Han’s Son is Not a Slave

Chapter 988 I don't have a son like you

Zhou Peigong didn’t know Zu Zeqing’s depression and worry, he was concerned about whether the family members of the Manchu soldiers brought by Zu Zeqing were as many as agreed in the peace agreement.

There are too many people, and it cannot be handed over in a short time. Zhou Peigong and Zu Zeqing each sent their staff to compare the lists one by one.

Because he knew in advance that the Taiping army handed over only 216 people to his side, Zu Zeqing directly proposed to hand them over to him and bring them back.

Zhou Peigong agreed and ordered the prisoners to be brought up.

After the person took it, Zu Zeqing’s face suddenly became ugly, and the generals of the Qing army who came with him were also angry and sad.

The 216 Manchu prisoners did not lack hands or feet, but all had their right thumbs cut off. A single right thumb was picked. These prisoners were still able to walk as usual, but they could not run, let alone ride horses again. Therefore, these prisoners were no different from the disabled. Returning to the Qing Dynasty was worthless except for wasting food, even less than one. Well-bodied Han Chinese Aha is useful.

“How is this going!”

Zu Zeqing couldn’t help but ask about his responsibilities. If he couldn’t figure out the reason, he would be the one who would be unlucky when he went back.

Zhou Peigong said lightly: “There is nothing wrong with the handover according to the contract. One of the 216 people is not bad. If there is any doubt about the ancestors, they can name them one by one.”

“I’m asking what happened to these Manchu right feet!” Zu Zeqing was furious.

Zhou Peigong shook his head: “These people are all wounded on the battlefield. We have tried our best to treat them, but the broken bones are difficult to connect. If the ancestors don’t believe it, you can ask them.”


How could Zu Zeqing believe Zhou Peigong’s absurd words, no matter how inevitable battlefield injuries are, it is impossible that the two hundred or so Manchu soldiers all broke the thumb of their right foot!

Filled with anger, Zu Zeqing came to Kang Guoli, the captured deputy capital of the Xianghuang Banner, and asked in a low voice, “Sir, your feet?”

Kang Guoli’s expression was a little dull, Zu Zeqing called twice before he moved slightly, then glanced at a few Taiping soldiers standing beside him, his cheeks twitched, and he said with a wry smile: “My Foot injuries are caused by gunshots on the battlefield.”

Zu Zeqing was stunned for a moment, and looked suspiciously at Zhenglan Qi’s participation leader Motou, Motou said without hesitation, “I was also injured on the battlefield, and it has nothing to do with the Taiping Army.”

Hearing this, Zu Zeqing thought he had heard it wrong, and before he looked at Berken, another leader of the Zhenglan flag, Berken hurriedly said: “I cut off my toes myself, it doesn’t matter. Their business is none of their business.” After speaking, Berken subconsciously glanced at the few Taiping soldiers who were watching him, and when he saw the other party nodded with a smile, he suppressed the anxiety in his heart. Let out a long breath.

Zu Zeqing knew that he could no longer ask the rest of the Manchu soldiers, because those Manchu soldiers seemed to have been stripped of their essence, and they were all slack and indifferent to the Qing army who came to take them home. On the contrary, what the soldiers of the Taiping Army said, they would **** up their ears to listen. When the people of the Taiping Army walked up to them, they would be flattering with smiles all over their faces, and that expression was the most appropriate word to describe it.

what’s the problem?

Zu Zeqing didn’t know what happened to make these Manchu soldiers, who can fight well and fear death, become so virtuous. Fortunately, he had no way of knowing, let alone experiencing, otherwise, I’m afraid his reaction would be stronger than those of the Manchurians.

Zhou Peigong looked at Zu Zeqing and the Manchu prisoners coldly. He wanted to tell Zu Zeqing why these Manchus became like this, but he didn’t want to. Because when he heard about the torture methods of the MI Department, he did not think that these methods that he had never heard of would be more effective than killing people, but when he witnessed it with his own eyes, Shao Chengguo, the general of the town, he felt that he would definitely not be able to survive three times. sky. That kind of torture that is neither life nor death is really tormenting, and these methods are said to have been thought up by His Royal Highness King Qi himself.

“Is there any doubt about Zushen’s leadership? If there is no doubt, please follow the order.”

Zhou Peigong handed over the roster, Zu Zeqing took it with gritted teeth, he couldn’t do anything else, all he could do now is to take people away quickly. He rolled his eyes briefly, then handed the entourage to him and asked them to order someone to receive it.

“Master Kang Guoli, the deputy capital!”

A Qing soldier who called the name called out, and Kang Guoli came out in response, with his hands and fingers together, trotted out, and answered loudly: “Here!”

The sound of “arrive” made the soldier of Qing who called the name stunned, and also made Zu Zeqing speechless again.

One by one, the Manchu prisoners shouted “Arrived” loudly, and then walked straight to their own team, where the first Manchu family members on the roster finally saw their relatives.





“Ah Chai!”


The shouts made Shao Erdai, Gong Jianse and other Manchu officers burst into tears. They embraced their wives, parents, and children with excitement and joy.

Many Manchu women who thought their sons (husbands) had died in battle even cried when they saw their relatives. There are too many grievances in their hearts, and too much suffering to tell their son (husband).

“Ama, your braids?!”

Gong Jianse’s son Darhan opened his mouth wide when he saw that Ama had a Chinese hairstyle and was wearing Chinese clothes.

Gong Jianse touched the long hair that had just grown on his head and shook his head with a smile. He didn’t want to explain anything to his son now, he just wanted to hug him tightly.

“Amaha didn’t know that you were still alive, and died at the beginning of the year.” Gong Jianse’s wife, Wu Naxi, wiped away her tears and told her husband the news of Amaha’s death.

Ama’s death made Gong Jianse’s nose sour, and he couldn’t help but burst into tears. When he cried, Darhan also cried, and the father and son hugged each other and squatted on the ground crying bitterly. Unahi’s tears could not be wiped away.

The cries soon resounded on the banks of Luoma Lake. There was the joy of reuniting relatives, and the grief of not being able to meet their Amma and Mafa for the last time.

The relatives of Yue Deji and Shao Erdai were not on the first batch of roster~www.mtlnovel.com~ They waited for more than half an hour to see their relatives.

Yue Deji laughed and danced while hugging his daughter, while Shao Erdai held his mother up tightly, for fear that her old man would faint with joy after seeing his son.

Zhou Peigong and a group of Han officers who came to hand over naturally did not have the excitement of those Manchu soldiers. They just kept urging the Qing side to count the personnel and send them over as soon as possible. Because of the broken right thumb of the Manchu prisoners, Zu Zeqing deliberately delayed the handover, but Zhou Peigong believed that if the handover was not made on time, the Taiping army would immediately launch an offensive against Xuzhou, and the peace treaty would be invalidated, and all consequences would be determined by then. Under the intimidation that Zu Zeqing assumed, Zu Zeqing had to honestly let his subordinates hand over people.

Wuerte was originally from the old white flag, but later his cattle record was assigned to the Zhenglan flag, so his family was on the list of the last batch to be handed over.

“Ama, my son is unfilial!”

After waiting anxiously, Wuert saw his Ama Maktu, he ran forward and knelt in front of Ama, but he never thought that Ama, who was almost sixty years old, suddenly kicked him. Kicked away, and then scolded: “I, Marktu, don’t have a son like you!”

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