People Are Sailing: Domineering on the Top Declares the Whole World

Chapter 15


It’s time to fight. The most excited person is Bashas.

This guy himself was born as a fighter, and he was born to love fighting.

And this time to eliminate the Creek Pirates, of course they have to bear the brunt of it!

How can you not bear the brunt of it? In Bashas’ view, every opportunity should not be let go.

Bashas rushed directly towards the guy in the golden armor.

Directly increase the running speed to the limit, in order to be able to drive the impact.

Creek also brandished his weapon, aiming at the rushing Bashas to greet the guests.

The two increased their speed to the limit in order to kill each other quickly.

Bashas enjoys fighting, but Crick is different.

Because the opponent is not yet the captain to attack, it is necessary to solve the opponent more quickly.

Otherwise, the entire Creek Pirates might be passive.

Lafitte went to find another member of the Creek Pirates, the captain of the combat team, Akin.

This person was explained by Captain Luo Chen, so Lafitte felt that it was necessary to come to the assessment.

If it’s too close, it’s really a bit unreasonable.

Of course, it is best to have a certain strength foundation.

Because their Luo Chen Pirates need combatants with strong combat effectiveness.

No need for miscellaneous fish, and miscellaneous fish can only do some chores!

There is absolutely no need to attract attention, but this person was mentioned by Captain Luo Chen.

So it must be more or less capable.


In addition, Kapenbeki, Trafalgaro, Hawkins and others are responsible for dealing with the miscellaneous fish of the Creek Pirates.

These two relatively powerful people have already been divided up by Bashas and Lafitte.

They have no choice but to do so.

Luo Chen stood on the side and watched the fight in front of him quietly, as if it had nothing to do with him.

Saori also asked curiously at this time: “Luo Chen, is the person you value this time the thin and dark person?”

Saori also felt that Luo Chen should be recruiting that person this time, so he asked about it.

Luo Chen simply nodded in response.

Laffitte’s strength is even stronger than that of Ah Jin, so he can basically fight with ease.

There is no pressure at all, and it is very simple to defeat Ah Jin!

It just depends on whether Lafitte wants this question or not!

There is basically no problem here.

In less than a while, the entire Creek Pirates were completely defeated.

He was beaten to pieces by the Luo Chen Pirates.

Klick saw it too, he didn’t expect this group of people to be so powerful.

Including his own side is becoming more and more passive.

Facing Bashas’ fierce offensive, Klick could only resist non-stop now.

Creek also knew that his fate might be coming to an end.

But Klick was very unconvinced!

Why did you meet such a powerful pirate group?

Here and there is a pirate group! It’s just a bunch of monsters.


In the end, Klick was sent flying by Bashas.


“Finally knocked you **** away.”

After Bashas saw himself successfully knocking his opponent into the air, he also let out a heroic laugh!

On the other hand, Lafitte also cleaned up and defeated Ah Jin!

Then Lafitte dragged Ajin directly to Luo Chen.

Akin was only defeated by Lafitte, and did not lose consciousness.

So you can still stay awake!

“Your name is Ajin, right! Join my pirate group.”

“Let you see the more distant sky.”

Luochen didn’t drag his feet in any way, and straight to the point said that he wanted Ajin to join his pirate group.

Ah Jin was also directly surprised.

“Why did you let me join your pirate group?” Ajin also asked his own doubts.

Why on earth did Luo Chen let him join the Pirates? ?

Luo Chen didn’t continue any nonsense, but directly pulled out the big sharp knife Shuang Shi.

Aiming at the sea in the distance, he directly slashed across it.

In an instant, the entire space seemed to be shaken, and a huge flying slash flew out like this.

Directly breaking through the air and rushing thousands of meters away, the entire sea was divided into two halves.

It has not healed for a long time.

Ah Jin was completely dumbfounded.

I just couldn’t believe it, what I saw with my own eyes.

Is this his true strength?

It turns out that the world is so far away, and it is estimated that I will not be able to reach the height if I work hard for a lifetime.

But with such a powerful captain, the future should be very interesting.

That’s right! This time, Ah Jin was completely overwhelmed by Luo Chen’s strength.


【020】The Frog at the Bottom of the Well


On the shore of Xiluobu Village, the boat docked.

Luo Chen took the lead to get off the boat, and a group of people marched into Xiluobu Village.

On the road, he saw three children playing pirate games, blocking the road, and Kapenbeki immediately ran forward and shouted to get out of the way.

“Don’t take the lead!”

The three children were all frightened. They had never seen such a frightening person before, and they didn’t know what to do.

Luo Chen walked up to the three children and asked, “How do I get to Keya’s house? I’m her friend. I happened to pass by Xiluobu Village this time, so I came to have a look.”

The child saw how scary the other side was just now, and wondered if he might be a bad person, and didn’t know whether to answer or not!

Luo Chen saw that they were hesitating! So he said: “He is a scary person like this, don’t take it to heart.”

Slowly saw a person on the tree, it turned out to be Usopp, the sniper of the Straw Hat Pirates in memory.

Usopp heard footsteps and looked back

It turned out to be my third younger brother, and there were so many other people I didn’t know.

Ke Ya at the roof window was also shocked that a group of strangers came to Xiluobu Village.

Seeing the leader approaching, Ke Ya asked curiously, “May I ask who you are?”

“I’m looking for your butler, Ke Luo.” Luo Chen said the purpose of this plainly.

“I’m sorry! My housekeeper’s name is not Keluo, but Klabatelle.” Keya corrected when she heard that the other party had found the wrong person.

Only then did Luo Chen realize that he had forgotten, and that Ke Luo changed his name when he came here.

Luo Chen: “Hmm! It’s Clabatel, that’s right, he used to be called Keluo.”

Ke Ya was worried that these people on the opposite side were bad people, what if they hurt Clabatel?

Just then, Crowe and Mellie came out of the room.

Chloe: “Is there anything you can do with me?”

Luo Chen cut to the chase and said, “Captain of the Black Cat Pirates.”

“Crow, the bounty is 16 million Baileys, right!!”

Crowe showed a shocked look for a moment, thinking… who the **** is he? Is it Pirate Hunter?

Otherwise, how could he be recognized in an instant.

Ke Ya was also surprised, and quickly asked, “Could you have made a mistake?”

“Kabatel is not a pirate.”


Crowe said at this time: “Are you a pirate hunter or a spy of the navy?”

When Crowe said this, he somewhat tacitly agreed that he was a pirate.

No, I am a pirate preparing to go to sea, and I specially invite you to join me.

Keya, Usopp, and Melly were all shocked. They couldn’t believe that their housekeeper turned out to be a pirate.

Immediately terrified,

“Kabatel, this is not true! You tell me,” Keya doesn’t believe that her butler is a pirate.

Crowe didn’t pretend anymore! He opened the mouth and said: “I am the captain of the Black Cat Pirates, Black Cat Crowe.”

Luo Chen: “I am the captain of the Luochen Pirates, Luo Chen.”

After hearing this, Crowe finally reacted after two seconds.

Horrified: “You are…you are…”

“The super rookie Luo Chen who was offered a reward of 100 million Berries for the first time recently???”

Crowe’s face is really completely gloomy now.

Unexpectedly, if he hides, he will be accurately found by the other party.

Make a tight fist.

Uncertainly asked: “Are you really here to invite me to join your pirate group?”

“The right to decide is up to you, if you want to be a frog in a well and watch the sky.”

“Then it can only mean that you only have this level!”

Luo Chen attacked unceremoniously.

Crowe glanced around at the people in front of him.

Excluding the leader, Luo Chen, and several other people standing around Luo Chen.

It also made Crowe feel that it was not simple at all.

Bashas shouted loudly: “Weihahaha!”

“Captain, stop talking nonsense with him.”

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