People Are Sailing: Domineering on the Top Declares the Whole World

Chapter 148

If there is no strong ship, these huge waves alone are enough to smash the plank of the ship.

Immediately, Perona became a little scared, and she didn’t pay attention to it.

Now that I have carefully looked at these huge waves, think of myself as a devil fruit capable user? ? ?

If it falls, can’t it just be finished? ?

Perona quickly floated to Saori’s side, hugged Saori tightly and looked scared!


“Saori, I’m afraid, I’m a devil fruit capable user, I’m afraid of sea water!”

Perona was guided by Nami so that now she is terrified when she sees the sea water.


Saori patted Perona on the back and comforted: “Okay! Alright!”

“Don’t be afraid!”

“Do you see how many of us are devil fruit capable?”

“Aren’t you not afraid? So Perona, you don’t have to be afraid.”

Saori can only transfer the topic to other people, if she continues to talk about Perona.

It is estimated that there is no need to arrive at Wano Country by then, Perona will fall first.

Baccarat followed up and said: “Yes! Perona, you see, none of us are afraid of sea water just because we are devil fruit capable users!”

“So you can’t be afraid!”

After Saori finished leading the topic, Baccarat also led the topic.

Try to reduce the factors that make Perona psychologically horrified, and let her think of other places.

Then there will be no problem.

On the contrary, Nami laughed loudly: “Hahaha!”

“Perona, you are too timid!”

“If Luo Chen knew, he would definitely laugh too. Haha!”

Perona roared: “Damn Nami, what nonsense!”

“My princess, I can’t leave a bad impression in Luo Chen’s heart.”

“Take it! Nami, Ghost Bomb.”

After Perona scolded Nami angrily, she directly used her devil fruit ability, and the ghost bomb hit Nami.

Not at all polite.

Nami panicked immediately, Perona’s devil fruit ability ghost bomb is not a joke!

He said in a panic: “Wait, stop, Perona, don’t mess around!”

Nami watched Perona’s ghost bomb getting closer, her face paled in panic.

After the ghost bomb penetrates Nami’s body.

Nami instantly became depressed!

Lie on the ground…”I don’t deserve to live in this world, I’m a slave to money.”

“I don’t deserve to live in this world, I’m a slave to money.”

Nami continued to say this sentence, making others laugh, but also kept a little eye on Perona’s devil fruit ability.

I feel that Perona’s devil fruit ability is too terrifying, and it directly makes the whole person extremely depressed.


The situation on Nami’s side was also seen by the team captains below.

It is also frightened by the ability of Perona, the devil fruit.

Perona, a female doll, usually doesn’t show her mountains and rivers, but her devil fruit ability is terrifying to death.

Bashas glanced at Perona and the others on the second floor from the corner of his eye.

Duduzui muttered: “This Perona must not be offended.”

“Looking at Miss Nami, depressed like that, it’s very scary to think about it.”

“What if I, myself, become so depressed??”

“It’s scary to think about it!”

When Bashas thought of his depressed appearance, it would definitely be unforgettable for the rest of his life…

So I decided not to provoke this Perona in the future, otherwise I don’t know how to die.

Not only Bashas’ complexion is not very good, but other people’s complexion is also not very good.

I think they are all dignified seven-foot men, pirates on the sea, if they reveal that kind of dark history!

That is simply the biggest stain in life.

Kapenbeki lit a cigar to ease the embarrassment on his face.

Hawkins: “Looks like we’re all intimidated by Perona’s devil fruit powers!”

“They said that the devil fruit abilities of the few of us are strange?”

“Perona’s devil fruit ability is the real killer!”

“Just this move can directly make people completely lose their combat effectiveness.”

And Trafalgaro on the side, thinking in his heart, in the spatial range of his surgical fruit ability…

Can you avoid Perona’s ghost attack? ?

You really have to think about this point, otherwise you don’t know how you were hit by Perona’s instant kill.

Like Trafalgaroo and others, it’s all about saving face.

Face is still very important, maybe it will leave a dark history.

Maybe he will become famous in the future, and this black history may become a legend…

Speaking of legends may be a bit too much, but it will definitely become an after-dinner topic.

In fact, it’s just that they think too much! It’s just that they thought of worse consequences!


The Luo Chen Pirates sailed at sea for about 20 minutes.

You can already see the multiple combined islands of Wano Country, a large kingdom.

Nami looked at the silhouette in front of her eyes and said, “We have arrived in Wano Country.”

“Get ready to start fighting.”

Nami knew that once she arrived in Wano Country, the war was about to begin.

Enel jumped down from sitting on the deck eating an apple.

Excitedly said: “Wait for the strongest among the cadres of the Hundred Beasts Pirates, leave it to me.”

Now Enilo is eager to move for the strong, especially in high-intensity battles.

Because recently I have been seeing Captain Luo Chen engaging in high-intensity battles.

Not only does it make Enilo eager to move, but he also wants to continue to challenge.

Later, Enilo knew that only through continuous high-intensity fighting can he quickly increase his armed domineering aura.

Now Anilo also understands that his armed domineering is not strong enough at all.

Lafitte said: “Apart from Beasts Kaido, the Three Calamities are the big signs in the Beasts Pirates.”

“The strength of these big kanbans is probably about the same as yours! Eneru.”

“At that time, you can choose one of the big kanbans.”

In fact, what Lafitte didn’t know was that there was a fire disaster in the Beasts Pirates.

Already set off to support Beast Kaido.

It’s just that Lafitte focused on the terrain at that time.

The others are just incidental detections, and no one in the Beasts Pirates said that Yan Calamity Jhin had gone out.

After all, in tense moments, the news inside the Hundred Beasts Pirates is also strictly guarded.

So it is normal for Lafitte to omit it.

Enilu twisted his neck excitedly and said, “Three disasters?”

“Interesting, then the strongest person among the three disasters, let me come.”

“If it’s not the strongest other than the Four Emperors, it would be too boring to fight.”

Enel’s words are also quite arrogant, but at the same time as being arrogant, it is because he has enough strength.


Bashas was also very excited at this time and said: “Weihahaha!”

“I will also choose one of the three disasters to challenge.”

“Let Lao Tzu’s fist the size of a sandbag crush all the **** and three disasters.”

Bashas was so excited that he kept waving his fists, thinking that he would fight against the big signboard of the Four Emperor Pirates later.

It was also a burst of excitement.

Kapenbeki hit: “Can you do it? Don’t lose face to our Luochen Pirates.”

“We won the final victory, and you were defeated in the end, but it is a big stain!”

Bashas didn’t care at all about Kapenbeki’s unceremonious criticism.

Anyway, among the Luochen Pirates, this kind of thing is already a habit.

There is nothing strange about it.

At this time, Ajin said: “Bashas, ​​I support you, fight hard.”

“Of course being killed in the end is also the reason why you are not enough.”

When Ah Jingang started talking, it was quite normal, but after listening to it, it was abnormal.

What does it mean to be killed when the time comes, but also because of your lack of strength? It seems that there is nothing wrong with these words?

Bashas laughed loudly: “Weihahaha!”

“Are you kidding, just those three disasters can kill Lao Tzu.”

“I will kill him then.”

Bashas is very confident. All three disasters are not three disasters. In his opinion, they are all **** disasters.

In front of his fist as big as a sandbag, there was a waste disaster.

He Bashas is so confident, of course he will never say that he is overwhelmed.


In a certain stand in front of Wanokuni Falls, the guards here found three pirate ships approaching in the distance.

I took out the binoculars and looked at Banban, and found that it was the Luochen Pirates.

“The Luochen Pirates have really come to our territory of the Hundred Beasts Pirates!”

“Hurry up and report to Quinn and Master Jack. Damn it, Lord Jhin and Governor Kaido are not here.”

“The Luochen Pirates are here.”

“What are you afraid of! The other party, the captain of the Luo Chen Pirates, isn’t there either?”

“This Luo Chen pirate group, probably the captain Luo Chen is more powerful.”

“Those crew members are rubbish, they will be the opponents of our Hundred Beasts Pirates.”

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