People Are Sailing: Domineering on the Top Declares the Whole World

Chapter 100

With such a world government, how can it bring stability to the world?

Ai En nodded half understanding, the deep meaning in Teacher Zefa’s words!

Ai En didn’t understand it either, but as long as it was decided by Teacher Zefa, Ai En would support it unconditionally.


Ai En suddenly thought of something, and asked, “Mr. Zefa, what do you think of Luo Chen?”

Luo Chen has been too legendary for a while, so that Lian Ain doesn’t pay attention to the news.

And the people in the training camp of the Navy Headquarters are all like thunder.

It is conceivable how famous Luo Chen is now in the whole world.

Zefa looked unconsciously into the distance.

From the moment Luo Chen was able to defeat Garp head-on, Zefa’s opinion of Luo Chen…

There have been earth-shaking changes in the depths of my heart!

What is Karp’s strength, as a colleague from his youth to now!

Zefa is too clear to be clear!

If you want to defeat Karp head-on, it probably doesn’t exist in this world.

Back then, Garp was the one who could be tough with Roger the Pirate King.

Even if he were to face White Beard, who is known as the strongest man in the world, he probably wouldn’t be defeated.

Now fighting a Luo Chen kid who just debuted.

It was defeated.

In Zefa’s impression, so many years of experience!

The only person with this kind of ability is Rocks, the overlord of the sea many years ago.

The great pirate who had almost completely controlled the New World back then.

And that Rocks was an upright man in his prime back then, at the peak of his strength.

Luo Chen now? To put it bluntly, it is the bud of a new debut!

A young man in his 20s with the world’s best combat power.

Who would believe it in the past? ?

But that’s the truth!

People have to believe.

Because Luo Chen proved everything with his actual record.

No words can match the actual record.

Now hearing student Ai En talking about Luo Chen, Zefa couldn’t help but think a lot.


Like a top powerhouse, if he wants to escape, it will be difficult for even two generals to stop him!

Unless all three are at the same level and have similar combat strength, there is still a little chance of two vs. one.

Like Luo Chen, the devil fruit ability can also use the space branch ability.

Basically, it is difficult to stop.

Of course, in Zefa’s view, it’s just that the World Government and the Navy Headquarters haven’t made up their minds.

Once you are determined, send enough top combat power.

Boy Luo Chen had great talent and strength, but he couldn’t escape the hunt either.

But the reason why world governments and navies rarely do this!

Once this is done, even the big pirates in the whole world will be vigilant!

Possibly the worst result, it will also lead to unity among the pirates.

If that is the case, it is estimated that the world government will really start to be in danger.

Not afraid of a single pirate force, but most of the pirates in the whole world unite.

Precisely because pirates are divided.

Only the world government can stand like this for a long time.

Zefa has been in the navy for so long, still can’t see clearly?

It’s just that some things are seen through but not revealed!

Nor is the world government as lofty as it claims to be.

To deceive the ignorant people.

That’s why Zefa is so disappointed now!

That is why! Only then will there be anti-world government organizations like the Revolutionary Army.

If the world government can really try to be as fair as possible, where will there be such an organization? ?

Ain watched Zefa fall into silence and didn’t dare to disturb him.

Maybe I thought of something again!

Recently, Mr. Zefa often fell into deep thought by himself.

From Ain’s point of view, it was Teacher Zefa who left the Navy Headquarters because he was sad.


The Luochen Pirates sailed into a foggy and dark sea.

A group of people stood on the deck looking at the fog.

Lafitte said: “You have already entered the domain of His Majesty Shichibukai Moonlight Moriah.”

Enilu immediately pricked up his ears and listened carefully, and asked, “Is it the Qibuhai under the king?”

“I don’t know if Captain Luo Chen will come out to **** the prey this time?”

Anilu wanted to fight that Moonlight Moria, but he was afraid that Luo Chen would come out to **** the prey again.

But now that Luo Chen was practicing in the training room, Ai Nilu didn’t dare to go in directly to inquire and disturb him.

However, Luo Chen walked out of the training room at this moment.

Everyone quieted down, waiting for Captain Luo Chen’s instructions!

Luo Chen said lightly: “There is no need to log in here.”

“Leave directly to the Chambord Islands, there is no need to continue wasting time in the first half of the great route.”

To be honest, it has taken a lot of time from going out to sea to the present, traveling all over the world to the first half of the great voyage.

To start the action, head straight to the new world to start.

Bashas said disappointedly: “It’s a pity, I wanted to see what level is that Moonlight Moria?”

“I guess I missed it this time, and I won’t have such an opportunity next time.”

“There are many opportunities in the new world.” Kapenbeki has a longer-term vision.

What I thought of was that going to the new world was the beginning of the real battle.

After receiving Luo Chen’s order, Nami began to turn the ship around and headed straight for the Chambord Islands.

On the last island before, enough supplies have been replenished, enough to support the Chambord Islands, and there is still leftovers! Small

And Nami has a permanent pointer to the Chambord Islands, so there is no need to worry about getting lost! explain

Enel waved his hand helplessly. skirt

After Luo Chen finished speaking, the figure disappeared.


Fly over directly.

At this time, the sword hero Longma also opened his eyes, looked at Luo Chen, and immediately realized that the other party was a strong man.

“I’ll get your big sharp knife Qiushui, come on! A swordsmanship duel.”

Luo Chen didn’t talk nonsense, and directly pulled out the big sharp knife Shuang Shi.

“What a long-lost powerhouse! I can see that your swordsmanship is very high.”

“Come on! I also hope that Qiushui can be carried forward by someone.”

The dragon horse could sense the strong swordsmanship aura on Luo Chen’s body.

The two faced off instantly with pure swordsmanship.

In less than a minute of the duel, Luo Chen suppressed his sword skills to the same level as Longma.

(“Looking at Waste Lu”+850296501)

“Your Excellency, there is no need to be merciful, just fight with all your strength.” Transferred

Longma saw that Luo Chen was suppressing the power of swordsmanship, trying to be equal to himself, so he said dissatisfied. Monarch

“Hehe! After all, you are just a corpse now, and you don’t have the power of swordsmanship that was once the number one in the world.” Qi

“But you’ve said that, so I won’t show mercy.” Liu

After Luo Chen finished speaking, he began to practice swordsmanship with all his strength. umbrella

Soon Ryoma was defeated. hiss

“Take Qiushui! Make Qiushui famous again instead of me.” Target

Long Ma said while throwing the black knife Qiushui to Luo Chen. spirit

“Okay, don’t worry! Qiushui will follow me and will become one of the strongest sabers in the world again.”

After Luo Chen caught Heidao Qiushui, he said confidently. error

After Ryoma threw away the black knife Qiushui, his body began to slowly decay and disappear. paint

Seeing this scene, Luo Chen sighed in his heart, even if he was once the world’s number one dragon-slaying swordsman.

You can’t escape the passage of time! It will still turn into the dust of history.

Luo Chen looked at the black knife Qiushui in his hand, and found that the weight was almost the same as three ordinary swords.

Pull it out and observe it all the time, the more you look at it, the more extraordinary it is!

For the current own strength.

But now Luo Chen is not worried at all, and all aspects are basically perfect.

I really want to find an opponent! Practice well!

Looking at the black knife Qiushui in his hand, it will belong to him from now on.

When he first got Qiushui, Luo Tian could feel that it was even more top-notch than Shuangshi, and it was probably close to being compared with the Supreme Kuaisao.

If the two knives are compared, the big fast knives are divided into three echelons.

Shuangshi was in the first echelon, and Qiushui surpassed the first echelon of Da Kuai Dao by half a step.

Put Frost Time and Qiushui back into the scabbard.

When Luo Chen was about to go back, he thought that the transparent person here must die.

So he turned around and flew in the direction of Moria Castle.

After a while you will see the castle.

Landing at the gate of the castle, one hit of the “flying finger gun” directly broke the gate and walked in.

Moria and the three weirdos, who were resting, were taken aback.

They all ran out to see what was going on?

When he came out and saw someone in the hall, Moria’s veins burst out of anger.

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