Han’s Son is Not a Slave

Chapter 970 Pingluo Decui Building

“Instructor, Ancheng Bo Zhang Guocai was fornicating with the Tartars and found dozens of bows and crossbows in his home. We have now captured them!”

“Instruction, Daxing Bo Zou Cunyi is fornicating with the Tartar prisoners, and there are even Tartar spies in the family, and I have now taken them down!”

“Instruction, Xiang Chengbo Chang Yingjun is fornicating with the Tartars”

In front of Sanshan Street, the pro-military commander Zhou Baoguo listened to the report of his subordinates, and his brows were full of pride. In this arrest, it can be said that this group of honorable officials in Sanshan Street did not run away, and the commander who turned back would definitely reward him.

“The order goes on, and all the criminals and the evidence will be put into the Zhenfu prison, and the houses will be closed immediately. No one will be allowed to enter or leave without my order!”


A hundred households immediately went down to give orders. After a stick of incense, hundreds of pro-militaries appeared in front of Zhou Baoguo with a group of “criminals”. When he saw Zhou Baoguo dressed as a commander, the “human criminals” became agitated when they were neutral, but they shouted their grievances loudly, but no one paid any attention to them.

Daxing Uncle Zou Cunyi was a bit tough, never complained, just yelled at him: “Dog thief, how dare you frame me, Zou Cunyi, and pass the prisoners, you must die!” Before he finished speaking, he was punched by his own army. Then the stuff in the mouth was taken away.

Seeing what happened to Zou Cunyi, no one dared to say anything, and some of the pro-militaries who had suffered from the pro-military before even trembled, lest the pro-military beside them would follow suit and give themselves a punch.

Among the long crowd, there are more than ten Dukes, and the oldest is Xu Yunjue, Duke of Wei with a white beard. When passing in front of Zhou Baoguo, the descendants of the founding minister paused for a while. Zhou Baoguo thought he was going to complain, but he didn’t want Xu Jiujie, but he just sighed and said nothing. Walk in front of Sanshan Gate.

The Sanshan Gate in front and the depressed crowd behind made Xu Jiujie in a trance. He thought of that scene seventeen years ago. How similar is that scene to now? Behind him, there are also Duke Bao Guobi Zhang Guobi, Duke Longping Zhang Gongri, Hou Li Zushu of Linhuai, Hou Sun Weicheng of Huaining, Hou Tang Guozuo of Lingbi and others.

All the honorable officials have been caught, and the rest is the matter of raiding the house. The military intelligence department will naturally take over how to do it. Confiscating a house is a matter of great wealth and wealth, and there is a lot of oil and water, but Zhou Baoguo did not dare to touch it, because the commander-in-chief handed over this criminal case, so no matter how much oil and water, Zhou Baoguo did not dare to touch his hands. Some wealthy people look jealous, but they are very hot. He was originally a Manchurian general, but he has the current power in the Ming Dynasty, and he has to be careful as a person.

Hundreds of households who had closed roads outside came to report that they were sent by cabinet scholar Hong Yuao and Taifu Qian Qianyi. Zhou Baoguo frowned and ordered Hundreds to block the people and not meet them. He knew exactly what was going on here. However, he only led the troops, so let the people from the commander’s side deal with this kind of thing.

Just as he was about to order the withdrawal of troops, a general banner led a man in a hurry. The man Zhou Baoguo recognized was the personal guard of the Marquis of Xin’an who he used to refer to. Zhou Baoguo saw the anxious expression on the guard’s face, and his heart suddenly jumped, thinking that something major had happened, and when the guard told the story, he laughed instead of anger: “Mummy, this bitch’s nest dares to deceive our Taiping Army. It’s on the head! Come on, follow me to the kiln!”

In the Decui Building, Song Sanniang and Wang Wu would be very anxious. Those rude guys were very good, they just blocked the door of his Decui Building, so that none of the people inside could get out. The fight just now was very loud, and the guests from the surrounding buildings were all watching the excitement. Only the Daodecuilou came here today to go to the prostitutes. Some poor people who didn’t have the money to enter the building were also attracted by this good thing, and they gathered around to point at it, but because the people who blocked the door were all ruthless characters, but no one dared to stand up and do justice to the Liu family in the yard. .

The colleagues are enemies, the Decui Building was blocked by people, and the brothel next door was also happy. There was an undisguised joy on the brows of the elder sister who had competed with Liu Zimei for the courtesan and failed three years ago.

Song Sanniang was anxious, and Liu Zimei was also anxious. She thought it was just three vulgar villagers, and Wang Wuyi would be able to restrain people with a single shot. More than ten people. The second thing is that people are injured. The worst thing is that these rough men blocked the door of Decui Building, and they are not afraid of making trouble. At this moment, she could hear the laughter from the next upstairs in the yard, and even if she didn’t need to listen carefully, she knew that she was watching her jokes.

“Mom, how can this be good, after all we open the door to do business”

My daughter is worried, and Song Sanniang is also worried. It’s such a big commotion now. If those rude guys talk nonsense outside, wouldn’t the signboard of her Decui Building be smashed, and who would dare to come to her house in the future? If the owner knew about this, would they be able to spare her?

Song Sanniang regretted very much, she shouldn’t have asked the blind man to pay for the wine glass, and she shouldn’t have brought Wang Wu, so that things got out of hand.

“Five masters, what do you think about this?”

Song Sanniang had no choice. The owner was not in the city now, so she had to ask Wang Wu. After all, the reason for the trouble was because of Wang Wu.

In fact, Wang Wu was not only anxious at this meeting, but also very shocked, because there were people in the military among the people who were brought by the rough men just now, which made him unable to understand the other party’s bottom line. If the other party is really in the army, then this time, he is not causing ordinary hard ideas, but a big problem. No matter how high Wang Wu was in Nanjing City, could he still surpass the people in the army?

“This issue”

Wang Wu did not lie to Song Sanniang~www.mtlnovel.com~ and told her his suspicions. Hearing that it might be the Taiping Army blocking the door, Song Sanniang’s face changed. The guests who came to the courtyard in the past few months talked a lot about what the Taiping Army did in Mancheng last year. The Taiping troops from the south were also really black. They dug a big pit outside Chaoyangmen and Xuanwu Lake. I heard that tens of thousands of corpses were buried in the pit. It became a 30-foot-high high platform, and some good people called the high platform “the town of sunset” in Jinling Xinjing. If this is really a murderer of the Taiping Army, wouldn’t it be the **** of plague!

“I blame you”

Song Sanniang was terrified, and naturally complained that Wang Wu should not be too busy, causing such a big disaster. Liu Zimei was also very scared when she heard it. Wang Wu was anxious about what Song Sanniang said, so he couldn’t help scolding her. If it wasn’t for you to nod, would I be able to chase these soldiers for money?

Song Sanniang held her breath and said nothing, Liu Zimei suddenly said, “If you are really from the army, you might as well ask the Marquis of Linhuai to come forward.”

Liu Zimei reminded the dreamer that Song Sanniang sighed, Linhuaihou is a frequent visitor to her daughter, and now that the yard is in trouble, it is not a good time to invite him to come forward. Although the door of the Decui Building was blocked, the surrounding wall was not guarded. Wang Wu knew that Li Zushu was reinstated by the emperor a few days ago, and asked a marquis to make peace. The people outside were really military men, and I am afraid that no matter how arrogant they were, they would have to give the marquis face. Immediately agreed, I was about to order someone to go, but there was a “bang” from the courtyard door, and then I heard the bald man shouting outside: “Damn, give me this Decui Building. !”

In the morning, I suddenly received an invitation, my wife’s cousin, the first birthday party of Bones’s sister-in-law and daughter. Ahem, sister-in-law’s matter, of course the bones are going to go, but the money is gone, and the person is drunk, just woke up, and rushed to the chapter with spirit.

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