Han’s Son is Not a Slave

Chapter 969 Can you leave the palace?

It was Ma Xi who was holding Sun Yanling. The palace maid was anxious to get dressed with a blushing face, and from time to time she cast her eyes behind the curtain, and found out that it was the one who had just been sent to the palace after being cleaned up not long ago. The concubine’s little white face took a few more glances. This look is very pleasing. In terms of appearance, this concubine is much more handsome than his own vegetable household, and he is a hundred times more beautiful than Ma Xi.

Sun Yanling didn’t know that the palace maid, who didn’t do anything good, was happy to see him, but she was just anxious and annoyed, because he couldn’t break free from a eunuch.

Although Sun Yanling was the son of a general, his father Sun Long was a general under Kong Youde’s command, but Sun Long died early, so Sun Yanling had no chance to practice in the army at all, and did not have any skills passed down by his father. Instead, he had been doing nothing in Beijing. If Kong Sizhen hadn’t been thinking about the marriage that his father had set for him back then, how could Sun Yanling’s little white face become Sigrid’s concubine.

It’s pitiful to say. In order to get Kong Youde’s old department, Sun Yanling left the capital and became a force of his own. Only then did the organization run out, coaxing his wife Kong Sizhen to say that her lover was blessed, and she was able to leave Beijing to take office in Guangxi. How could it be thought that Guangxi would fall before the people arrived in Hunan, and the old troops of King Dingnan, together with the general line Guoan, were all wiped out by the Taiping Army.

Guangxi has been lost, and the old army of King Dingnan has been wiped out. Sun Yanling’s plan is to draw water with a bamboo basket, but he is not willing to return to Beijing in such a bleak way, and continue to endure the affair between his wife and the emperor, and be that day by day. The cuckold husband, whose wife was drinking and scolding, disregarded the dissuasion of Kong Sizhen and his slave Fu Honglie, and insisted on staying in Hunan to watch. After the Taiping army defeated Luoto and Xian Guoan in Guangxi, they advanced rapidly and quickly entered Changsha. They captured Sun Kewang, who had surrendered to the Qing Dynasty, and then marched to Wuchang.

Since Changsha was lost, Hunan was no longer safe, and it was impossible to walk in the direction of Wuchang. Sun Yanling hid in the countryside for a while, but found that the limelight was really bad, and did not dare to hide any more. . Only this time, they had no luck. Halfway through, they were recognized by Wang Shirong, who went north with the eldest princess of the Ming Dynasty. The husband and wife, along with their servants, were taken to Nanjing.

Kong Sizhen is the daughter of Kong Youde, and according to the titles of the Qing court, one is Si Gege and the other is the forehead consort, so the arrest of the couple is a big deal. Wang Shirong happily reported the capture of the false concubine and the princess to King Qi. But at that time Zhou Shixiang was commanding the army to fight in Jiangbei, and he had no intention of interfering with the matter, so he asked Wang Shirong to deal with it himself.

Zhou Shixiang didn’t care about Kong Sizhen and his wife so much. In the final analysis, the couple had no use value. He was able to save Hong Shiming’s life because Hong Chengchou was there, but as soon as the news of Hong Chengchou’s death arrived, he immediately sent blind Li Li to kill Hong Shiming. It is true that Kong Sizhen is Kong Youde’s daughter, but her father died long ago in Guilin, and Kong Youde’s old department, also called Yu Shizhong, ate cleanly in Guangxi, so Kong Sizhen and his wife were useless to Zhou Shixiang. Since it was useless, Zhou Shixiang naturally ignored it. He is not a lecherous person, and when he hears that he is a geek, he will throw himself on the bed and play with it.

Zhou Shixiang did not know that his “cheap disposal” was really cheap for Wang Shirong.

Wang Shirong was very hardworking and talented after taking refuge in Zhou Shixiang, but he was a greedy and lustful villain at heart. As early as the seventh year of Shunzhi, Wang Shirong had defected north to his brother Fu Honglie, so that Fu Honglie could introduce him to Kong Sizhen, so that he could get Kong Sizhen’s help to obtain an official position in the future. However, Kong Sizhen looked down on Wang Shirong, thinking that although this person was talented, his character was not good, and he was unwilling to accept him under the door, which made Wang Shirong very resentful.

And this Kong Sizhen was born extremely beautiful, Wang Shirong was fascinated by it at the first sight, and really coveted. Only Kong Sizhen is a four-legged figure of the Qing Dynasty, but he is not a first-rate person. Where is his turn to eat this fat meat, and he can only pass the four-grid plump figure in his mind a few times every night. It’s hard work. Fifth sister.

Stepping through the iron shoes, there is nowhere to be found, the emperor pays off.

When he saw Kong Sizhen in Jiangxi, Wang Shirong’s heart was beating wildly. Because of the great background of the couple and the presence of the eldest princess, it was not easy for him to start. Later, he calmed down, thinking that the commander would definitely want to Go to Kong Sizhen. There is already a Shi Yuanling in the handsome mansion, and it is not uncommon to have another Kong Sizhen. But who would have expected the commander to hand over people to him like this, how could Wang Shirong not be overjoyed. The swan meat of the year was brought to his lips. This is a great opportunity. How could Wang Shirong not take advantage of it?

Wang Shirong did a really ruthless job. The first thing he did was to castrate Sun Yanling, and then he handed him over to the **** Pan Yinglong, who was sent to the palace to be an eunuch. Poor Sun Yanling, who is already 27 years old, is no better than the half-eldest. He was cleansed and cut off his life.

The **** Pan Yinglong, the **** of the ceremonies, had received Zhou Shixiang’s order long ago, and he was not allowed to enter the palace with new eunuchs, but the people were sent in by Zhou Shixiang’s men, and he had to accept them if he did not accept them. Pan Yinglong didn’t know that Sun Yanling’s castration was purely due to Wang Shirong’s personal vengeance and venting of his dark mind, and he thought it was an order from King Qi. When Sun Yanling was castrated, Kong Sizhen was also unable to escape Wang Shirong’s poisonous hands. He was asked to be hardened that night, and now he is raised in the city of Nanjing.

Sun Yanling was naturally tolerant, otherwise she wouldn’t have dared to talk to Kong Sizhen after wearing a green hat for so many years. After being castrated, Sun Yanling actually got used to this new identity after spending the first three months of her life. As for the number of thoughts that exist in the heart, it is not enough for outsiders.

Ma Xi held on to Sun Yanling’s arm tightly, but Sun Yanling couldn’t break free, but when she exerted a lot of force, it hurt so badly that she was so anxious that she didn’t know what to do, so she asked Ma Xi, “What are you doing?”

“What are you doing?” Ma Xi smiled, “The concubine sees my good things here, but instead asks me what I am doing. It doesn’t seem to make sense.”


Sun Yanling had nothing to say, he was right to peep at people doing that. I am very regretful in my heart, and I should not enter this house in a daze. It can be seen that Ma Xi has not let go of him, but instead looked at himself teasingly, and couldn’t help but feel a little angry: “If you don’t let go, I will call someone!”

“Call someone?”

Ma Xi laughed, pushed Sun Yanling to the ground, and scolded: “Do you think you are still some kind of concubine? Tell you, now you and I are the same eunuch. In this palace, in terms of identity, you have to Call me Sheng Xi Ye!…call someone~www.mtlnovel.com~ You should call me to see it!”

Sun Yanling’s injuries were not healed, and she was too fast to guard, and was pushed to the ground by Ma Xi. He got up from the ground with an angry look on his face, but he had no way of life. Thinking that he was a stalwart, but now he is half-hearted and called a villain to tease him. It is really better to die.

“Okay, okay, do you really want to lure others over?”

Ma Xi is not afraid of things, but the palace maid is very afraid. There are not only these three people in Rouyi Hall, but how many others. I really want to let those people know about her and Ma Xi, and let them not live. It’s a trivial matter if her face is dry or not. If this matter spreads to Eunuch Pan or even the Empress, she might not even be able to save her life.


Ma Xi is also bluffing, what kind of identity can he have, but he is also a handyman eunuch. Pretending to give face to the palace maid, she kicked Sun Yanling hard under her feet, and then slapped the palace maid on the buttocks hard, but she lost interest and said casually: “Good sister, go to rest first, I will go for a walk outside the palace, To sing the scriptures today, I have to go to a field.”

“What do you have to go to that temple of worship, and what do you know about singing scriptures?” The palace maid gave Ma Xi a white look, then looked at Sun Yanling sideways, and left with a coquettish smile.

The palace maid left, Ma Xi stood for a moment and then raised his foot to leave, but Sun Yanling grabbed him and asked him in a low voice, “Can you leave the palace?”


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