Han’s Son is Not a Slave

Chapter 964 Blind Li goes to the brothel

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Sanshan Street is very lively, and Qinhuai River is also lively.

The sons and daughters of the honorable officials in Sanshan Street are the big money makers of the various brothels in Qinhuai River, but these days, they are not the only ones who visit the brothels. If I really want to just refer to the children of these honorable officials, I am afraid that the brothels have long since closed their doors, leaving the girls and sisters to rest.

A three-mountain gate separates the inner and outer cities, the inner city does not know the outer city, and the outer city does not know the inner city. As soon as the time came, the prostitutes and sisters in the brothels and the painting boats were puzzled, because they had not seen those sons and brothers and uncles coming, but they were puzzled in their hearts, and the rich and wealthy guests really wanted to come. It was so splendid that he went to Pengmen to welcome the guests, and he didn’t care why the little uncle who promised to come yesterday didn’t come today. I really want to come, but I just wash it with water, and then fool my brother, saying that my sister is guarding your body for you today and has been waiting.

However, Qinhuaihe is different from other kilns after all. It can be done for a while with a dozen copper plates. There are legends about the top ten famous prostitutes in Qinhuai that year, there are swashbuckling writings by literati, and there are allusions about the young man with the first card, so that the clients who come here are more or less polite, and there are many famous people. Although the money is shy, but everyone can take a look at himself with the oiran head card, and let him sleep for a night in vain. If such a thing really happens, it is enough to be proud of for a lifetime. After all, this kind of thing has only happened a few times in the past. Of course, those who have this idea are definitely poor, and the real rich boy, when they were dreaming, had already pressed the woman he imagined under him several times.

A brothel is a brothel. No matter how well-packaged it is and how well-known it is, it is ultimately a place where meat is sold. Here, we only talk about money, not love.

At night, the Qinhuai River is very beautiful, with bright lights, and the boats slowly sway across the river from time to time, and the houses by the river also have their own styles. Some gates are lined with trees, some are magnificent and extravagant, and even the guy who served in front of the gate, Mr. Turtle, looked very imposing. On both sides of the river, people come and go. If there are carriages and horses to travel, it is either rich or expensive. Or walking alone, or in groups of three or five, shaking their heads, or walking with bright eyes and stupid hearts, they are also covered in brocade shirts, and from time to time a few poems can emerge, which are young Merry little man. This Qinhuai River, even if the world is in chaos, is still the most prosperous place in Jiangnan.

Among the crowd of people, there was a black man who just walked forward. This black man looks a bit fierce, and he is also a one-eyed blind man, so he attracts everyone’s attention along the way, and those who block the way should quickly dodge to avoid being hit by this black blind man. After the black blind man passed, passers-by scolded the black man for some reason, even though he had two stinky money on his body, he didn’t go to find the happy kiln sister who had a dozen copper plates, and he went to the Qinhuai River. It was impossible for him to be able to sleep like this. All the good girls? Do you think this girl from Qinhuai River is so hungry?

No matter what other people think of him, this black man really wants to show his identity. The number one **** the Qinhuai River is afraid that no matter how unwilling it is, she has to be honest to his crotch.

Of course, the black man was Ding Shuobo of the Ming Dynasty and the first fierce general in front of His Royal Highness the King of Qi, the blind man Li Li, whose name was Li Fengming.

Blind Li came to Qinhuai River at the invitation of Xin’an Hou Jiang Hezhi. If Jiang He had not asked him to come, according to his temperament, he would rather sprinkle a pile of copper coins and hold seven or eight rough girls to be happy, and not come. This **** has to pretend to be arrogant. Of course, this also has something to do with his strong taste. Anyone who knows him knows that Ding Shuobo’s biggest wish now is to enter the city of Beijing, so that he can get a good deal with his mother, and see if these old ladies can sit on the ground now. Soil sucking.

Li Blind is not good at showing off. He is used to going alone. First, the art masters are bold, and secondly, Nanjing City is now the world of the Taiping Army. I understand that no one dares to break ground on Taisui. Furthermore, Jiang Baldzi said nicely, he came to Qinhuai River to enjoy the flowers and listen to music, but in Li Blind’s opinion, he was here for sex, so it’s better to come quietly alone. He is also a great uncle now, so he has to worry about his identity. At the commander’s place, although they couldn’t help but go to have fun, but they didn’t say that you were all right to go to the kiln.

I didn’t think so before, but after he came, Li Blind was depressed. He didn’t know the way, he couldn’t read, and he didn’t know where the yard Jiang Baldzi was talking about. On the way, I wanted to ask people, but those guys were hiding far away, as if he could eat people. So find now, he has not found the land.

When he was in the fire, he saw an acquaintance.

“Brother, here it is!”

Blind Li glanced at him from a distance. Who was Jude who was not coaxing him to swoop in front of him?

Jude has now also been promoted to the Thousand Houses Hostel, in Jiang Baldzi’s third town. During the Battle of Yangzhou, Jude asked the Qing soldiers to cut off two fingers, and now there are only eight fingers left, and he was nicknamed “Qiu Eight Fingers”.

Seeing Jude, Li Blind muttered angrily: “Jiang Bald asks me to play with women, just plays with women, and directly brings people to my house to get them, but I came here and made me go all the way, so I won’t get people. At home, you can just find a kiln, why don’t you come to this place, I’m annoyed by those poor and sour texts, motherfucker, just take the money and go in, just shaking your head at the door of other people’s house. “

Jude smiled: “Big brother don’t pay attention to those poor and bitter, brother to tell the truth, those places that big brother used to go to are really humiliating the identity of big brother, now I have to change the place. To say this is the most decent place in Nanjing, there is nothing more than Here, not only the place is good, but the girl looks good too, eldest brother will know when I go in, if I can’t say that in the future, eldest brother will not be happy and run here every day.”

As Jude said that, he pulled Li Blind forward, and the two of them turned around and came to a relatively quiet yard. Someone came up at the door, Jude gave a few words, and those people disappeared immediately, it seemed that they were his personal guards.

“Brother, please come inside!”

Jude pushed open the courtyard door first, and Li Blind followed. This yard is really unique and very elegant. Before they could stand still, several maids came to serve the two of them. When Du Buding saw Blind Li’s appearance, the maids were still a little stunned, but they were usually trained by the maid, so they were only slightly surprised at how the guests who came today were more fierce than each other, but they weren’t that stupid. stand. The head maid said with a smile, “Two gentlemen, please!”


Blind Li was startled, and immediately thought it was very interesting. His rough guy who didn’t know a single character became the gentleman in the mouth of the little girl. It was very interesting. Although others were fierce, they were towards Tartars and their mother-in-law, and they were kind to these maids who looked only thirteen or fourteen years old. In order to make himself look more like Mr. You, he grinned and smiled at others, but he scared them.

These maids took the lead and took Li Blind and Jude to a secluded room. Along the way, apart from the servants and maids who were serving, I didn’t meet anyone. Li Blind pondered, this yard was probably wrapped up by Jiang Bald.

“Blind man, this way!”

Blind Li Chao looked forward and saw that the man standing at the door with a smile on his face was not Jiang Bald, the Hou of Xiangshan. Baldy Jiang would be dressed like a rich man, very much like a rich man, but when he got closer, he looked like a bandit who had robbed his house and was happy with the ransom given by the bitter master.

“Wait for you for a long time, so late last night? Let’s go, let’s go, go in and have a drink first!”

Jiang Baldzi was afraid that he was really in a hurry, so he could not help but pull Blind Li and push him inside. When he heard about drinking, Li Blind was rude. There was a maid waiting in the room for a long time. As soon as the guests came, they quickly served appetizing side dishes and fruits, and began to order wine and vegetables outside.

Blind Li and Jiang Baldzi didn’t see the outside either. They picked up the jug and wanted to pour the wine, but they heard the sound of ringing and footsteps coming from outside. Judging from the sound of footsteps, Li Blind felt that it must be a woman, because a man’s footsteps were heavy and not so light.

Jude winked at Li Blind, obviously meaning that the pretty sister was coming. Jiang Baldzi is also refreshed. He has been pretending to be a rich man in this house for a long time, and his heart has been itching for a long time. He will finally be able to see the righteous master, but he does not know if the thousand taels of silver are worth it.

Unexpectedly, the sound of footsteps outside suddenly stopped, and then I heard a middle-aged woman begging there: “My good boy~www.mtlnovel.com~ Today is the rich man who covers our yard, can you? Don’t be petty.”

It should be a few women, the footsteps were very light, and a middle-aged woman could be heard lowering her voice and pleading there:

“My eldest lady. You can bring a smile on your face. Today these people spent an extra 1,000 taels to cover our yard, so don’t be petty!”

“It’s not that my daughter doesn’t give her mother face, but my daughter is not feeling well today and doesn’t want to see guests.”

“Hey, my good daughter, you have to give your mother a face no matter what today. Mom has taken the money from others. You can’t tell your mother to quit, right? There are dozens of people up and down in our yard. , but it’s all pointing at your daughter, do you have the heart to make everyone starve?”

“It’s okay, it’s okay, just follow my mother, alas, who made my life suffer.”

While talking, the door of the house was pushed open, and a girl with a straight face stepped into the house, followed by the mother in the yard, and three other maids. This girl looked really beautiful, and as soon as they entered the house, Jiang Bald and Jude straightened their eyes. Looking at the three maidservants, they are all very watery, which makes people look very tempted.

Jude swallowed, thinking that with such a beautiful girl, eldest brother can’t be happy. But looking sideways, the eldest brother is very happy, but he is staring at the milfs woman with his eyes swish, and he doesn’t even look at the girl at all. Jude’s face was sour.

When the girl came in and saw three rough men sitting in the house, her heart went cold on the spot, especially the bald man stared at him so fascinatedly that he almost drooled, and it made people sick to watch. Looking at the one-eyed blind man, he was actually indifferent to himself, and instead stared at his mother, his face suddenly became so heavy that he raised his brows, and then he burst out: “Mom, don’t look at what kind of guests this is, but also I’ll accompany you!”

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