Han’s Son is Not a Slave

Chapter 986 anxious

The Manchurian officers and soldiers in the second town of more than 600 cavalrymen looked anxiously at the far north, looking forward to the early appearance of figures on the horizon.

Zhou Peigong, the Anjun ambassador of the second town, was also a little anxious, because this was the first big thing he was responsible for alone after being suddenly appointed by His Royal Highness King Qi to be transferred to the second town. This major event was to take over the family members of the old Baiqiman soldiers who returned to the Taiping Army from the Qing army.

When Gong Jianse, Wuerte and other old white-flag Manchu generals surrendered, Zhou Shixiang, in addition to rewarding them, promised that as long as the Shunzhi army was defeated, he would definitely take them north to Beijing to rescue their families. However, although Shunzhi was defeated and fled, the Taiping army suffered heavy casualties in this battle, and was unable to go north, not even Xuzhou, let alone the city of Beijing, which was thousands of miles away.

Wang Fuchen truthfully reported to Zhou Shixiang that Wuerte and other Manchu soldiers knew the despairing expression of Fulin after he escaped. After that, Zhou Shixiang kept the rescue of Bai Qi’s family in his heart. This is not because Zhou Shi really regards these Manchu soldiers as direct relatives, but to appease them and let them fight their compatriots in the future on the battlefield northward. Rescue Bai Qi’s family, why not hold these family members as human beings.

When Xu Yingyuan was sent north to negotiate peace, Zhou Shixiang was not worried that Fulin would not agree to make peace, because he knew that Fulin needed to make peace more than he did. If there is anything Fulin can’t let go of, it’s just his poor emperor’s face. Just like the Chongzhen Emperor in those days, after the secret and the Qing Dynasty negotiating with the Qing Dynasty was leaked, for the emperor’s face, he pushed Chen Xinjia as a scapegoat.

Fortunately, although Fulin was younger than Chongzhen, he was more aware of current affairs and knew what he needed the most and what he didn’t need the most.

The negotiation was successful.

According to the secret armistice agreement between the Taiping Army and the Manchu Qing, the Qing court had to hand over the families of the Manchu soldiers who had surrendered to the Taiping Army to the Taiping Army, and the Taiping Army would return to the Qing court those Manchu, Mongolian and Han prisoners who refused to surrender after being captured. After several back and forth counts between the two sides, the Qing court had to hand over more than 8,300 family members of the Manchu soldiers to the Taiping Army, and the Taiping Army handed over a list of 216 people, including a deputy commander with a yellow flag and two leaders of the Zhenglan flag. .

The list of prisoners handed over by the Taiping Army was obviously not accepted by Fulin, because although it was claimed that the Qing Dynasty lost the Battle of Yangzhou, there were not many soldiers killed in the battle, and the strength of the Eight Banners of Manchuria and Mongolia was not damaged, and their vitality was still there. But in fact, the Qing army alone killed more than 7,000 Manchu soldiers, and the number of captured officers and soldiers was no less than 5,000. Therefore, Fulin thought that the Taiping Army would return at least about 2,000 Manchu soldiers. Who knew that the other party only gave a list of 216 people, which naturally made Fulin furious and almost stopped the peace talks. In the end, I accepted this fact under the persuasion of Aobai and Sony. The situation is weaker than people, and it is a reality that the emperor has to swallow.

In the Ming and Qing dynasties, Xu Yingyuan was in charge of the Taiping Army, and the Manchu side was in charge of Ao Bai. Specifically for this handover, the Qing court is responsible for the Beilertuntai stationed in Xuzhou, and the Taiping Army is Zhou Chang Zhou Peigong, the ambassador of the Second Town.

Zhou Peigong had performed in Anqing before, but he had no chance to perform after that. He was just an example. Before he surrendered to the Taiping Army, he was only the head of the prison, and he was not a big man. There are many such people in Nanjing now. But even Zhou Peigong didn’t expect that Zhou Dashuai, whom he had only heard about but had never seen with his own eyes, would call him by his name and ask him to take up such an important position as the ambassador of the Zhen’an Army.

An Jun Ambassador is an important position in the Taiping Army’s establishment. Although he does not directly lead the army and is in charge of military command, he is the deputy of the general of a town. He is responsible for the personnel and military minutes of the town. . In general, those who can be promoted to the An Army ambassador are promoted from literate generals, and it is rare to directly appoint a person who has never led an army before as the An Army ambassador. Zhou Peigong broke this example. Shao Chengguo, the town commander of the second cavalry town at that time, was very surprised when he heard that the commander had assigned him an ambassador to the Anjun army.

Zhou Peigong, who took office with apprehension and excitement, can be said to be a scholar who died for his confidant. He has almost smashed the “An Jun Envoy Manual” distributed by the military. The main points of work are almost by heart. Less than half a month after taking office, Zhou Peigong began to organize a meeting of brigade security envoys in the town, and won a certain amount of funds and teachers from above, and carried out a mighty literacy and literacy campaign in the second town. The results are very remarkable. Now the second cavalry town, even the groom’s auxiliary soldiers, can read hundreds of characters. For this, it has been commended by the Jiangbei Army, the Jianghuai Jinglue Yamen and the military commander’s mansion. During a military meeting, the commander Zhou Shixiang took the development of literacy and literacy in the second town of the cavalry as a typical example, and asked the whole army to learn from the second town. Shao Chengguo, who was so happy to attend the meeting, laughed from ear to ear.

This time, the matter of handing over prisoners to the Qing army and taking back the families of the Manchu soldiers was another test for Zhou Peigong when he took office. If he can successfully complete this matter, he, the ambassador of the An army, will obviously have a foothold in the second town. Therefore, all the Manchu soldiers will be anxious, and Zhou Peigong is also anxious, but as the ambassador of the An army, he cannot expose his mentality like the people below, so his face is very calm.

“Zhou Anshi, when will they arrive?”

Baihu Yue Deji once again ran to Zhou Peigong’s side. This was the fourth time he came to ask.

Zhou Peigong glanced at Yue Deji~www.mtlnovel.com~ and smiled, and said, “Don’t worry, the handover time with the Qing army has not yet come.”


Although he knew that the answer he got was still the same as last time, Yue Deji couldn’t help but sigh.

Seeing this, Zhou Peigong smiled and said, “Just be patient, people will definitely arrive.”


Although Yue Deji worked very hard to learn Chinese, and also participated in the literacy class in the military, he failed to learn. After a few months, he could only recognize dozens of Chinese characters. , can’t say anything. Even if he can say it, he stutters. Therefore, he wanted to ask Zhou Anshi again, but he kept his mouth shut because he didn’t know how to speak.

After Yue Deji left, Wuerte came over by horse. He was fluent in Chinese and could answer Zhou Peigong correctly. Wuerte is the lieutenant general of the second cavalry town, and he also bears the false title of Shandong Chief Soldier. Whether in the Ming Dynasty or in the Qing Dynasty, this Shandong Chief Soldier is a high-quality military attache, but he does not put himself away because of this. Gao glanced at it, but instead had a clear understanding of his identity.

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