Han’s Son is Not a Slave

Chapter 987 Unlucky Zu Zeqing

Zhou Peigong knew that Wuerte had eaten people, and what Duny and Luo Keduo had done with more than 20,000 Manchu and Mongolia soldiers from Guiyang through the no-man’s land in Sichuan back to Baoning has long been known to the world. However, Zhou Peigong did not feel disgusted with Wuert because of this, because he understood that when a person is in a desperate situation, he can eat everything, and he must eat everything. In this chaotic world, only those who survive are qualified to pass on to future generations, and are qualified to decide how to write history books, no matter the Ming and Qing Dynasties, whether the Manchu and the Han Dynasty.

Fortunately for Zhou Peigong, the Taiping Army had never eaten anyone, and the soldiers and horses who fought from Lingnan all the way to the city of Nanjing had the most basic bottom line of human conscience. Although the parents, wife and children of the commander of this army were eaten as a plate of food, and although there were a large number of Qing troops who had eaten people in the army, no matter how evil this army was, it would still be worth it. Never used people as rations.

There were only two people who took the initiative to eat human flesh after joining the Taiping Army, one was Li Fengming and the other was Wang Fuchen. In Zhaoqing that day, the two took the head of the Qing Jian Prince Jidu as a snack. However, when the military mentioned the feats of these two people, they would always consciously associate them with Grandpa Yue’s phrase, “The ambition is hungry to eat the meat of the Hulu, and the thirsty to drink the blood of the Huns is a joke.”

Zhou Peigong was not the kind of conservative Confucian scholar, so he also admired the feats of Li Fengming and Wang. Fuchen, and also did not exclude Wuerte and other soldiers who had slaughtered the green camp and the people in Sichuan. When reading history in the early years, Zhou Peigong once sighed that everyone in the world praised Cao Mengde, and who would apologise for the 200,000 people in Xuzhou who were killed by Cao Mengde for military rations.

The winner is the king, even if the winner is a beast, he is extremely wise; the loser will be blamed by thousands of people, and the loser will be scolded by thousands of people.

History is so real.

Wuerte expressed his apology to Zhou Peigong, meaning his subordinates were too impatient. In this regard, Zhou Peigong smiled and said nothing to Wuerte about the Qing army in Xuzhou. Just as he was talking, someone shouted: “They are coming, they are coming!”

Wuerte’s body trembled violently, then leaned forward, looking north.

In the line of sight, there is an army flag fluttering in the wind. Behind the flag, there is a long line.

“Our people are here!”

Qianhu Shao Erdai threw his whip excitedly, but the horse under his crotch suffered no pain, and with a neigh, he jumped out of his four hooves and galloped forward.


Gongjian Se also slammed the whip, and the mount galloped forward like an arrow from the string. Yue Deji’s urge to urinate has long since disappeared, and he will only hate that he is not riding a flying horse, and he can run to E-niang’s side in the blink of an eye.



Horses galloped out of the ranks, and hundreds of soldiers marched north one by one. Each face is different, but the surprise color on the face is carved like a mold.

“Wurther, let’s go.”

Zhou Peigong smiled and whipped his whip lightly. His riding skills were not as good as those of the Manchu soldiers, so he could only run slowly. Although Wuerte missed his relatives, he also slowed down his horse and rode with Zhou Peigong.

The Qing army walking towards Luoma Lake saw the cavalry in front of them roaring towards them. After a commotion, they quickly calmed down and continued to move forward at a speed. Following the Qing army were more than 8,000 family members of the soldiers who had traveled south from Beijing. The journey of thousands of miles had made them all very hard, and everyone had a look of fatigue on their faces, but the good news from the front made most people feel it. When their spirits are lifted, it seems that there is another insurmountable mountain in front of them, and they will also grit their teeth and climb hard.

“Emian, is Amma waiting for us there?”

“Amu, can we see Amuqi soon?”

“Xilun, your love root is right in front.”


The team of nearly 10,000 people walked on the not wide road, stretching for dozens of miles. The good news that the relatives are in the front is like a wave, and it is passed backwards in a flash. In the crowd, the Manchu family members whispered to each other, their faces could not hide their excitement. On both sides of the team, the Qing soldiers who escorted them all the way also had different expressions. The Han soldiers were gloomy, but the green flag soldiers were relieved.

The transfer of the family of the white flag to the Taiping Army is extremely confidential. In order not to disclose the matter, Aobai transferred these family members of the white flag to Xuzhou in six batches, and the rest of the flags were inquired in the name of setting up a city in Xuzhou. The family members were stationed in Xuzhou and Manzhou. Not many people know the specific casualties of the Battle of Yangzhou, and Shunzhi is strictly forbidden to disclose it to his subordinates. Therefore, how many soldiers of the Eight Banners of Manchuria were killed in Yangzhou, even some princes and ministers are confused. This made it easier for Aobai to operate the transfer of family members. After the last group of family members arrived in Xuzhou from the canal, Aobai sent a secret letter to Belle Tuntai, asking him to send the Han army and the green flag soldiers to be responsible for the transfer of these family members. On the south side, you must not use Man Meng soldiers to prevent this from leaking out.

After Tun Tai received the secret letter from Ao Bai, he also knew that if this matter spread out, it would have a great blow to the heart of the Manchu army. Implicated, so Tuntai did not dare to let these family members live in Xuzhou City, but resettled them in batches outside the city.

Because it had been agreed in advance, after the contact between the Ming and Qing Dynasties, the two sides were not tense, but very calm.

Zhou Peigong and Wuerte met together with Zu Zeqing, the leader of the red flag of the Han army, who came to hand over by the order of Beiletuntai.

Compared with Zhou Peigong’s relaxed face, Wuerte and others are happy, Zu Zeqing has a bad look on his face, and he doesn’t want to say a few more words. He and Zhou Peigong politely say a few words, so both parties should quickly hand over~www.mtlnovel. com~ He can return to Xuzhou to recover his life.

Zu Zeqing was like this, not because Zhou Peigong thought he was lost, but depressed. The reason for the depression is not because of these Manchu family members he brought, but because of his identity.

Zu Ze has cleared the identity of the Han army’s red flag ginseng leader, and there are two other identities, one is the son of Zu Dashou, and the other is Wu Sangui’s cousin.

The former brought Zu Zeqing a benefit. It was precisely because he was the son of Zu Dashou that he was able to join the Han army with his brothers and become a high-ranking official in the Qing court. The latter, once brought countless benefits to Zu Zeqing, but now casts a shadow over his future and even his life.

No one believes that the cousin who betrays Qing, the cousin will be loyal to Qing. After the news of Wu Sangui’s anti-Qing came, Zu Zeqing was under surveillance all the time. Even during the Yangzhou War, he tried his best to prove himself, but the fact is that after retreating to Xuzhou with Tuntai, not only the Manchus suspected him, but also the Han people. The military colleagues were also very wary of his ancestor Zeqing. This time, Tuntai handed over the transfer of the Manchu family to Zu Zeqing. On the bright side, it seemed that he believed in his Zu Zeqing, but Zu Zeqing knew that if this matter was exposed, he would be very likely to Is the first unlucky person to be pushed out as a scapegoat

Author’s Note: Historically, Zu Zeqing rebelled against the Qing for the second time. After his defeat, he and his son were sentenced by Kangxi to the punishment of car splitting.

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