People Are Sailing: Domineering on the Top Declares the Whole World

Chapter 142

It’s not because Rocks’ strength is not much higher than that of Whitebeard and Golden Lion.

If it’s one level higher enough, would these people dare to turn their backs?

Then you need to consider the question of whether you can survive.

But Luo Chen also understood that he wanted to increase his strength to an unprecedented level.

The difficulty is enormous.

Luo Chen himself knew very well that when his strength increased to the current level!

If you want to continue to improve, the difficulty factor has increased infinitely.

The solution that can be thought of is to use the twisted fruit ability to break through the limit.

At the same time, dig deep into the ability to distort fruit.

Develop a more powerful power of rules.

Use these to hit the upper limit of ceiling combat power.

Generals, Four Emperors, Whitebeards, Roger, etc., theoretically belong to the ceiling combat power.

But the ceiling combat power is also divided into strengths and weaknesses.

All generals belong to generals, but there are strengths and weaknesses, and the strengths of the three disasters are different, that’s the reason.


Beast Kaido didn’t think what Luo Chen said was wrong.

If Rocks was strong enough back then, he would not have been defeated by Roger and Garp.

Of course Rocks was already very powerful.

It’s just that people only focus on the winners.

As for how to win, others don’t care.

Even if you use despicable means, as long as you win, victory represents justice.

Beast Kaido did not say that Rocks is not strong enough.

But since you want to dominate the world, kill the world government.

How can it be possible without the strength far exceeding everyone.

It is said that the Golden Lion at that time was also ambitious.

It also wants to dominate the world.

After the Rocks Pirates disintegrated, the Golden Lion wanted to dominate the world.

Unfortunately it also failed.

Including the current Beast Kaido himself, also wants to dominate the world.

It can be said that as long as it is a pirate who goes to sea, he can be a big pirate.

No one wants to dominate the world.

It depends on whether there is enough strength.

Now in the sea, besides Beast Kaido himself, there is Charlotte Lingling who doesn’t want to dominate the world? ?

The guy with the red hair Shanks made Beast Kaido confused.

1.8 There is also that old guy with white beard who only knows how to accept his son.

In Beast Kaido’s view, if the old guy Whitebeard wants to dominate the world!

Not without chance.

When Roger and the Golden Lion exited the era one after another.

In the new world, no one can compete with Whitebeard for hegemony.

Even Beast Kaido himself doesn’t have the confidence to beat the old guy with white beard.

such a pity! The old guy is getting old.

Doomed to be eliminated by the times.

Beast Kaido said slowly: “Absolute strength.”

“Little Luo Chen, what is your ambition?”

At this moment Kaido wanted to know what the real ambition in Luo Chen’s heart was.

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Luo Chen: “Oh?”

Luo Chen was a little surprised. He didn’t expect Kaido of Beasts to ask him what his ambition was? ?

It seems that at that moment just now, did Beast Kaido think of anything?

Of course, Luo Chen would not hide anything.

Instead, he said very straightforwardly: “The ambition, of course, is to eliminate the navy and the world government.”

“Establish a new order.”

“And I am that new order.”

When Luo Chen said this, his eyes became different.

Full of endless ambition, but also full of confidence, the future can do it all.

He went on to say: “The world government has ruled the world for eight hundred years, and it is time to change it.”

When he said this, Luo Chen opened his hands.

It seems to embrace the whole world, as if the whole world is under control.

Beast Kaido laughed loudly and said, “Hahaha!”

“Sure enough! Boy Luo Chen.”

“No wonder he dared to kill the Tianlong people directly.”

“How about it, let’s cooperate, boy Luo Chen.”

“As long as we cooperate, the navy and the world government are nothing more than mere mere!”

“At that time we will dominate the entire world.”

At this time, Beast Kaido felt that it would be a very good choice to cooperate with Luo Chen.

It can greatly shorten the time, otherwise rely on the Beast Pirates themselves.

Just dealing with the other Four Emperor Pirates is enough.

Not to mention the navy and the world government, it is not so easy to dominate the world.

If we can form a cooperation with Luo Chen, then this goal may not be too far away.

Luo Chen smiled.

I think Beast Kaido is a bit too whimsical.

To cooperate with him? ?

Whether you are qualified or not is one thing.


Luo Chen said: “Beast Kaido, if you are willing to join the Luo Chen Pirates.”

“I can give you the position of mate.”

“After all, your strength is indeed worthy of being my deputy captain.”

“What do you think of my proposal, Kaido?”

Luo Chen asked with a smile, of course he didn’t care if Kaido the Beast would agree to such a thing.

It is of course good to be able to join.

After all, a battle power of the Four Emperors level is very rare.

As for the current situation of the Luochen Pirates!

Basically, there can’t be a four emperor level powerhouse.

Saori’s words! It can be ruled out, as for Enilo? ?

It is very good to be able to hit the general-level combat power.

Although the top emperor’s deputy can also fight against the general, there is always a slight gap!

This has to be taken into account.

Beast Kaido almost exploded when he heard this.

What did he hear? ?

Is Luo Chen kid planning to recruit him?

Cursed angrily: “Luo Chen brat, I am Kaido of Beasts!”

“The strongest creature in the sea, land and air? You let me be your deputy captain??”

“Are you kidding me!”

“If you want to be the captain, then I will be Kaido of Beasts.”

“Either we cooperate, there can be no superior-subordinate relationship.”

Although Beast Kaido himself is a little bit weaker than Luo Chen’s strength.

But that’s definitely not a reason to have him as a deputy.





【081】Luo Chen left an indelible impression on Kaido and Jin


Luo Chen didn’t care about Kaido’s roar all over the sky, it was just an incompetent roar!

At the same time, I checked the time, Saori and the others should have arrived in Wano Country soon.

There is no need to continue wasting time.

Luo Chen said: “Kaido, the game is almost over.”

“I have to rush back to reclaim your Wano country!”

“After all, I’ve wasted enough time with you.”

Luo Chen doesn’t intend to continue to consume Kaido with Beasts, and wants to end the battle as soon as possible.

Being directly rejected by Luo Chen in person, Beast Kaido felt that his face was more or less lost.

Although he knew that Luo Chen would be unlikely to agree, but the feeling of being directly rejected made Beast Kaido very upset.

Now I heard Luo Chen kid say that the game is not playing anymore? Is it over? ?

What kind of nonsense is this? Just a little devil! What kind of character do you think you are!

Beast Kaido pointed at Luo Chen with his mace and said, “Little ghost, didn’t you say the game is over?”

“Then I’ll see who ends whose game.”

Kaido, the majestic Four Emperors and Hundred Beasts, has never lost face so much.

Now being rubbed on the ground by a little devil’s head? ?

Definitely blow Luo Chen’s head off. Otherwise he wouldn’t be called Beast Kaido.

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