People Are Sailing: Domineering on the Top Declares the Whole World

Chapter 107

Charles Rose cursed and said: “Bastard Navy, you don’t have eyes!”

“You came here to protect me.”

“It’s a trash navy. I really don’t know what Wu Lao Xing wants to raise you trash?”

“Hurry up and kill these people for me! You **** Navy.”

“If you don’t hurry up, I will apply to Wu Laoxing to reduce you to a slave later.”

At the end of Charles Rose’s speech, his tone became more and more impolite.

In fact, he had never seen such a useless navy.

You backed away in fright before this even started? How does this protect their Celestial Dragons? ?

He is useless, hundreds of times more useless than his slave.

Lieutenant General Stornoberry turned pale, and at this moment he regretted it to death.

If I knew it earlier, I would have come here more slowly, at least I would have to wait for the general to come over.

Right now, he is either advancing or retreating.

The Celestial Dragon man Charles Rose saw the navy, but there was still no movement.

The more I look at it, the angrier I get.


There is no way to watch each other getting closer.

Lieutenant General Stornoberry had no choice but to bite the bullet and fight.

As soon as the first move was played, Lieutenant General Stonoberg felt that his strength was not at the same level at all.

As expected of someone who can compete with Lieutenant General Momotu on an equal footing.

The Tianlong people were dumbfounded.

He originally thought that at least the vice admiral should be able to protect him.

As a result, he couldn’t even beat the opponent’s woman now? ? ?

Even if the Tianlong people are always writing badly, they understand that the navy is the most powerful force on the sea.

able to protect them well.

Charles Rose decided that when he returned to the Holy Land Mary Joa, he must tell the Five Old Stars.

The current navy is no longer available.

If it’s all this kind of waste, will things like this happen again in the future?

How to continue to protect them? ?

Robin asked: “Luo Chen, are you going to kill the Tianlongren later?”

After all, if the Tianlong people are killed, the world government will definitely go crazy by then.

For so long, I have never heard of any accidents among the Tianlong people!

If they come to this precedent, then they will definitely face the oppression of the world government and the Navy headquarters at any time.

But what did Luo Chen want to do.

Robin is 100% supportive.

Baccarat: “There is no need to worry, a mere Tianlong person can be killed by Luo Chen.”

“That’s his honor too!”

Luo Chen didn’t respond, but what Bakala said meant what he meant.

Some nearby people did not leave.

After all, this is a rare event in a hundred years!

Some people dare to do something to Tianlong people, if they can’t witness it with their own eyes.

That would be a great pity.

Robin understood what Luo Chen meant.

Nami pouted and said: “This pig head, if you kill it, you will kill it.”

“It’s a waste of air to keep it!”

Nami is even more straightforward, because Nami doesn’t know what the Celestial Dragons represent.

In Nami’s view, it’s nothing more than a pig’s head!

Perona laughed loudly and said, “Ha ha ha beg!”

“Nami, you describe it so well, the more you look at Tianlong, the more you look like a pig’s head.”

“You guys are talking nonsense, the pig’s head can also be used for cooking.” Carmen felt that the Tianlong people used it to form a pig’s head.

It’s an insult to the pig’s head!





[073] Tianlongren was tortured and killed by Luo Chen. Breaking the routine


Enilo and Lafitte are sitting on the branches of the big tree on Island No. 3 to enjoy the shade!

At this time, Enilo’s knowledgeable domineeringness discovered that Captain Luo Chen and those women were fighting over there.

Said: “Lafitte, let’s go to Captain Luo Chen’s side.”

“There’s something going on over there.”

“I heard a voice just now, saying that I want to attack the Tianlong people!”

As soon as Anilu finished speaking, Lafitte’s expression changed!

Captain Luo Chen wants to attack the Tianlong people?

This is not a small matter, it can be said to be a very, very serious matter.

Lafitte’s response was also quick.

Immediately take out the phone bug that you carry with you, and call others to notify them.

Something big is about to happen on the captain’s side.

These crew members must rush over as soon as possible.

Otherwise, when the battle started, it would be unreasonable for them not to be there.

Although Captain Luo Chen is very powerful.

But there must be things they little brothers need to deal with.

Therefore, Lafitte did not hesitate to quickly explain the situation to others, and then meet there.

And these team captains are all very scattered.

If it weren’t for Enilo’s knowledge and domineering detection.

Maybe they still don’t know what happened to Captain Luo Chen!

As for why Captain Luo Chen didn’t notify them.

It should be that they won’t be needed for the time being, but even if they don’t need them, they will hurry there as soon as they know the news.


Saori kicked Lieutenant General Stonoberg flying, and Lieutenant General Stonoberg rolled on the ground for dozens of meters before barely stopping.

Lieutenant General Stornoberg, who was kicked out, could no longer stand up.

Hit by Saori’s armed color tyrant Air Flow Sakura, she didn’t die directly!

It can be considered that Stonoberg’s physical condition is good, otherwise ordinary admirals would not be able to withstand such a heavy blow.

The entire battle didn’t last more than three minutes, and there was a huge gap between the vice-admiral and the deputy-level Saori!

The Celestial Dragon man Charles Rose was dumbfounded.

Now there is not even one person to protect him.

Luo Chen turned his head to look into the distance, and suddenly a yellow light shone.

The yellow ape in a cloak and overcoat landed in front of the Tianlongren Charros.

The Celestial Dragon man Charl Roth, who was so frightened that his **** peeed, heaved a sigh of relief.

Finally saved his life.

If the admiral didn’t come again, Charlos wondered if he would be killed immediately.

After Huang Yuan arrived at the battlefield, he looked at everything around him.

I also have a general understanding of the situation, whether it is the guards of the Tianlong people or the lieutenant generals of their headquarters, they are dead and useless now.

Huang Yuan felt very headache, because the man opposite was too calm.

He raised his hands and said slowly, “Brother Luo Chen.”

“Let’s discuss it! Now that the Tianlong people have been taught a lesson, it’s almost enough!”

At this moment, Huang Yuan had to bow his head to Luo Chen.

There is no way, he is the only general of the navy headquarters here now, and besides, he has to protect the Tianlong people.

Not as strong as Luo Chen.

How could a person as smooth as Huang Yuan let himself fall into a dangerous territory!

Let’s muddle through first and then talk! !

As for going back, will you be criticized? None of that matters.

Huang Yuan wouldn’t foolishly fight Luo Chen.

Huang Yuan doesn’t think that the ability of the shiny fruit can gain an advantage in the battle with Luo Chen!


Luo Chen frowned.

Sure enough, being famous is not as good as meeting him, Huang Yuan is really old-fashioned.

He didn’t care about his own face as the admiral of the Navy headquarters at all.

Perona was amused by the expression and words of the yellow monkey.

He smiled and said, “Hahaha! Is this person the admiral of the Navy headquarters?”

“It feels so silly!”

“It doesn’t look like an admiral of the Navy headquarters at all!”

“Robin, are all the generals of the Navy Headquarters like this?”

Perona’s last sentence can be said to belittle the yellow ape directly and without hesitation to nothing.

Huang Yuan put away his wretched expression, if it wasn’t for Luo Chen standing next to the girl doll.

Huang Yuan definitely needs to teach him how to keep a low profile in order to survive in the sea.

Several people in Baccarat were also amused by Perona’s words.

Robin said with a black belly: “Perona, you are right!”

“They, the admirals of the Navy headquarters, basically have problems with their heads.”

“I don’t know how their marshal led them.”

“Make these generals stupid.”

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