People Are Sailing: Domineering on the Top Declares the Whole World

Chapter 139

Fan Oka suddenly said: “Bashas, ​​you are not the opponent of the poisonous Q.”

“Although your strength is stronger than Poison Q, you may not be able to beat Poison Q.”

But Fan Oka felt that if Bashas and Drug Q fought, the final winner might be Drug Q.

Bashas himself is a melee fighter, and Poison Q is a master at using poison.

As for Bashas, ​​if it doesn’t mean it won’t be recruited.

Once you are recruited, you will fail.


Bashas was uncomfortable.

Asked: “Fan Oka, can you speak?”

“Why is it that I can’t beat the poison Q??”

“What are you kidding? I can kill the poisonous Q with one punch!!”

What Bashas said was not wrong, because he punched with all his strength, the poisonous Q could indeed be killed with one punch!

“Wait for you to punch me, you’ve already been poisoned to death by me, idiot.” Poison Q looked at Bashas so stupidly?

Saori stepped out and reminded: “Don’t quarrel.”

“Now we are on our way to Wano Country.”

“There is no specific plan for how to fight now.”

“It’s useless to argue about these things here.”

Saori felt that he had to remind these guys, otherwise, without Luo Chen, he would start to be lawless?

No battle plan has been arranged, so just fix those who are there?

“Haha! Miss Saori has already spoken, so please be quiet!” Crowe responded with a smile.

Saori’s status in Luochen Pirates is also quite high.

So when she opened her mouth, basically everyone would give her enough face.

At the same time, what Saori said is also very reasonable, because the Luochen Pirates don’t understand the situation in Wano Country now!

Now that we are going to attack Wano Country, understanding the terrain of Wano Country first can also increase the winning rate of this battle.

Crowe suggested: “Let Lafitte sneak into Wano Country first to investigate the enemy’s situation.”

“Lafitte, you are better at this.”

Crowe’s idea is to let Lafitte go to Wano Country first to understand the situation!

Then they killed them in one fell swoop, catching the Beast Pirates by surprise.

Wano Country has always had the title of being easy to defend but difficult to attack.

If you want to quickly win Wano Country, you can use all the methods you can think of.

It can reduce the cost consumption of Luo Chen Pirates.

Lafitte made a posture, jumping left and right with both feet, and the staff and knife were spinning quickly in his hands.

Said: “No problem!”

“Then the phone bug will contact you then.”

After Lafitte finished speaking, he spread his wings behind his back and flew into the distance.

It can be said that Lafitte’s infiltration ability is the strongest among the entire Los Chen Pirates.


Wano Country Flower Capital.

In the first oiran’s room, Kozuki Hiyori waited quietly in the room.

At this time, there was a sound from the door of the room… dong dong dong! knock on the door.

“Come in.” Kozuki Hiyori.

Kujuro walked in cautiously.

Kozuki Hiyori asked: “Kujuro, what’s the matter? You are so nervous to come and find me?”

The actions of the Beast Pirates were very frequent today, and even Kozuki Hikaru could feel it without going out.

There must be something big happening, otherwise the actions of the Beast Pirates would not be so obvious.

Kujuro clasped his fists and responded, “Princess Hiyori, you guessed right!”

“The Hundred Beasts Pirates have indeed made a big move.”

“The news I found is that the Luochen Pirates are planning to attack the Hundred Beasts Pirates.”

“Maybe the Luochen Pirates are on their way now.”

Kujuro told Kozuki Hiyori the news he had found from the inside of the Hundred Beasts Pirates.

Kozuki Hiyori, who was originally calm, regained his energy all of a sudden.

Because Kozuki Hiyori originally asked him to help Wano Country while he was still thinking about how to get in touch with Luo Chen.

Can’t think of it so fast now? The opponent has already killed Wano Country.

Kujuro looked so excited when he saw Princess Hiyori.

Still worriedly reminded: “Princess Rihe, we can’t always think in a good direction!”

“Luochen Pirates, come here in such a hurry, even if we break away from the Hundred Beasts Pirates.”

“I can’t be sure that falling into the Luochen Pirates is a good thing.”

“The subordinates feel that Luo Chen’s goal may be our Wano Country territory.”

“Now the opponent is attacking the status of the sea supremacy.”

“We have to think about these issues in advance.”

Kujuro felt that Princess Hiyori was a little silly and sweet, and had no sense of crisis at all.

In the future, Princess Hiyori will be the general of the Wano country, if she doesn’t have enough courage!

It is very difficult to suppress some illegals, and this is what Kujuro is most worried about.

Now the Luo Chen Pirates are already on their way here, and thinking about too many other things is useless.

Now I am thinking about how their Kozuki family should develop, and as a retainer of the Kozuki family, Kujuro should think more about Princess Hiyori.


Kozuki Hiyori is not really a fool.

I also understand the meaning of Kujuro’s words.

Now Wano Country has been controlled by Beast Kaido for so many years, if it is occupied by Luo Chen.

Will it also be occupied for many years?

Kozuki Hiyori said with firm eyes: “Kujuro, we want to gamble.”

“I don’t think Luo Chen is a person like Beast Kaido.”

“At that time, I will personally negotiate with Luo Chen.”

Guangyue Rihe already had a certain plan in his heart, that is, after Luo Chen defeated the Hundred Beasts Pirates.

Negotiating with Luo Chen in person, even if you give up part of Wano Country’s interests at that time, it doesn’t matter.

Because Guangyue Rihe herself also knew that relying solely on herself, would there be any retainers of the Guangyue family?

It is very difficult to bring down the Beast Pirates, let alone the undead Kaido.

Therefore, Guangyue Rihe would rather cooperate with Luo Chen to kill Beast Kaido.

Also unwilling to let Beast Kaido rule Wano Country.

What has Wano Country become like in the past twenty years? ?

Basically, it can be said that it is in constant decline.

The people of Wano country live in dire straits every day.

And Kozuki Hiyori has always been powerless, if he has the ability, can Kaido of Beasts be so arrogant?

There is also Kozuki Hi and the black charcoal snake that he hates the most, this guy must die too.

Hezhihui has become what it is today, and it has nothing to do with Heitan Orochi.

Kujuro looked at Princess Hiyori’s unwavering gaze, so he didn’t say anything more.

Now Kujuro is Princess Hiyori’s retainer, and everything must be obeyed!

Those who have can only offer opinions, and the decision-making rests with Her Royal Highness Princess Rihe.


The headquarters of Wano Country Hundred Beasts Pirates, Onijima.

After the leader of the three disasters, Yan Jinjin, left, they also quickly took action.

No matter what, the preparations that should be done should be done.

Otherwise, nothing will be done, until Governor Kaido and Yan Calamity Jhin return.

Maybe they will be punished.

At this time, a mace masked woman with the same weapon as Beast Kaido came over.

He wears Hailoushi handcuffs on both hands and feet, but even with Hailoushi, it still doesn’t affect his actions in any way.

Yamato yelled at the members of the Beasts Pirates: “Hey! Where did that old Kaido go?”

“Didn’t he challenge that Luo Chen?”

“Why haven’t you come back yet?”

After Yamato arrived, he yelled Kaido’s name directly, and the pirates of the Beasts Pirates present were blown away.

“Bastard, who are you?”

“That’s right! You bastard, who are you? Dare to call Master Kaido? Don’t you want to live?”

“It seems like a guy who doesn’t know how to live or die?”

“I don’t know where the idiot came from? This is the headquarters of the Hundred Beasts Pirates!”

“Come on, kill this ignorant guy.”

“That’s right! Disrespect to Boss Kaido! He should be killed directly.”

The pirates of the Hundred Beasts Pirates stared at Yamato with murderous intent.

Because Yamato’s disrespect to Beast Kaido’s boss just now made them blow up.

Hundreds of pirates from the Hundred Beasts Pirates rushed towards Yamato with their swords in hand.

Now they just want to break up Yamato.

Let her know that offending their Hundred Beasts Pirates will have no good results.

Yamato is wearing a bull ghost mask, making it impossible to see any expression.

Suddenly Yamato grabbed the mace with his right hand.

The mace was constantly entwined with lightning.

Yamato ran quickly.

At this time, the left hand also holds the mace.

Clenched the mace with both hands and swung it with all strength.

With a strong breaking wind!

“Thunder gossip!”

Yamato brought up a strong wind, blowing all the hundreds of people who came towards him away in one breath.

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