is it not only so powerful, but also so young, a talent that makes people feel scary even thinking about it.”

“Kaido, the Four Emperors and Hundred Beasts, was overthrown by him.”

Speaking of this, the captain of the sixth team was constantly refreshed by Luo Chen’s achievements again and again.

Marco sat next to the white-bearded father, and fell into deep thought after being asked.

Indeed! Marco himself was really shocked.

The Luochen Pirates are attacking Wano Country, the base camp of the Hundred Beasts Pirates.

It can end the war in a few days!

From here, we can see how strong the overall combat effectiveness of the Luo Chen Pirates is.

Holding Luo Chen’s poster, Whitebeard laughed and said, “Woo ha ha ha!”

“The old man admires Luo Chen very much now, he is a very good kid.”

“It’s rising faster than the red-haired kid back then. It seems that the old man is about to retire from the era.”

Whitebeard himself did not lament that he is really old, and the younger generation is constantly rising rapidly.

But this is the time! Generation after generation, Whitebeard also sees clearly.

Starting from Rocks at the beginning, and then fighting for hegemony with Roger, Roger became the King of One Piece.

The Golden Lion withdrew from the stage of history, and finally “;\”If.:;Water, small?”?\”7:.6;3.0,\’1,5″;:?8\’\’?5.0\’ ,2 water\’small 35?7;:\’preparation;use?;:medium 5,,0;2\’:9;6\’,,0\’1.\”:1 He was called the world by the world The strongest man.

In the new world, the four emperors stand together, and now the corner of the four emperors has collapsed, and Luo Chen has successfully taken office as the new four emperors.

It can be said that it is countless times faster than the speed of the red-haired Shanks.

At that time, the red-haired Shanks became the Four Emperors, and it took him many years to reach his current status.

Now it took Luo Chen only nearly a year to go to sea to complete this feat!

Who can match such a record? ?

Anyway, in the eyes of Whitebeard, no one can match him.

If this was his idea of ​​Whitebeard 1.8, if other people knew about it, they would definitely be shocked.

White Beard is known as the strongest man in the world, even White Beard is surprised!

Not to mention others.

There are also some senior team captains who have noticed the subtle changes in the white bearded father.


Marco asked: “Father, you are not old yet, you are still the strongest man in the world.”

“Standing at the apex of all pirates.”

Diamond Qiaoz also immediately said: “Marco is right, you are still the strongest man in the world, Dad.”

“Including who dares to be unfavorable to the old man, I, Joz, will be the first to disagree.”

Diamond Joz had a murderous look on his face, as if anyone dared to harm Papa Whitebeard.

He Diamond Jozzy will rush up immediately.

Bikita clenched the double knives tightly, the meaning was self-evident.

That’s the same meaning as Diamond Jozy.

Their Whitebeard Pirates are existences that cannot be provoked, not anyone else.

Anyone who dares to touch this bottom line.

That is to be the enemy of the entire Whitebeard Pirates! !

The same is true for other team captains.

Whitebeard glanced at his sons.

With a flat smile: “Woo ha ha ha ~”

“My stupid sons, Daddy and I are just an ordinary person!”

“That may always be the strongest, and there will always be a day when I grow old.”

“At that time, you will have to rely on yourselves.”

“Father, I can’t protect you all my life.”

At this time, White Beard is also rare to let go of his usual disguise. Of course, the disguise is just to pretend that he can still be very powerful.

In fact, Whitebeard himself knew that his own body had begun to decline.

It is impossible to be as strong as in the prime of life, and the faster it declines as it goes on.

It is not obvious now, but it is estimated that it will become more and more obvious in a few years.

These white beards can feel it themselves.





[086] The influence brought by Luo Chen


Now that Luo Chen is rising rapidly, White Beard really feels that he is getting old.

But one thing is more gratifying, that is, Ace, Ace’s potential Whitebeard is still very clear.

As the son of his former rival Roger, he definitely has no problems with his potential.

Therefore, Whitebeard still values ​​Ace very much, and believes that Ace in the future can also grow into a person who can replace him.

This kind of Whitebeard Pirates can be regarded as a guarantee.

Otherwise, Marco, as his right-hand man, would have found it very difficult to fully lead the Whitebeard Pirates.

As early as when Ace appeared before, White Beard was also bright, but he couldn’t show it.

After all, Ace is still very young and needs more willpower.

As long as you hone your will, when you are strong, you will have enough responsibility to **** the Whitebeard Pirates.

The entire Whitebeard Pirates are Whitebeard’s own sons!

He also didn’t expect these sons to be divided up and disintegrated by other forces after losing his father.

That’s not what Whitebeard wants to see.

When Luo Chen hadn’t appeared, although Ace was strong, he was still slightly underselected in terms of hard work.

But now facing Luo Chen who is the same age, Ace already feels tremendous pressure.

This huge pressure can also be regarded as a driving force for growth.

It can better enhance Ace’s overall combat effectiveness.


In the past, Ace’s own natural ability to burn fruits has brought no disadvantages!

But in front of the truly strong, it is not enough at all.

What is really powerful is domineering, and only strong domineering can have enough strength to gain a foothold on the sea.

Before, Ace was confused about the domineering and armed domineering.

Although Whitebeard himself didn’t say anything.

But basically it was all in the eyes and didn’t say anything.

But it’s different now, Luo Chen’s rapid rise, coupled with the white beard, is also slowly aging.

If it is the sons of the Whitebeard Pirates, none of them can really carry the banner.

Then you don’t need to think about it, it won’t be long before the territory of the Whitebeard Pirates, including everything, will be divided up in an instant.

Marko noticed the strangeness of the old man and said: “Dad, don’t worry!”

“We will always go strong.”

“We, the Whitebeard Pirates, will always exist forever.”

When Marco said this, his meaning was also very firm!

That is, no accidents will be allowed to happen to the Whitebeard Pirates!

Even if you pay the price!

Whitebeard continued to laugh again: “Hula la la~”

“Idiot sons, Dad, I am still in good health!”

“Don’t worry about it any more.”

“Now that boy Luo Chen has become the new Four Emperors, he will stop for a while.”

“And this period of time will be several years, unless there are other changes!”

“Otherwise there’s nothing to worry about.”

White Beard picked up the wine bottle while talking indifferently, and drank it in big gulps.

The heroic aura of soaring into the sky made the sons next to him look up to him!

Because this is their white-bearded father, the strongest man in the world.


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