Han’s Son is Not a Slave

Chapter 960 Tiegu Houye

“What is the prison case, why doesn’t the Ministry of Justice know about it!”

The middle-aged man was Zhu Yungou, the right servant of the Ministry of Punishment, who was pushed by the court in the first ten days.

Since Zhou Shixiang led the army to cross the river and the northern expedition, the court in the southern capital has changed a lot. The most obvious point is that after the Qing army came, many former officials who neither wanted to sacrifice their lives to fight against the Qing nor lost their reputation as traitors came to vote. Among the typical characters are Wang Fuzhi who came from Shichuanshan, Meng Zhengfa who came from Hengyang, Jinbao who cut his hair as a monk in Guangdong and others.

These people used to be officials in the Yongli Dynasty. After Yongli escaped, they were under the rule of the Qing Dynasty but did not want to serve in the Qing court, so they all lived in seclusion and called themselves the remnants of the Ming Dynasty. When it was heard that the Taiping Army had recovered Nanming, and that the Tang King had sacrificed the Xiaoling Mausoleum in Nandu and was enthroned as the emperor, these people came all the way to Nanjing from their respective seclusion places. Because they had a great reputation in the past, and they took the initiative to vote, it was very helpful to the legality of the Dingwu regime. Therefore, Emperor Dingwu awarded all those who voted, and even held a banquet in the palace to receive these famous people. great officials.

In addition to these “remainders” who came from various provinces one after another, a large number of scholars whose fathers and grandparents had been officials in the Ming Dynasty or who had been officials in the Ming Dynasty entered the court. Most of them are gentry from Jiangnan. Because Taifu Qian Qianyi was the leader of the gentry in the south of the Yangtze River, Zhou Shixiang gave Qian Qianyi a lot of power in order to stabilize the situation in the south of the Yangtze River when he led the army to cross the northern expedition. Jiuqing Yamen Hanlin Academy as an official. For example, Huang Zongxi, who came from Zhejiang, was awarded a bachelor’s degree in the Hanlin Academy, and Qian Qianyi’s protege Mao Xiang also received a bachelor’s degree in the academy.

The son of Zhu Yungou, who was demoted, was able to go into office because of his family relationship and served as the right servant of the Ministry of Punishment. Taifu Qian Qianyi called the continuous number of scholars who came to vote as “Zhongzheng Yingchao”, and Emperor Dingwu also happily said that this is the image of ZTE.

However, when the Yongli Emperor named Zhou Shixiang as the Duke of Guangdong, he had the right to set up six officials for Zhou Shixiang in imitation of Jinxia Yanping’s routine. . After the Tang king supervised the country and restored the southern capital, the Taiping army was still at war, so Zhou Shixiang did not care about the six ministries and other yamen except to put up the cabinet. No one was arranged, even if it was arranged, it was just a false name, and the actual military and political affairs were still controlled by the Qi Wangfu. As a result, the large and small yamen are all decorations, and even the salary has to be handed out by the Qi Wangfu.

Being an official has no oil and water, and the salary has to be controlled by others. Naturally, it is tasteless to be an official. For some less knowledgeable people, I am afraid that they will leave the office. However, in the eyes of these “remainders” and the gentry of Jiangnan, the management of the military and government by the Qi Wangfu is only an expedient measure, and the six officials set up by the Wangfu are only temporary. At that time, national affairs will still be supervised by the cabinet and the six ministries, so although they seem to be powerless and powerless now, this will not be the case in the future. In addition, most of them are almost not short of money, all they want is a name and status in the Dingwu court, so even if the treatment is low, there are countless gentry who want to enter the court every day.

It is not that no one is worried that Zhou Shixiang, who controls the real power of the Dingwu court, will conspire to usurp the throne just like Sun Kewang, but then think about the king of Jin Li Dingguo, the king of Fujian Zhu Chenggong, and the king of Shun Li Laiheng. There are several other princes with military power, this Zhou Shi is true If you dare to be Sun Kewang, you may not be able to do it. Furthermore, the Manchu Qing Dynasty was still there, and Wu Sangui also had Yongli Emperor standing there. After all, the emperor married his niece to Zhou Shixiang. Although he was not married, Zhou Shixiang was already the de facto son-in-law of the Zhu family. The son-in-law’s rebellion against his father-in-law is naturally short of Taoism, and the wise do not do it. Under this idea, the officials in the Dingwu court still have certain expectations for the Ming Dynasty to be able to rejuvenate, but their first choice of allegiance is definitely not King Qi, who is a minister, but Emperor Dingwu, who is a king.

Only some scholars who are really underprivileged and have nothing to do with each other will turn to the Qi Wangfu to make a future for themselves, but the Qi Wangfu does not like these people, and the Wangfu is keen to use the characters of the Taiping Army. And there are a few rare people who are favored by King Qi, so there are still many scholars who are unwilling in the south. Even this group of scholars were used by the Qi Palace, and most of them arranged some chores that they looked very unbearable, or things that the officials could do, which made them feel that they were used by overqualified people, or even despised, and often did. After a few days, he left the stalls and went to a small shop with his friends. After a few glasses of wine, he was full of strange words, saying that King Qi was a scholar after all, not a real scholar, and his actions were more like a martial artist, but A non-wenchen, who is different from his peers in different ways~www.mtlnovel.com~ Zhu Yungou’s question was not explained in detail by the hundred households, but instead asked him: “Who are you?”

“Zhu Yungou, Servant of the Department of Punishment.”

Zhu Yungou is the origin of family learning, everyone’s children are not afraid of Jin Qinwei, he urged impatiently: “This officer doesn’t care what case your own troops handle, this officer is rushing out now if there is something, you let me Get me out of town.”

The Baihu glanced at Zhu Yungou, unmoved at all, and only repeated coldly: “When the military is handling the case, no one is allowed to go out.”


Seeing that it was useless to sign up for his name, Zhu Yungou couldn’t help but toss his sleeves angrily, snorted angrily, and said to the hundred households, “Do you know who is sitting in the carriage behind!”

“I don’t care who sits, I only know that the military handles the case, and no one is allowed to go out!”

The hundred households also came out from the battlefield, and they were full of murderous aura, ignoring Zhu Yungou’s threat at all.

“Is it possible to look at everything in person when handling the case in person, and treat me and other court honors as nothing!”

When Zhu Yungou was angry, Zhang Gongri jumped off the carriage. Zhu Yungou was only a servant of the Ministry of Punishment and had no title, and although Zhang Gongri had no official position, he was at least Marquis Longping, who had just been restored to his title. Hearing that the small family members of the army ignored them, that means Nothing will stop.

Seeing the Marquis of Longping came to help, Zhu Yungou was overjoyed.

Zhang Gongri was fearless in his heart, because he knew very well who were sitting in the carriages behind him, and he believed that no matter how domineering these brocade-clothed pro-militaries were, they would definitely not be able to offend so many nobles at once. Moreover, he also wanted to show his face in front of these guys who were called pro-militaries, but were in fact Zhou Shixiang’s minions, so that the emperor would know that Zhang Gongri was also an iron-boned Marquis who dared to resist King Qi’s prestige.

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