Han’s Son is Not a Slave

Chapter 984 Ban Chao reincarnated

After the concierge went to lead the people, Ebilong added another cup to himself, drank it all, and then said to Li Guoying: “The court asked Shi Huashan to lead the Han army to Henan, and asked this concubine to sit in the Central Plains.”

Li Guoying was shocked: “Shi Huashan? The Shi family married Prince Yu’s Gege?”

Ebillon said, “If it’s not this one, then which one is it? Prince Yu is just like that.”

Li Guoying’s face changed greatly: “Shi Lin, the second son of the Shi family, was defeated and captured in Hunan, but he was released by the Taiping Army. I’m afraid there is another secret about this matter. Aren’t you afraid of something going wrong?”

“I don’t have any doubts about using people, but I don’t need to use people who are suspicious. The old general of Zhenhai was loyal to the Qing Dynasty. Although he used the surname of a Han Chinese, the old surname of the Shi family is Gua’erjia, which is the real Manchuria. He made great contributions outside the customs. Shi Lin’s surviving, according to him, was to escape, not to be released.”

Speaking of this, Yi Bilong was very emotional, “The eight families of the Han army are now only the Shi and Zu families. The Shang and Geng families were defeated, Cai Shiying surrendered the thieves and talents in Jiangbei, and the Tong family’s two sons were killed in battle. , the Wang family has also surrendered Wu Sangui, and the Li family has not lived up to the name since Li Suotai died.”

Hearing Er Bilong’s words, Li Guoying didn’t like it either. In just three years, the Eight Great Families of the Han Army went to six, which really caught people off guard.

“The emperor asked Shi Huashan to sit in Henan, and he did it for the flags of the Han army to see, indicating that the court still believed in the flag of the Han army.”

Ebilong said that Emperor Ming’s real intention to let Shi Huashan go out of Henan was, after all, the Han army was a force that the Qing Dynasty could trust and count on in addition to the Eight Banners of Manchu and Mongolia. However, for another purpose, he did not say that the emperor now relies more heavily on the Han army than ever before. Jingli is now raising the flag on a large scale for the Han army. I am afraid that it will not be long before this Han army can not be called the Han army, but will be called the real Manzhou. The Shi family is also afraid that the old surname of Gualjia will soon be restored.

“Shi Lin’s affairs are always suspicious, and the adults still have to pay attention to the emperor.” Li Guoying still had doubts in his heart, and always felt that Shi Lin’s affairs were not easy, and the Shi family might not be as loyal to the Qing and the emperor as before.

Ebilong nodded, and was about to say that Jia Hanfu, the governor of Henan, was a competent person. With him, Shi Huashan would not have any accident, but he saw the concierge leading the two of them inside. The one who walked in front was a strong man, and the one behind was a Confucian scholar.

The strong man should be the fierce general Wang Jinbao that Li Guoying said, but E Bilong did not know who the Confucian scholar behind him was. Seeing this man’s appearance, he couldn’t help but take a second look. While waiting for Li Guoying’s introduction, he saw Li Guoying as if he had seen a ghost. “Suddenly” stood up, pointed angrily at the scholar and shouted, “Fang Xianting, you are so brave, how dare you come to me!”

Fang Xianting?

Ebillon had never heard of this person’s name, and was stunned, wondering why Li Guoying reacted so much.

“My lord, this person is Fang Xianting, the son of the former Ming minister Fang Yizao and the confidant of the traitor Wu Sangui!”

When he heard that it was Wu Sangui’s advisor, Ebilong also changed his face. Fang Xianting was also surprised at this moment, because Li Guoying could treat him so respectfully and call him “adult”. In Tongguan, there was only one imperial minister, Ebilong.

How could Abillon be here?

Fang Xianting’s mind changed abruptly, knowing that the matter was broken, if Li Guoying was alone, he would not be able to persuade him, and the other party might not treat him as well, but with Yi Bilong present, he was afraid that he would be a sheep into the tiger’s mouth.

However, although he was frightened in his heart, Fang Xianting did not change his face and his heart did not beat. He stepped forward and bowed his hands to Li Guoying and Ebilong, saying, “Fang has seen two adults!”

Ebillon slapped the table: “What are you doing here, thief?!”

Fang Xianting smiled slightly, looked at Li Guoying and said, “My lord wants to invite the Governor-General to create the great cause of restoring the Ming Dynasty!”

Li Guoying’s brows jumped when she heard the words, and she blurted out angrily: “It’s ridiculous, Li is an important minister of the Qing Dynasty, how can he be an unjust person and make the world laugh at him!”

“Is that so?”

Fang Xianting laughed, and the laughter touched the eardrums.

Ebilong’s face was gloomy, and Li Guoying was also ugly, and asked in a deep voice, “Why are you laughing?”

“Fang Mou laughed at the stupidity of the Governor!”

“Why is Li so stupid?”

“Isn’t it funny that you are a Han Chinese, but you work so hard for the alien race?”

Li Guoying snorted angrily, and did not argue with Fang Xianting, but only glared at Wang Jinbao, who was also uneasy: “Why did you bring this person?”

“Sir, General”

Wang Jinbao wanted to explain, but he didn’t know how to explain it. At this time, I heard Ebilong shout: “This person must be bought by Wu thief, come here, quickly take these two people down!”

“Sir, you will be wronged at the end, and you will be wronged at the end!”

Wang Jinbao shouted injustice, Li Guoying moved, but did not speak to protect him.

“The two countries are at war, and they will not be killed.”

Fang Xianting was also neat and unafraid.

“Wu Sangui is a traitor and thief of my Qing Dynasty, how come the two countries!”

Afraid that Li Guoying would be bewitched by Fang Xianting, Ebilong shouted at the few Li Guoying personal soldiers who rushed in: “Don’t give me these two!”

“grown ups!”

Seeing that he was about to be captured, Wang Jinbao jumped forward suddenly, pulling a dagger from his arms and stabbing it at Ebilong. He moved very fast, and Ebilong was drinking too much, so he couldn’t dodge in time, and he was stabbed in the chest and screamed.

In the screams, Wang Jinbao pulled out the dagger forcefully, and the blood column spurted out. Ebilong clutched his chest and wanted to say something angrily, but Wang Jinbao stabbed him so hard that he couldn’t even speak.


There was an unpleasant sound in Ebilong’s throat, his body swayed, and then he collapsed, hesitating on the ground. There was blood all over the place.

This sudden scene stunned everyone in the room, Li Guoying looked stupid on the spot, and Fang Xianting stood there stunned. Li Guoying’s personal soldiers opened their mouths in shock, looking at the imperial envoy who fell to the ground and Wang Jinbao, whose face was splattered with blood, with a dagger on his face.

After a while~www.mtlnovel.com~ Li Guoying finally came to her senses, pointed at Wang Jinbao and shouted angrily: “Wang Jinbao, how dare you assassinate Lord Qin!”

Wang Jinbao glanced at the few soldiers who were about to go forward to capture him, stabbed the dagger on the table, and said to Li Guoying: “Lord Governor, the emperor will die in your mansion, and the Qing court will not spare you. , the only plan for now, the Governor can only cast it out!”

Hearing this, Fang Xianting secretly shouted: What a Wang Jinbao, it is simply Ban Chao’s reincarnation!

“Li Guoying, Ebilong died with you, even if you jumped into the Yellow River, you can’t wash it away! My lord respects you, that’s why I sent me here to persuade you to vote, if you do, my lord will still honor you Governor of Shaanxi,” Fang Xianting said loudly.

“If the Governor-General still insists on serving the Qing court, please take this head!”

Wang Jinbao fell to his knees, but Li Guoying was killed and taken away.


Li Guoying was silent, sighed for a long time, and sat down on the chair. For a long time, Fang Ruan said: “If the King of Pingxi takes Tongguan, he can only take the Twelve Links first.”

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